The illumination of MELANIN SUFFICIENT life which manifests in light was born in the dark and exists because of the Blackness, as we all shall return to the darkness Ethereally. Bruthaz and Sistaz our Genius incapacitates the worldwide denial of our historical achievements. Learning about our Elder’s contribution in America and over every continent was hidden in plain sight until the DNA messages from our Ancestors enlightened and challenged us to study more about our historic significance. In the present day we give praise to Grand Master Teachers Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Ben Jochannan and others of their divine ilk. Grand Master Teacher Carter G. Woodson development of a Black History Week which extended to A Black History Month in the 1970’s, even though, it is the shortest month of the year the movement of knowledge continues. RRB has learned more than facts or mis-information in our classroom of life.  We began to learn more about ourselves and our inner struggles to survive without being taught knowledge of our heritage. Our people need no credit, but we must celebrate the Spirit in which our Elders made us to activate our Spirituality, whereas, we will ascend beyond our mental limitations. The Ancestor’s Principles should not be cast aside, for they are the Truth that our Soul longs for to break the shackles of mental bondage. Our freedom is not based in being free, but it is based on Love, Truth, Honor, Balance and Counterbalance, Wisdom, and over-standing that we are the children of the First Free-thinkers.  We must send a message to all nations that we were born to Arise! Bruthaz and Sistaz, we will always be pertinent entities to maintaining this planet and our lives combined with the generations to come will have a crucial role in cultivating the forthcoming realm. Our Ancestors are all with us and in us! Feel and listen to the heartbeats of the past plus the future Souls of Hope who will become the liberators of our current mind state. Breathe easy! School is now in session! So let the fear of the Blackness/darkness convert to embracing that all life comes from Blackness/ darkness, because being completely in the dark is to be alerted and Cosmically enlighten by seeing with no eyes.  We shall no longer fear who we are or what we must endure to overcome actions against our existence!

~Brutha Fleat~


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