JRW 2015Our Ancestors speak to Black Melanin Sufficient People / Bruthaz and Sistaz in diverse places, situations, conditions and circumstances.  Nonetheless, we must listen assertively and develop a real watchers mentality of seeing every angle in this world so that we can receive their messages and learn from the echoes of our Forefathers and Foremothers.

So that brings us to the commencement of this tirade regarding the Jackie Robinson West Little League Team representing the South-side of Chicago.  Victory after victory sanctioned followers as well as skeptics to hail and praised our Heru / heroes via becoming National Champions.  Sadly, they lost in an International game to the Korea/ China/ Japan team, but each Young Bruthaz compelling story unstiffen the hearts of millions.  Our Nation celebrated their unlikely success on an international platform, yet in the midst of falling short of perfection with the world watching – a lowlife agenda simmered in the background.  A calculated succubus was lurking to steal their joy.  JRW joyfulness was so infectious whereas many believed that baseball in America might be saved.  On the real, celebrations were great, but short lived based on the persistent feebleness unveiled by an “ethically sound” I’m not prejudice because my wife is black coach of Evergreen Park.

Chris James accused JRW of cheating.  He notified Little League Officials that the JRW team falsified the boundary map and recruited more talented players out of the district.  James vendetta against the Young Bruthaz appears to emanate from his team losing 43 – 2.  His attitude was equal to a mad man not out for seeking justice or fairness, but one of “wholesome” revenge.  He masked his “get back” objective with the idea of preserving the Little League’s brand.  Right, whatever you spoiled rotten deceiver!

Remember the Ancestors Guide, Teach, Protect, and Empower us to stride in prominence.  Our Ancestors are truly showing us how the Black Man is constantly punished, held back, oppressed, or killed when he fights diligently to overcome hardship to achieve Greatness.  If white people are unable to be great they’ll use, steal, profit, or gain personal achievement from leaching onto our Black Energy of Greatness via Reconstruction Period via Black Wall Street via Rosewood, etc., etc., etc., since the list goes on and on!

They view our Greatness as a threat to their society which is why white systems will destroy it, dismantle it, hate it, lust to have it, as the plot to take it under a whitish banner testifying that Black Men, Black Women, and the Black Child cheated by foregoing playing by their rules.  They despise our confidence while telling the masses that we are overly arrogant, always seeking handouts, and void of being honored.  These self-defecating tyrants control the information to control lives.  The Black Man is taught via learning from his run-ins with white men that we shall never profit from our Greatness in thought or deed, as we are coerced to hand them our Greatness so that only the melanin deficient ones can profit. WHEN WILL THIS BULLSHIT STOP?


9Brutha Bam9


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