Friendship methodology proceeds quickly in the order of approval and acceptance, but in troubling times the cooperation element falters because stressful situations relay an unbalance formula: Past + Present accounts = Fair Weather Intervals or Fair Weather Friends.  Brutha-hood is born from a thrilling selfless experience or comparable trials and tribulations.  Friendship has levels/degrees ranging from best-to-good; good-to-so-so; associate-to-acquaintance.  Bruthaz of distinctions are forever link which originates after innumerable dealings of conflicts in friendship that matures into a bond that controversy fails to sever.  Time sanctions Bruthaz to launch a firm groundwork of reliance, however miscellaneous variables of friendship pushes people to form a quasi-alliance:  lower level nature Friends are more likely to use an opportunity to perform acts of ‘me’, whereas, Bruthaz probability of executing selfless acts of ‘we’ is foreseeable.

Friendship at times gives way to requests or demands.  If individuals use an opportunistic approach in conducting a businesslike mentality in regards to maintaining friendship as opposed to building a real rapport between a potential support system then anarchy will arise.  Bruthaz standup together yet if they fall, one will boost, encourage, or kick his Bruthaz ass to uplift an interconnected soul of their Inner Circle.  But misery calls to him who has friendemy or is without help when he falls and has spit on another who could have lift him up from the abyss!  Again, if Bruthaz plans are well thought-out, they shall hang onto honor by preserving the culture of closeness.   Although real strength is in the mind, be aware that achievement needs the consciousness of supportive souls which is contrary to one who stands alone.  If a group of individuals thrust into chaos ascend into Brutha-hood they will War the Great War together and best friendship desolation—a band of Really Real Bruthaz is not hastily severed.

Bruthaz, recognize that you are chosen warriors, among a noble assembly, people of an interconnected souls, a people who own the fact that we are our Bruthaz keeper; that you may assert the distinctions of unified crowned minds baptized in pureness jumping out of isolated obscurity into an awe-inspiring support systems.  And those who build with their Bruthaz are eternally judicious, astute, vibrant, conscious minds of today and tomorrow; however, those who turn on friends will search for way to resist emptiness but will roll in turmoil endlessly until they comprehend the fact that we are all interconnected.

We have heard that some former friends have gone out from us and disturbed our peace by putting pointless verbal confrontations in the air, as we dismiss all disconcerting minds who are drama-like needing to feed upon happy souls in order to steal joy to temporarily fill their emptiness, even though we gave them much instructions on how to remain in Real Honor and Spirit.

Really Real Bruthaz Ascensions strives to stay above pettiness as we discern a person’s real nature.  So, trickery will not succeed in the long run!  Behold, how joyful and fruitful it is when Bruthaz dwell in U-N-I-T-Y!  A Bruthaz GR8NESS is like a carbon base Pineal  gland inside the head, flowing toward the Ether, up into the Cosmic plane that drops down on Our universal spine! Most friendships are calcified.  GR8NESS forms like the handshake of wisdom, which ascends upon living CR8TIVITY of BLACKNESS since Living Life has commanded us to share our mental fortunes with our Bruthaz, forevermore.

Let Really Real Brutha United Inner Circle withstands all earth ages.


~Brutha Fleat~

Bruthaz in Cipher

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