Reality Check SignFirstly, RRB members must acknowledge the fact that our thoughts/interpretations may be offensive to some, but we were born into the Really Real Bruthaz cipher to benefit the collective and express our views regardless of the backlash that shall transpire in the aftermath.  We are clear in consciousness by knowing the game from a Universal Law standpoint while stomaching politics and the social ramifications of the hypocrisy occurring today.  There are many angles to living life and many will perceive us in one light so that they can demonize us in another manner.  RRB obligation is to stand up and speak out, however, know that we approach all situations with an open heart/mind.  Bruthaz and Sistaz who have enlightenment will be able to appreciate our exposure to calculated patterns that this world system continues to subjugate our youth to for epic events to come about later on which preserves the masses mind state that is manipulated and herded like sheep as we become desensitized to events that shall pommel morality.

Approximately, two year ago the Bruthaz heard a comedian talking about gay rappers, in which, he stated “soon rappers will be rapping about sucking dick!”  Well that foreshadowing has come to fruition.   Using the media circuits as pons they have deliberately placed melanin sufficient people to the forefront of the gay movement.  From gay athletes to gay entertainer and so forth, has embedded a permanent stain in the psyche of young Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Look at the pattern, first lesbian tennis and basketball stars, but their audience is limited.  Now they put out into the air gay rappers, wrestler, basketball player, with an up-and-coming football star.  Why are they so amped to push out people with the same skin tone?  Whatever happened to diversity?  Please perceive the marketing strategies.  This will help indoctrinate the next talented tenth generation, but let us not digress.

Observing the gay community, we have notice that in their campaign to claim their rights they often infringe on the rights of others who stand up and disagree with their lifestyle choices- yes, it is a choice.  Anyone can choose to engage in sexual acts or abstain, so RRB chooses not to agree with their choice.  Our personal viewpoint is that it is a hedonist lifestyle of decadent pleasure that is anti-life.  We are not against anyone’s right to choose, but their choice chops life for they are not equipped to give life to future generations.  Children (our seeds) are a blessing whom grants universal prosperity to life linking a relationship as a union and without that indispensable element as a possibility then “fucking” is the only result.  Death is the opposite of producing life and adoption of kids is another choice, but there again show the hypocrisy in their lifestyle.  Go ahead and stomp on our rights to express an opposing viewpoint, because the gay community loves to elevate themselves as angels and demonize any opposition as hatemongers or gay bashers.

We all have family members, friends, and associates who indulge in expressing their sexuality, which we say more power to you, but let’s keep it real.  There are two types of energy that influence Hue-man nature which are masculine and feminine energies.  All nature is connected.  Whether its two men or two women (womb-men), one has to choose a role in their relationship.  Now they can switch the roles if they choose, but this is the general sentiment.  If we are wrong then we apologize, however if this is true you are fabricators who have no knowledge of Self!  We have all seen a same sex couple where one of the men appears to be the female as we have seen one of the women appear to be male.   Men with deep voices choose to speak with womanlike vernacular and females grow facial hair and grow mustaches and beards.  Just like Bruthaz in jail who claim that they are only “gay for the stay.”  Deceivers!  So many people are too deep into “Greek thought,” whereas, they follow blindly into the love of money bondage or the going against the grain scenario. We have not talk about those who were sexually abused as children who imitate their trauma over and over again, because that’s a subject for another blog,   Ancient Greeks believed that the vagina was the false hole and that violating the backside of boys would give them vitality to live on forever.  Ergo, that why false hole participants, the scribes of biblical literature are so cruel in writing their anti-women scriptures which tells a women to stay in an abusive relationship because he’s a man of God.  Bullshit!  Note that two opposing forces (positive & negative) join as one to create life which is logical and the natural order of the universe (NATURE).  Two of the same identical forces can spark a flame but cannot spark life.



Universal Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~

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