Average is (2)

What we are educated to believe is what we have faith in; what we believe affects our decisions; what we do based on our decisions becomes our choices; what choices we make produces a result; what we do as a result conditions the mind of our children and anyone we influence.

Our attractiveness to average is a mindset of complacency.   Education is a process and the educational system teaches the majority of students to play it safe and get a good paying job to support our families.  We choose to believe in the educational system but the conditioning of averageness is our result.

Listening to music, watching television, or reading literature that captivates the mind has us admiring Greatness, but the fear of failure keeps us as a passenger in the vehicle driving people toward Greatness.  Looking through average eyes we see Greatness live free in others as we long to do something better, but refusing to step outside our comfort zone produces the unchanged results.

We personify the impossible since it means I am possible.  Our Greatness started in the womb because creation is Greatness.  Remember Greatness is creation!  Family and friends are a noble support system and having a worthy support system is crucial, but if that’s not possible read these words with discernment:

Mindsets of people in pain give out pain!

Mindsets of miserable people love conditioning others into misery!

Mindsets of injured people injure people, over and over again!

We must combat the doubt festering inside of our attractive to average minds.  We look to people around us for help, but having people who doubt is inevitable.  Our ability to persevere despite our doubters is the first step in obtaining true prosperity.  The universe will yield to you when you embrace your innate power of excellence which is PHIRE.  Release your PHIRE and let that which is within out into the atmosphere.

So how can we convert averageness to GREATNESS?  First, we must adjust our mindset.  Information is knowledge.  Knowledge plus action equals control which bring forth wisdom.  Let’s be uncomfortable and learn from discomfort to gain discernment.  Study those whose successfulness resonates with your spirit as a guide to making sound choices.  Being afraid is okay as long as we discern our next step and manage our fears appropriately.  Discern that we will become Great for what we know and apply; on the other hand we shall lose out when we fail to focus on changing ourselves in addition to our children and all that we influence.  When we flip our attractive to average mindset to make Greatness our only option then and only then can we prosper.


~Brutha Fleat~

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