bomb-alarm-clock-2FEAR is an emotion that can overtake your common sense and logic. It places people under the control of someone or something that has triggered trauma in your life. Thoughts of unpleasant events may jog painful memories, creating a pathway in the mind that re-experiences said tragic events over and over again. Feelings of fear lead to shock, depression, anxiety attacks, and a sense of animosity to the rest of the world.

FAMILY, we have been taught to protect the innocence of the youth in our care because they cannot fight off bigger/stronger predators. In most cases, this is an accurate and logical approach to supervising youthful purity. While protecting them, we neglect to disseminate pertinent information that is crucial for survival of their innocence. We must sound the alarm, since sexual predators are everywhere comparable to roaches and if you see one, thousands will follow, whether seen or unseen.

My spirit compelled me to inform my son of sexual predators since the age of THREE. We practiced different scenarios in order to empower him by minimizing the chance of playing the role of a victim. Sex offenders are charismatic, cunning, sick, deceitful, strategic individuals that premeditate committing heinous acts. In acting out scenarios, I explain that they will say “If you don’t do what I say I’ll tell your parents!” or “I’ll kill your parents if you don’t do as I tell you!” So, I instilled in him to do whatever it takes to escape and save his “Azz!” His mother told him to scream “FIRE” and that will alarm people no matter what location. We taught him to survive and that we as his support system will stay proactive as opposed to being reactive so that he won’t have to look at us and say why you didn’t tell me that sex offenders exist.

Addressing difficult issues gives a child a chance to survive a crisis situation, whereas, not preparing them for the sickness that exist in the world you may sentence them to a fate of having their backside violated. This is not a pleasant dialogue to have with our youth, but it is necessary. Also, let them know that predators can come in the form of family members, preachers, teachers, police officers, and any stranger. This tactic may appear to be promoting fear, but I know that it has empowered my son. PLEASE EMPOWER OUR YOUTH!!!

Really Real Bruthaz feel that we must address issues that concern are present and future, so we will attempt to ALARM all within our reach!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~


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