Spiritual Cleanse


Universally, the mainstream commoners are alarmingly bloated with an indoctrinated mindset of wicked subliminal unproductive thoughts; unproductive attitudes that hold us down; unproductive systems that execute the fraudulent schemes on behalf of their hidden puppet-masters; as well as poisoning the world with unproductive planted leaders who serve the interest of said puppet-masters.  Grueling leaders execute coldhearted orders to lead the untrained eyes and ears of the general public astray.

The commoners are force fed fruitless thoughts that are believed to be evil; thought that induce sadness; thought that support gluttonous behavior; thoughts that kills our JOY; materialistic thought that sustain because of greed; and lustful thoughts that breeds desirous thought of day-to-day violence for an imaginary profit.

Life is overwhelming, and it is time for our Bruthaz and Sistaz to release the toxic trash of this bizarre world that continues to clog our bodies, minds, souls and spirits.  We must sanction are own spiritual cleanse since we are astute enough to know that this toxic world is full-of-shit!

Things of the Spirit must be handled by the Spirit as well as belongings of the Spirit must be cleansed by the Spirit.  And after our transcendent purification is completed our JOY will return even though the routine sufferings caused by the chaos of a group of nameless puppet-masters shall endure.  So, to all Bruthaz and Sistaz I present these word in conjunction with a pronounced image that resonated with my mental to share because with any Spiritual Cleanse-it is better to get it out then to hold it in too long!  <Disclaimer>  “My CR8TIVITY IS KICKING MY AZZ, and if you deem artistry as vulgar please know that this was intended to give a meaningful thought-provoking change in a messy world full of dung.”  “Holla!”


Universal Love,


9Brutha Bam9

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