System Triangle-government-1


Idiosyncratic and corrupt immoral production of the powers that exist to dominate souls is infecting all nations.

Crude puppet-masters impose a paradox of human indoctrination and lack of social interaction or the ability to care about others.  They engage in acts of killing, stealing, or humiliating large groups of people for devilish motives.  Worldwide brainwashing shows heinous acts as the norm, promotes racial tension, sponsors drug usage, and encourages women abuse plus cheers women to believe their role should be equal to the role of a man and vice versa.

Images and sounds are used to desensitize Bruthaz and Sistaz into not deciphering the real world from a dream world.  High-tech mind control techniques target our subconscious directly as they customize systems to bypass our logic.  Depraved verdicts are being made for the masses in order to eradicate each individual’s ability to think freely.  We are in servitude based on nameless influences.  Why?

What if I told you that the world we live in is controlled and manipulated by 13 families and 13 papal bloodlines, would you ever consider this as reality?  Families of legacies and religious hierarchies have taught their select children and their children’s children how to impose will in a pyramid of systems on top of systems in order to be anywhere and everywhere.  These families are privy to information that would enrage the uninformed Bruthaz and Sistaz.

Rituals are being performed in plain sight.  They are herding people like cattle, branding our children from their Born Day and placing them in status categories based off the parent’s environment and bloodline, by using contracts on paper (bonds) equaling how much value their life of servitude may profit from on the stock markets.  What entities do they control?  You, me, us and the sub-families that are also manipulated into believing in what is not real.  We must change our stars.  Now I’ll be more specific.

Goldsmith’s established the banks to manage each countries treasury departments; governments are given charge to oversee monies and act as a proxy; they financed religious intuitions to puppet-master two thirds of human population; finally they implemented media / networks the disseminate information and programming to advance grouping policies because when you’re fighting you will never unite.

Systems are set inside systems to implant mental Programming that drills information into the minds of populaces to accept their truth’s and obey their rules in a preset manner.  Let’s observe simple programming techniques.  If you have a refrigerator full of food, then why would you elect go to McDonald’s?  If you have a closet full of clothes and many with the store tag in place why go out and buy more?  If you choose one side of a political entity and feel so strongly against the other side that you are ready to go into battle mode, when off camera they eat, drink and sleep together, because they are all working together against the people?

We are watching a generation that is failing!  We have failed, too!  We live in neighborhoods without knowing our neighbors.  We have kids with no social skills who are not allowed or afraid to play with other kids.  We have lost our values and good sense.  We are an erring nation.  We are losing ourselves, but hope is in the form of information.  Share the wealth means to disseminate all pertinent information to gain wisdom .

RRB is willing to communicate with anyone who chooses to engage in constructive dialogue.  We will attempt to keep everyone informed on all information we gather.  There is much that we shall put out piece by piece.  Solutions to problems start from within first.  So stay tuned.  We will build with you anon.


Really Real Bruthaz

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