Baltimore- Hangs Lynched

RRB INSIGHT:  We identify and live in agony over discerning the removal strategy premeditated against spirited Bruthaz.  Feel our ongoing confrontations of reality as we pin your ears back to the pulsating movements of the puppet-masters whose empty souls achieved the tag of “devils” – whereas they mutually implement the secret society collusion system of depopulation that begins with governing the masses – and Our Bruthaz across many nations are marked as a menace – so we must continue to report by way of a Really Real Heart-to-Heart!

Bruthaz of each generation are/have been victims of foul play whether being hung /killed by cops and people of the same ilk or murdered by an unbalanced Bruthaz whose reckless minds abandoned their kinship by bowing down to confusion.  This world is deeply involved in humanizing exploitation and corruption as immoral persecutors infest our outlying areas with anticipation of getting money through drug trafficking and pillaging our neighborhoods.  They serve the puppet-masters blueprint to create free servitude warmonger.   There is a secret battle that will erupt out of control sooner-than-later!

Groups are aggressively contrary to other group and the practice of positive quotes is upsetting to worldwide clowns.  We encourage Bruthaz and Sistaz to display proudly that “Black Lives Matter” which is taboo because of an orchestrated plan to infiltrate and stomp out a positive movement before it gains intense momentum.  Our voices against prejudiced, inflexible, narrow-minded, partisan extremist behavior becomes distasteful for the reason that we are told that are plight is unimportant since the media champions divergent forces to use “All Lives Matter” instead – and this is contaminated bullshit!

Whenever the equality level of every representative of each thriving culture of the politically correct rainbow movement is dehumanized and senselessly murdered in the streets similarly – then and only then shall we happily join in and accept as true “All Lives Matter!!!”  We know all lives matter, but most of our counterparts lack in acknowledging such a far-fetched reality.

Young-to-Elderly unarmed Bruthaz get detained for nonexistent or frivolous imaginary violations – just based on BWB (Breathing While Black) – as the odds of being choked, slapped, punched, kicked, shot, killed, or mysteriously hung in an empty jail cell is routinely familiar.  Mad media channels promote fear and incite heightened anxiety into the minds of assumed less significant emotional beings.

RRB FOLLOWING INSIGHT (Note-to-sheltered personalities):  Most Elderly Bruthaz are accountable for providing wisdom to Younger Bruthaz detailing the ills of being melanin sufficient, besides as an worldwide animal kingdom endangered species P.E.T.A. and other humanitarian organizations care nothing about Hue-man lives that will not officially indorse their specific egocentric causes.  Universally, it is clear that Bruthaz are loathed by many outside plus inside our economic, political or social status. Our present danger is abundant and increasing as we breathe.

RRB FURTHER INSIGHT:   Acts of violence is widely accepted in our neighborhoods by the age of 16 and many Bruthaz become desensitized to said violence.  Deadly Threats to All Bruthaz are real such as:  Bruthaz taking out the garbage knows he is a target; Bruthaz reading a book on a bus stop is a target; Bruthaz playing with children in the park is a concern target; Bruthaz taking Sistaz on a tender-moment date is a trademarked target knowing the history of his Ancestors versus the puppet-masters.  These are the circumstance that enters our minds on a swivel for immediate survival.

Are we more in love with Greek-thought as oppose to exploring real Spirituality?  As a single raindrop splash sounds distantly in the ocean we must assertively listen to our inner voices of the Ancestors traveling thru DNA messages providing information on ways to protect the necks of Bruthaz and Sistaz from being hung physically and mentally.

RRB FINAL INSIGHT:  Our GR8EST Threat to those who sit on the throne of oppression is not a register slave with a gun, however a mentally cognizant uncontrolled slave with a book and the wisdom to teach inter-connected Bruthaz and Sistaz the inner working of the oppressor diabolical plan to manipulate the weak Into believing that they are unconnected from the strong; segregate the lighter hue from the darker hue; detach the tall from the short; sequester the less informed from the set apart conscious free-thinkers; isolate the rich versus poor illusion as tangible as well as orchestrating ways to legally separate and abuse Families by divorcing the man from the woman so that the children experience hate because of abandonment issues.

We are the cerebral cavalry armed with knowledge plus applicable involvement as combining these energies represent the culmination of said movements as our WILL leads us to wisdom.  Wisdom is our redeemable GR8NESS!!!

Most will never experience our internal alarm of walking around with a permanent target whereas we sense multiple tyrant’s aiming at all vital organs and our guarded pineal gland.  They’re programming bombards us with damaging images to make us gentlemen or someone lesser.  Bruthaz are strong-armed into marching with no fight in our psyche as oppose to defying genocidal tyranny to War the Great War because we are products of a land and laws that legislated the fact that we are less than a person – we are not valued as being Hue-man!!!

Bruthaz must fight the feelings of measured feminization, symbolic “PHALLIC” castration, and mental/emotional intoxication.  Bruthaz must fight antiquity and the puppet-masters minions which is the core of our present woes.  Bruthaz must fight against bogus intellectuals, fake gangsters; withstanding controlled infiltrators who hate their skin tone more than hating evil oppressor’s who envy our real wealth.

We must acquire Knowledge of our Ancestors, and Knowledge of Self to rise into Wisdom!!!  Bruthaz are Really Real by Rampant Request!!!

As a result to the “so-called” all-inclusive earthly realm RRB exclaims, heed these words also “Don’t F… with Our HARMONY!!!”




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