Rocks with Values


Let’s get it in with RRB Simplicity:  USA way of life is offensive and disrespectful to our Ancestors Intimate Insight because reaching the capitalistic standard of living is the nastiest nemesis to all Bruthaz and Sistaz struggling to cultivate a Nation!!!  Deep rooted views of the American dream manipulates the masses into believing that success comes from excelling at school, landing a good job, running away from your parents rules to be your own chief as your debt-to-income ratio skyrockets as we are coerce into buying an extravagance house, luxury cars and indulging into every worldly pleasure.  This learnt methodology psychologically and financially drains any harmony left in your perception.  We believe a prerequisite to becoming a “real man” or an “independent woman” is ranked based upon attaining things.  This fallacy is a counterproductive suggestion that leads to a world of angst in addition to soundless impatience.

Story-time:  I was engaged in a conversation with a Filipino Mother and Father as they discussed their situation about the daughter wanting to move out of the house at the early age of 27.  Unthinkingly, I indicated that 27 are women enough to make any decisions.  The Father swiftly responded, “That’s the difference between our culture and Americans since you are taught to fight extra hard for independence as you eventually come running back home for money, food, shelter, or moral support.”  They know that beginning a Family is too hard, so if you remain in your parents’ house countless trivial disputes will dissipate, but sacrifices of individual thinking is required.  Individuals are eager to allow strangers to raise their persuasive children as they work mad hours to afford childcare, taxes, food, recreation, car notes, plus mortgage/rent.  In other cultures a Great Family supports their Family Tree and help’s nurture said Family in all aspects.

Putting My RRB Cipher In The Air:  Family, I’ll interject my inner thoughts based on real life experiences. I accepted a job 242 miles away from my very supportive Family and Friends.  Every weekend, weather permitting I drove using cherished time to make-up the moments of being an absentee Father, Common Law Husband, Son, Grandson, Nephew, etc…  I felt that the loss of my presence disunites a bond that we worked hard to build.  I lived through a number of lonely nights living in a town in which I had no ties.  Yes, I met people and developed several friendships, but I can’t say that I truly knew them, but I was cool with their avatar representative.  [FORESHADOW] On a dark and extremely cold winter icy night I was driving south to work traveling behind a vehicle for approximately 26 miles.  At this point I contemplated passing ahead but something compelled me to stay in my lane.  Immediately a double trailer truck driving north slid into our lane colliding with the other vehicle. I maneuvered around the back trailer swinging toward me by putting my car in the ditch on the opposite side.  The lady inside the vehicle died.  I recalled saying, “If I passed her I would be dead or at the least brain dead.”

Inner Thoughts:  How long would it take for them to notify my Family?  Was taking a job for money worth lessening our Family bond?  Was I selfish of selfless?  Who will guide my son on his journey toward manhood?   The next month I returned home securing a convenient lower paying job to ensure our FAMILIES bond and HARMONY!!!  This was a decision of GR8NESS and Long-lasting Sustenance!!!

Reminiscing:  Tragic moment brings perspective into play; I remembered the fact that my Grandmother had most of our Family living within a 3 block radius.  She would look after and take care of all the neighbor children from infants until that were old enough for school.  Nowadays we have no idea which Family members are Blood Relatives.  She made Sunday dinners once a month and huge feasts for every major holiday.  Not that we all got along but everyone had someone to go to for a variety of support, brutal honesty and LOVE.  I miss the Really Real Family Establishment!!!

RRB Culmination:  Many Bruthaz and Sistaz believe that we have out lived the long reaching “Willie Lynch Letters,” but this is an orchestrated ongoing nightmare!  We are programmed into abandoning a sustenance structure based on an idealistic hope system that may work out for some but most children will suffer.  Family, we are twisted in believing in a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog delusion.  Bruthaz and Sistaz heed these words:  We are setup to fail as highly intellectuals because the “American dream” value of this generation eradicates our Families with a quick impersonal death!!!  Until we realize that the corporate capitalistic/materialistic choice throws death blows to our BLACKNESS by exposing us to a worldly lifestyle in opposition to nurturing our FAMILIES and cultivating a NATION- then and only then shall we save and RESURRECT our dying FAMILY TREE!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~

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