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Hey, what’s up everybody?  I am instinctively obliged to express solely the viewpoints rolling around my Crown in a real heart-to-heart about creating and entering portals.

As we live our daily life it seems that we CR8 and open portals by our sheer thoughts and actions.  It’s funny how our beliefs and activities craft portals of success or failure, pleasure or pain, then gladness or regret.  Sometimes, I wonder what type of person I would have become had I altered my set preferences and movements.  So many Bruthaz cross key portals just before sinking into thresholds of death or prison life and wonder how the fuck they got there; many enter worlds of limitation and waste precious time refusing to discern our problems and situations instead of stopping to realize that the most powerful tools we have is our thoughts and actions.  Since portals are gates / gateways to diverse realms, our life choices initiate potential addictions to drugs, sex, and alcohol.

How do we react when life kicks?  Imagine how bizarre life twist when we indulge in unprotected sex and feel panic waiting for a pregnancy test results; a rainy night at 3:00 a.m. a friend calls for a ride and later the news report shows said friend was pronounce dead after rebelling in gun fire with state police; a corporate executive (a passive man), allowed a senseless boss to verbally abuse him daily and he contemplated suicide, but over time grew a pair electing to report the incidents to an outside agency and unbeknownst to him he is now the boss.

Blindly, we walk into betters portals that contribute in a voyage of discovery to worthwhile new friendships; new relationships; new lifestyles; new skills that cultivates our thoughts; new mindsets which shape our fork in the road decisions by navigating our whereabouts to snatch us forward without asking if were ready or not to receive unlimited Geenus.  We must foster rest and relaxation of the mind in order to CR8 harmony portals that venture our lives past the world of the mundane in our Rites of Passage to prominence.  Accomplishing GR8NESS begins with our initial thoughts and actions.  If you love living life beyond existing at low portals of mundane arrangements then let the PHIRE within your universe link you with other interconnected minds!  Holla, back if you hear me!


9Brutha Bam9



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