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Human nature guarantees that Bruthaz and Sistaz will live life experiencing perplexing conflicts, but truth is definite and covering up our bruises won’t replace permanent scars.  We march and protest against people not of our hue who commit heinous acts against our community, but fail to use our Internal Phire to address our “Mirror Images” for committing identical heinous acts.  We boost harmful self-destructive behavior by using a broken crutch of love; we promote devotedness over fear of consequences; we believe in protecting our own; we will cover up evidence; and we offer alibies by making up lousy excuses or explanations which invoke the “riot mentality” to overtake sound judgment.  We remove consequences by purposely or inadvertently enabling “Aficionados of Destruction” to wreak havoc on our people from within our walls.  This must end!

Back in the day as an energetic Young Brutha on the Southside of Chicago, my Inner Circle and I were shot at five days in one week.  We carried each survival day as a badge of honor in our “Hood.”  Our feeble mind as youth resemble the enablers of drug addicts with one major difference, the homicides of a community who’s sleeping while awake didn’t register as reality.  We didn’t listen to people who talked about respecting our lives so that we gain respect for another life, at that time.  So what was our turning point?

In the 1980’s, every summer in Chicago it appeared as if they emptied the jails to repopulated them again in the winter.  A few of the older street mentor’s shared real unedited stories about jail that diluted movies or musical rendition fail to explain.  We listen to horrible story after horrible story which was second nature to their way of life.  Not once did they talk us out of going to jail, but the information we gathered was one of our defining moments.  We listened to people who actually had a trunk full of money and lived where we lived, so with that in mind I’ll offer one solution that takes a personal sacrifice.  Stop leaving the “Hood!”

Most parents do whatever they can to put their children in better situations and when we “do better,” we move out.  Visiting the “Hood” occurs once in a blue moon or whenever it’s convenient.  Some Bruthaz and Sistaz donate time and money to help rebuild the community which is admirable, but as I stated before, Young Bruthaz and Sistaz listen to people with money who live where they live.  We need our families to buy up a whole block and get back to being neighborly.

I remember a Bruthaz who lived in the Dearborn Projects and was an Engineer that held our ear.  He owned two Mercedes Benz and no one ever rob him or broke into his vehicles.  Why?  Well, he was born there and he knew everyone from the police to the criminals.  So I asked, “why not move out and go to a better neighborhood,” or something to that effect.  He started off by giving numbers of rent and other expenses and then began talking about friends and family members that he influenced to change their project-ish mentality.   He saved money and lived where they lived plus being a living example to the community.  The Brutha talked willingly to the Youth and his Elders.  This is what we need!

In conclusion, we must fix ourselves from the inside out.  If we allow our own to disrespect and disregard the natural life of our Bruthaz and Sistaz then how can we expect others to regard us highly and respect our person.  And for you foolish mortals, I am not giving anyone a pass, but I am emphasizing that we must get our shit in order.  Note that “Black Enablers” give way to the act of devaluing “Black Lives” and are sponsors to each heinous offense.  Besides, countless murder/death/kills uphold blasé social norms which contribute to our communal impairment – as we create a more vicious cycle for our seed’s – that murderers can keep committing senseless violence safely from the inside and we will only react if someone outside pulls the trigger.  We must comprehend the aftermath of their actions as we react by Warring the Great War against anyone who takes a life.



~Brutha Fleat~

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