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For Real though, we manifest ourselves in Really Real Brilliance – Born with Hue-man fleshly palpitations, in front of earthly regret and countless heartache – We walk Spiritually in tune with the Ancestor’s.  Our DNA confirms this truth!

Questions upon questions give way to insufficient truth that we all crave to know our purpose or designed for existing.  So let’s get cracking!  We sanction one and all to take a figurative seat as an afresh RRB rant bombards the mental of all interconnected Inner Circles!!!

Real:  America needs Bruthaz and Sistaz for our collective energies as they pledge allegiance to surreptitious social order to maintain decisiveness by segregating Blacks from Blackness while removing our urbane crucial contribution based on a flawless skin tone.

Real:  Africa identifies with our Blackness, but we are deceived into believing that they hate all Akata. In the movie “Sugar Hill,” this was a derogatory name for cotton picking slaves or shiftless Niggers.  Akata means wild nondomestic cat that does not live at home.  Because of TV some Africans dislike the fact that Bruthaz and Sistaz only recognize the European cultures.   Negative perceptions run deep on all corners of the world.  Some Africans want the “Lost Tribes” of America to get our minds right so they can stop laughing at Bruthaz and Sistaz complicit in devoted indoctrinated submission.

Real:  Families of earth mock and shun us for handed-down reason that each new generation swears to uphold on the names of their forefathers.

Real:  So what’s the answer?  Let’s re-style difficulties by filling up our thinking tanks using auxiliary consumable fuel so that vast amount of Bruthaz and Sistaz with different level of knowledge may recover truth.  Realize the uncountable contradictions and misdirection of this world.  Obtaining worldly possessions is cool, but the deceitful methods required to maintain those possessions block the expansion of our Spirit.  Bruthaz and Sistaz are less informed about being culturally and philosophically in mental bondage or servitude.  We are the “Lost Souls!”

Real:  What we need is teach Young Bruthaz and Sistaz an Ascension Plan.  Initially, we must drill into their Hue-man impressionable minds that our origin is divine as our tenacity is divine, whether we know it or not!  Family is our home even though we are a displace people.  Family is everywhere the soul, mind, and nature breathe together in tune with the vibrations of the sun.

Real:  We must teach them to examine the etymology of words.  Words arise to be erased or lose meaning over time as new words replace the old, but continue to reference the elder for validity.  Communicate to them how to structure their words spiritually.  The spirit behind the words we say hold more impact than the word itself.  So, if we call you Bruthaz or Sistaz then we anticipate you to be welcoming.  Know that when we utter those words a spiritual concert reverberates from our soul to join you in a harmonious purpose.

Real:  We must instill Honor and Respect in conjunction with economic inventiveness and creative phire.  It is our responsibility to awaken idle minds so that they can encounter the Radiance of Resilient Sistaz and the Power of Strong Bruthaz.  We must train ourselves to defend against our indoctrinated selves before we attempt to combat outside influences…  Sadly, our first enemy is a reflected image starring us down to induce fear of knowing self.  We must let our true representative shine thru all resources rendered.  Confident messages must motivate and guide our Bruthaz and Sistaz away from inaction because indecisiveness is death unless it’s related with a spiritual evolution as oppose to loving and defending a misdirecting religious belief system.

Real:  So let’s erect a new Black Wall Street or bring back the Policy Kings mentality of controlling our neighborhoods by governing politics, guiding Family Businesses, calculating Real Estate investments, and allowing the dollar to circulate with the Bruthaz and Sistaz several times over before slipping out of our realm. Moreover, we must prepare to protect and defend our GR8NESS thru all resources rendered.

Real:  What if the Bruthaz and Sistaz who become multimillionaire’s were taught to return back to the neighborhood in which they were raised to use tax write-off charity money to improve said neighborhood?  How many “Hoods” would flourish?  How would the economic outlook of Gary Indiana change if the Jackson family was taught the same lessons as Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo?  Perhaps this is not our responsibility?  Well, the truth is it should be if we have a chance at progressing beyond the slavery characterization.

Real Conclusion:  We want liberty, integrity, and objectivity thru All Resources Rendered!!!  With all tenacity we will bring forth PHIRE to clarify and inspire Bruthaz and Sistaz to change conditions universally with a far-reaching redirection movement to bring about Real Freedom of Families thru All Resources Rendered!!!

One Love,

9Brutha Bam9

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