Upset young woman shouting at a man --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis
Upset young woman shouting at a man — Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

REAL THOUGHT:  Our forthcoming Blog will tackle 13 Things Bruthaz Hate About Sistaz.  The one thing that most people are afraid to say is that the root of all criminalities is the urge to impress, woo, and obtain womb-men.  The way we think, dress, smell, and curtail our manly nature is because of the gamble to enter the womb-men Matrix.  As the Bruthaz from UGK said, “Pussy got me dizzy!”

Now back to our Sistaz whom we LOVE dearly, but they are lacking in knowing what Historic Astute Foremother’s passed down in prior ages.  The ability to run a household and rear a Family is far away from the reality of countless Sistaz in these present-days.  We hear Sistaz disrespecting Bruthaz constantly when the truth is where have all the GREAT Sistaz departed?

Family let’s get in on what’s REAL!!!    The Christian church is killing the Family Life because over 80% of Sistaz claim to be Christians and fall under the rule of Pastor’s who impersonates their father, husband, counselor, sage, and god!!!  Thus they give out an ultimatum to Bruthaz: “Either join THE church and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or leave me alone.”  Besides, does anyone want to know what types of Bruthaz join most churches?  The elderly who may have a checkered past; the shark who know that if you play the role you can get more church pussy than the lord allows; the I don’t have any friends type who gets a boner from all the innocent church hugs; the pastors in waiting who are being groom to work their magic next; and lastly the sexually unsure or sexually feminine portrayers who use the church as a networking opportunity.

Sistaz (Black Womb-men) are the only group that is way behind their male counterparts in the dating world.  People all over the world fall in line to date Bruthaz (Black Men) and the complexities of relating to Sistaz has diminished over the years.  We don’t want to leave but we refuse to exist in this world alone.  Most Bruthaz exercise logic and logic dictates that if you do X your Harmony remains strong, but if you do Y you shall endure excruciating mental pain.  So X it shall be until our Sistaz wake up and recognize their blunders.

Most Bruthaz will maintain until our Sistaz come around but time stops for no man.  So we call out to our Sistaz come back into the fold so the Young Bruthaz and Sistaz can experience The Real Family Life!!!



*Brutha Van*

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