Alarming Video of School Resource Cop Body Slamming and Dragging a Young Sista

SC Cop Ben Fields



The Justice Department is steering a civil rights investigation that could lead to criminal charges against Deputy Fields, who was assigned to Spring Valley as a school resource officer.

A Caucasian sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina was fired Wednesday after county officials felt the universal pressure to act, even though they believe his actions were justified in their heart-of-hearts.  The GR8NESS of our blog is the ability to call it as we see it from the Bruthaz perspective.  Yes, former officer Fields executed improper technique when arresting a student over a cell phone and refusing to leave the classroom.  In the videotaped battle, he dragged and then threw a Young Sista across a high school classroom using maximum (not deadly) force.

The Deputy, Ben Fields, was finally dismissed after the video went viral at Spring Valley H.S., where student’s used their cell phones to hijack social media as a vehicle to alarm the masses.  The treatment of Melanin Sufficient Hue-man’s by cop’s who are sworn in to ‘protect and serve,’ appear to have self-inflicted agendas.

He pick up the Young Sista, attempted to use mechanize holds as he threw the student across the room.  Now we have multiple levels of stupidity we must discuss, but we will never know the level or mindset of this irrational officer behavior.

So who’s to blame?

Initially, we must blame the Young Sista for not complying with several requests from the teacher, administrator, and the officer.  We know the she had a death in her family and grief could be the culprit of her stubbornness.  But after the second request she should be smarter than the serpent.

Secondly, the daft teacher who escalated the situation.  He is of equal blame as Fields in the incident.  This “so called” educator lacks the people skill and mental aptitude to deescalate a classroom issue so he needed to call in the big guns.

Thirdly, the administrator who was incapable of assessing the situation because if a student is unreasonably stubborn and has not been a problem student then someone of authority should inquire as to the root of the problem.  Is there not one faculty member in the school with a little common sense.

Finally, the officer had the right to attempt to get her out of the classroom, but treating her like a violent criminal makes him the poster child for the abuse of authority movement.

Family, we conclude that all parties are to blame.  And what wrong with her classmates?  We can’t believe that they were so afraid of officer friendly that they would sit idly by and watch this mistreatment of a peer/friend and exercise their 5th Amendment Right in the wrong setting.  We see failure all around the board.

We’re mad at the Young Sista for putting her life in danger and going to jail unnecessarily; we’re mad at the school faculty for being educated fools; and we’re especially mad at the law enforcement system for breeding a culture of disregarding anybody who is not white approach.

We know that this is just another injustice illustration of why Bruthaz and Sistaz got shafted by the civil rights movement.  We gain the right to integrate at the expense of having little or no strong Families, having no influence over our communities, and no means of exercising policies and practices for our District’s by our rich emergent culture!!!

Where’s the Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~


Here’s the link to one of the video’s.  Watch and feel our RAGE!!!“>School Cop Body Slam, Drags Black Female Student, Spring Valley Officer Throws Black Girl

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