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FAM, my particular viewpoint on all politicians is that all candidates perform indistinguishable trendy races in addition to arranging back door dealings since the only apparatus that separates one fabricator from the next is how sound their highly paid team sells the public on a repackaging image.


Clueless Brutha Ben Carson uses Hip Hop to entice the Black Community with a less than desirable rap ad that has Bruthaz and Sistaz openly disrespecting him rather than hearing the message of Heal, Inspire, and Revive.   Yes, he is our Brutha, too.  Inside every Family we deal with those who are stubbornly clueless of how the Household Politicking works.

Rather than trying to trick Bruthaz and Sistaz into believing that Candidate Carson is in touch with the “little people,” he should employ an anti-political tactic of being ‘HORRIBLY HONEST.’  The Hip Hop Culture symbolizes an Urban Movement that moves from our nation to the next.  Music creates CR8TIVITY that conceivably embraces people of different hues and cultures, as we all join together in love with freedom of expression.  Bruthaz and Sistaz in conjunction with Hip Hop Heads will devotedly follow a contender in tune with self while favorably brandishing their voting cards instead of staying home.

If he really wants to connect with OUR Community RRB would advise Dr. Carson as such:

Warn the masses of the financial woes and loss of programs that will devastate the pockets of the people.

Notify the people that you plan on restructuring the Public Schools by having universal textbooks.

Inform the Communities that government refuses to help your district because the majority of our neighbors are inactive and silent for silence is the repercussion for government motionlessness.

Alert everyone to prepare for the unpleasant laws you must enact that will benefit the generations to come.

Attack yourself after a major F… up and provide society with a bad tasting medicine.

Modernize your campaign by meeting with Hip Hop Artist and sell you REAL SELF and they will put you in songs or videos outside of cheesy advertisements.

Enlighten the world with your personal message to your Family and treat the voters as if they live inside the Carson’s home.

Finally, you must donate to every mega-church that will accept your support to support you as president because church is big business.

Lastly, beg Condoleezza Rice to run as your Vice-President and many Sistaz will pass on riding along the Hillary’s use-my-husband’s Black popularity ship.


Offering my two cents, this bad meaning bad – not bad meaning good attempt at a rap ad is equivalent to the self-righteous Spike Lee’s movie or satire based on Chicago street violence.  It motivates no one and alienates many.  Footnote to my Bruthaz and Sistaz realize that Dr. Carson did not buy commercial airtime for his presidential rap debut in Chicago, New York, or Washington D.C.  At least he knew that this type of political BULLSHIT wouldn’t work in said cities; Dr. Carson and his uninformed team has Regressive faith in the stereotype that the backwoods Southern Blacks might fall for any type of rap?

Note to Ben, this is a sad, sad, ad and may Hip Hop have mercy on your cultural ineptitude!!!



~Brutha Fleat~

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