GET UP STAND UP YOUNG BRUTHAZ!!! Black Mizzou players say they’ll strike until president Tim Wolfe resigns


Missou Black Players

Civil Rights Movements and Civil Rights Legislation, was presume to lessen the unfathomable racist behavior in American societies.  Decades later, the movement and legislation fail to stop the ongoing crisis of racial hate and racist activities.  Progress gives the illusion of progression, as learnt hatred reality kicks hopefulness of Equal Rights or Hue-man Rights advancement in the head!!!

America’s ideal perception on race seems to focus on a discreet, politically responsive farce that racial tension of today is a non-crisis issue – as submitted by the bias 4th branch of government – which downplays the devastation of Hue-man losses, lifeless self-confidence in authorities, a dwindling optimism in “All Men are Created Equal,” and the delusion of a nonviolent/nontoxic environment to live safely and raise our seeds without worry.  The intense worrying of surviving the street worsens as we send our unprepared children into a merciless world of higher learning as we pray they survive college life.  Our unprepared progenies believe that society is different today and when an act of hate sneaks into their world it overwhelms their spirit.

Salute to an assembly of Strong Young Bruthaz who used their platform as Division I football players to affect change at a University of Racial Divide.  When I heard of the tragic event that occurred on a campus of higher learning, I felt a certain kind of way that words are incapable of expressing properly.

The declaration that Black Players on Mizzou football team will stop participating in all football activities until insensitive university president Tim Wolfe resigns provides optimism that our kids will not sit back and coast through life.

Via Twitter on Saturday night in a post by Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians, 32 Young Bruthaz shared their opinions in regards to a number of current racial incidents that went unsettled on Missouri’s campus as leadership fumble under the direction of insensitive Wolfe who viewed said incidents as non-crisis issues.

On hearing of their courageous feat to rid the camps of racial injustice and putting their scholarships on the line, a Bob Marley’s song popped into my head.  “Get up stand up stand up for your rights! Get up stand up don’t give up the fight!”

If you’re white and you’re wrong, then you’re wrong; if you’re black and you’re wrong, you’re wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green – God make no rules about color; only society make rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now.

Bob Marley   Bob_Marley-150x150


It’s alarming that Mizzou’s campus in Columbia is located approximately 2 hours west of Ferguson, the St. Louis suburb where racial tensions exploded behind the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.  Young Brutha Brown, who was Black, was unarmed when he was shot by a white police officer during a conflict in August 2014.  Forces unknown has me wondering are we headed toward a race war in America, but with so many interracial children in the world that impulse appears illogical.

We must keep our emotions in tact since what was old is new again and staging marches or sit-in will not resonate with the people of this war mentality era.  As thrilled as I am about the Young Bruthaz taking a stance using mental fortitude and tenacity in excess of real issues at the University of Racial Divide, nonetheless I know that their fight has created an opening for racial transformation that may possibly give way to an opening for adversity!!!  Life is unpredictable and every achievement has a retort.

Therefore prepare for all scenarios while bringing about change on a Righteous Fight for Hue-man Rights via creating an energetic PHIRE to gain ground against the perpetrators of racism; realize discrimination is a learnt behavior that has built over generations; face those who defend racist activity or become satisfied in inactivity, protect your fellow man from all versions of overt hate issues and War the Great War by acknowledging and accepting all cultures to overcome universal unfairness.

FAM, it is through a weighty reflection of American white supremacy history coupled with a Really Real Dialogue with all voices that we can tackle issues on smaller scale to overcome this universal subject matter on a global scale.  We must face greatness by not allowing hidden powers to Heisman us into little kid mode which has happened in the past.  We must use this opportunity to transform public opinion instead of inciting further racial divide by executing a thought-provoking lively relentless renegotiation of our plight to exhale free of racist activities because of our GR8 hereditary uniqueness.



~Brutha Fleat~

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