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Who’s an Uncle Tom?  We grew up hearing about the epithet of being an Uncle Tom, but our insight at that era of time was deficient in deciphering that which is hidden in plain sight.  Slavery was explained to us as Bruthaz and Sistaz captured from their homeland, shackle, whipped, and tormented by their white oppressors.  In slavery people take their slave masters name, philosophies, plus food scraps while accepting abuse as a love substitution.  Well, slavery transcends the physical aspect because the mental enslavement holds its value throughout time or rewritten history.  One of slavery mirror image is religion; both form of oppression displays similar upbringings which invoke naïve civilizations into loving and living a lie.

So-called free people with Melanin rehabilitated the term Black into strength of positivity, but then again appear to overlook the veiled message behind Uncle Tom’s character.  First, Tom becomes the savior of a little white girl or a version of the Christos.  Meanwhile, he converts to a victim of passivity which increases after the little white girl reads Uncle Tom the bible.  He accepts the religion of her family, even though he was not considered a man, but property to be brought or sold by said family.  He blindly accepted becoming a Christian which is the reason he choose remain loyal and obedient to his slave masters authority.  The original sacred text permitted the mastery of slavery as well as utilizing countless concubines.  Religion kept him as a slave and cultivated the slave mentality of nowadays.

Therefore, when Black Culture is appalled by the notion of Uncle Tom’s character, they simply forget that Christianity plus all Abrahamic religions was and is the culprit that enslaves our world now and then.  Throughout his-story these professed religious people committed heinous acts in the name of faith as we watch our Bamboozled Bruthaz and Sistaz remain content to blindly follow in the footsteps of Uncle Tom’s passivity.

Where is the outrage?  Why didn’t the recognized Black Leaders get on their platforms and shout about this travesty from the highest mountains?  Are we all duped?  Family, no disclaimer needed because it is our duty to get it in where many have failed to enlighten our people with raw truth.

Reflecting on our lives and our dominion mandate, we deal with truth and fallacy within our own indoctrinated minds.  We were force fed the same rhetoric and progressively broke our mental shackles of enslavement by learning who we are at this point in time.  RRB stands as a friendship of well-founded Bruthaz ethereally commissioned to share all that we are and all that we will become in the yet to arise future.  Wisdom of spiritual attentiveness interface with Hue-man existence corroborates the fact that we are revolving in an evolution cycle blessed to maintain forward-thinking energies.

Commencing from the time we shot up into consciousness, we stop functioning under lower vibrations (students) in order to ascend in higher vigorous watchful vibrations (teachers).  Once this transformation takes place a unifying expression is activated within our Inner Circle symbolizing the rites we seal in order to live life honorably.  What we bring about or speak into existence wires us to think freely outside mainstream indoctrinated souls.

So with that in mind, chew on this:

If you’re Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Moorish, Black Israelite, or any other member of a religious cult that is a branch of the Abrahamic covenant, are you not an Uncle Tom living embodiment, too?

Sustenance for the Soul my Bruthaz and Sistaz!!!

Much Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~


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