Obviously, we are all married to fact that the majority of politicians are poisoning are minds with thoughtless rhetoric, drug injected food, misdirection to no direction and habitual lies that degrades the preceding lies.  We are subjected to hearing that the children are our future and education is the key to success, but the actions of those who represent the masses disappoints on every level imaginable.

Across the UN – United States of America teachers are be laid off for monetary reasons that sickens me to no end.  Teachers are the most under-appreciated, underpaid, underfunded, and under the gun profession that should be held in the highest respect and admiration.  They adjust lesson plans on the fly and more times than not are forced to pay for their own supplies so that the students have an environment conducive to learning despite all the limitations and restrictions handed down by bureaucrats smelling themselves.

Let’s gather all these seat holding fat cats in a room and smack the nonsense out of their feeble minds so we can conduct real business.  RRB decrees that all politicians fund raising money should go to help the state, county, or districts in which said politician is running for election.  Then politicians would be able to claim that their political parties are doing a public service for the people.  For the people are witnessing the dumbing down effect of the educational system with too many students per classroom; too many out of date books; too many computer deficient schools; too many programs eliminated such as art and music; too many different curriculum’s based on economic status; too many words since I could go on for days and days!!!

Ideally, teachers starting salary should be approximately $100,000 a year, in which there are so many people who would love to teach but can’t afford to live on a teacher’s pay and repay their student loans.  We have so many effective teachers that moved into the private & corporate sector to earn a living comparable to their educational experiences.  Too bad teachers will never receive the wages of professional athletes, movie stars, or pop culture singers / musician, or CEO’s that they so graciously educated.  Teacher’s duties are to teach thru gang violence, metal detectors, gun violence, dilapidated buildings, and disgruntle students in one of the most thankless careers ever, but they persist where many have fled.

Really Real Bruthaz would like to say Thank You to each and every Teacher in the world!!!

Here’s a little something sum-thing for my Hip-Hop Headz!!!


~Brutha Fleat~

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