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Really Real Bruthaz has never put trust in the upsetting media contorting of playing culture against cultures.  On behalf of All Conscious Minds outside RRB’s Inner Circle who can see what we see and hear what we hear listen assertively.  If not, turn off your DNA bias and listen as best you can to reason.  You will see headline after headline shredding the fabric of Hue-manity by implanting sinful images of racial divide.

The media exposure has been prejudiced, poisonous and partial.  Nonetheless, when it comes to slanted reporting on Black issues versus all other demographics it is widely practiced in Chicago and universally, that circumventing being totally truthful is a capitalistic sin.  Sensationalism sells to impotent minds and sells are on an uptick.

Like Minded readers recognize the warning sign and on this day an awakening shall come.  And come it has.

REAL:  So what lessons have we learned?

First we had to shed the ritualized bogusness sentiment that Black Clergymen are predominantly the best remedy for Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Know that religious denominations treat their parishioners like fools who are deemed as a minor (child).  I am calling for ‘mind blowing’ interventions before mindlessly following them when they infuse church and state politics.  Politicians run to podiums using religious platforms to obtain the Black vote.  Opportunists like Donald Trump use money in addition to their persuasive influence to sell whatever promises you believe they will achieve.  Note, all politicians and religious heads sell economic and social debates to the media corporations who in turn use the public emotional state to sway judgments that benefit corporation Mongols who make more capital as they vote to build more prison while sending out executive orders to close more schools.  As if they honorably believed commoditizing would aide anything other than the richest pockets.  Whereas, corporate opportunist instantaneously pressure government official, smaller corporations, and media networks under their resourceful control to make their decisions the decisions of the masses.  And if you are unaware, all religious institutions are 501c3 corporations that will lose their non-profit status if they step-out-of-line.

Politician’s front line clergy defense teams are going to work out well during the upcoming elections, perhaps?

Meanwhile, prewritten dusted off rhetoric of the care-nothing-about the people individuals, or exposed opportunist, make many absorb promises worthy of chorus repetition – silently confessing behind closed doors and turned off mics or camera’s that it isn’t realistic to truly stand by them.  Guard against Donald Trump shady mockery bogusness to the fact that he attempts to pocket religious leaders which taxed their parishioners to work swiftly toward bowing down to proposed donations when these leaders went spiritually bankrupt a while back.  There was no ultimatum for any so-called leaders to provide Really Real service!

Therefore, at this moment RRB soundings are ongoing to expose fake influential leaders who we are christening as capitalistic pigs.  Our duty to provide emergency teachings and afresh philosophies are being planned as mandatory.  However, nothing’s going to be amended until we challenge each entitled disrespectful opportunist just before contributors to their elections or congregation address this mess and take punishing maneuvers to try and get us out of manipulation with empty promises.

Unknown entities evidently outline our support as major even though we are deemed as minors.  We are absolutely overlooked whenever we ask for remedies to our neighborhood plights and other than accepting the unknown as a response to the poverty and mis-education crisis, leaders on all sides remain selfish fortune hunters.

 As a substitute of taking it up the rear again, we at RRB as uniting Bruthaz demand in our Crusade for Clarification to change the conditions that triggered this mess of political and religious madness, as we compel our ‘black leaders’ (so-called as they may appear) to listen to what the people feel and want as oppose to sharing the message of the opportunist.

The crucial issue is not money per se but economic growth and development.

Covertly having inherited property and having someone teach you step-by-step how to maintain and grow a business is crucial to earning economic growth.  This is the needed information that can/will unite the most pessimistic Bruthaz and Sistaz unexposed to true success – both know they know absolutely nil about wealth building as we buy lottery tickets or  beg banks for loans.  But regular people without a named legacy to bypass their lack of money with an established credit limit is a luxury most are not afforded.

The media darling candidates use us by flooding Bruthaz and Sistaz with way too much unimportant BULLSHIT!!!   But Bullshit only befits words when its messages are not applicable.  The unrighteous reality that so much money is generating for obtaining a political title is pure lunacy.  We need an appropriate amount of money, time and energy used on real solutions to the poverty mind state as opposed to buying votes.  Vote buying is an acknowledgement we’re not worthy of being taken serious in contributing to making a change in government!  Certain Black Clergy want to grow their flock and with the media following the Trump campaign pastor’s who attended the sit down at Trump Tower will bring in more profits.  The mockery of this path is that we have less of a chance to redirect opportunistic people of influence, so the BULL of today will lead to more Bullshit tomorrow!

If religious and political leaders refuse to lead righteously then it’s up to the Bruthaz and Sistaz to voice our opinion of displeasure.  Separately we are handled by the media and so-called leaders without a real remedy or strong substitute; a tensed up Black Public hates the business as usual sentiment that triggered this mess.  Don’t devalue our astute sense of detecting Bullshit!  We know what is what!

In Really Real words we’re sick of every single one of you fake tight suit uniform podium orators!  Do we really need the shit kicked out of us again before we mad enough to get rid of the madness?  Enough is enough!!!


Awaken Ones,



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