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ABUSE OF AUTHORITY is an unforgivable offense that a person of power uses to force their will onto a victim of choice.  Victim’s in sexual assault crimes experience emotional burdens as they attempt to cope with unforeseen trauma.  Some public views of revolting sexual predators may fluctuate for those thinking he’s a likable persona that appeared to weep remorseful tears, but we should not forget that the victims have a more personal nauseating experience with said predator.  Court trials bring about unbearable recollections, as they will never forget their traumatic incident.  Feelings of he can’t be that bad for those who protect, empathize and sympathize with a sexual predator should reserve these sentiments for the victims and their Families who must carry on in the aftermath.

Police are hired to serve and protect the community because they’re trained to handle a multitude of criminal actions. While protecting them, we neglect to think that people of authority would use pertinent information to abuse the faultless.  We must sound the alarm, since sexual predators are everywhere comparable to roaches and if you see one, thousands will follow, whether seen or unseen.  It is a certainty that you can multiply all known victims by 7 to surmise a more accurate count.  This former officer assaulted 13 Sistaz based on their nontraditional backgrounds.  He believes that he was the law and above the law in one contradictory breath.

CNN Report: 
One of the Sistaz assaulted by former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw said she feared for her life when he pulled her over last year and forced her to perform a sex act on him.

“In my mind, all I could think of was he was going to shoot me, he was going to kill me,” Jannie Ligons told reporters at a news conference Friday. “I kept begging, ‘Sir, don’t make me do this, don’t make me do this, sir. Please. You’re going to shoot me.’

“All I could see was my life flashing before my eyes and the holster on his right side,” said Ligons, a grandmother whose daughters stood beside her.

Holtzclaw told her he wasn’t going to shoot her, but he made her perform oral sodomy in June 2014, Ligons said.

“All I can say is I was a victim, I was traumatized, I went to therapy, I had a stroke behind this,” she said.

“I was innocent, and he just picked the wrong lady to stop that night,” she added.

Ligons later went to police and media outlets with the first complaint against Holtzclaw, she said. Investigators later found a total of 13 alleged victims, all African-American.

She was also one of two victims who addressed the media a day after a jury found Holtzclaw guilty of 18 of the 36 charges he faced, including four counts of rape in the first degree and four counts of forced oral sodomy.

Sista raped while handcuffed to bed:

Shandegreon “Sade” Hill told reporters that Holtzclaw pulled her over in December 2013, and she was later taken to a hospital on the other side of town. Once there, Holtzclaw raped her while she was handcuffed to a hospital bed.

“No nurses, nobody came to check on me,” Hill said. “Me being in the room with the police, not expecting to get violated the way I did, the way I was done, I just couldn’t even believe it. I was speechless. I was scared.

“I felt like I was in survivor mode, so I had to do what he was making me do,” Hill added, with her parents beside her..

For about six months, Holtzclaw preyed on women — all African-American — in one of Oklahoma’s poorest neighborhoods, exploiting his police badge to intimidate them into keeping quiet.

Prosecutors say the Oklahoma City officer selected his victims based on their criminal histories, figuring their drug or prostitution records would undermine any claims they might make against him.

Then, he would subject them to assaults that escalated from groping to oral sodomy and rape.

On his 29th birthday, Holtzclaw rocked back and forth in his chair, sobbing, as the judge read the verdict.  Holtzclaw was a former star linebacker on the Eastern Michigan University football team with a degree in criminal justice.


RRB spirit obliged us to inform the collective about the stench of sexual predators posing as righteous figures.  We should care less about his crocodile tear since he cared nothing about the known and unknown victims.  Sex offenders are enigmatic, calculating, nauseating, devious, premeditated villains that plot before committing heinous acts.  Our nature fails us at times when temporary emotions push all logic aside, but as soon as we see the real, we internalize the incidents and disgust arises.  Please let logic lead in this type of case.

Addressing difficult issues gives Hue-man’s a chance to survive a crisis situation, whereas, avoiding preparation for a sexual predator virus will make our Families become unaware victims of foul play.  RRB knows that this is a hard dialogue to have, but it is necessary for reducing yet to come trauma.  Furthermore, we will keep stating that violent predators can come in the form of family members, preachers, teachers, police officers, and any stranger. Our approach may promote fear, but I know that it has empowered some readers.  PLEASE EMPOWER OUR YOUTH, ELDERS AND EVERYONE IN BETWEEN!!!

Really Real Bruthaz senses that we must address issues that concern the present and future, so we will dare to SOUND the ALARM every time it is warranted!!!

Much Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~


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