Mayhem rises as the sun befalls to the downpour of melee on our communities as a tsunami; Bruthaz of all ages fall victims of foul play daily.  We reminisce about simpler times to escape pain, but reminiscing at times encourages accepting a global stupor.  We shall arise from years of perpetual slumber.

This is the Age of the Awakening!!!

Negative stupidity uses misery to standardize our mental, although Positivity heals while kicking misery in the AZZ!  We shall ascend.  In countless numbers, man-made statistic spit out governmental facts as we live with the real.  Bruthaz fight to live righteously; we struggle to stand upright; we desire to eat organically on limited budgets; we battle the demons inside our heads; we fight the traps of the streets; we do what is necessary to provide for our Families; we obtain the best shelter according to our means; as we grab on to the last positive representative – Our Children.

Bruthaz work it out successfully in lieu starting off behind in all aspects of surviving a capitalistic system not geared toward the heritage of “cotton-pickers.”  We hold our heads high to remember the sacrifices of the past as we walk in the footsteps of the Ancestors.  Corruption controls the ebbs and flow of the “Almighty dollar,” but Bruthaz nature is opposed to scamming others.  And if we welcome greed into our spirits we become a danger to All Breathing Souls!!!

Daily, society pushes Bruthaz down and pushes us aside as 5th class citizen because we tend to detest following social norms.  So, if we push back, other than using peaceful nonviolent “gentle-man” movements — society declares that a price of freedom must be paid.  Society watches Bruthaz so intensely that they study us and keep our mummified body in Museums that is the Ultimate Disrespect.  We resist the daily urge to submit to society’s sorcery.

The Eternal Awakening Lives in Minds of Interconnected Bruthaz!!!

Beneath the cosmos we are alive – Warring the Great War to shed the mental shackles puppeteer by diabolical puppet masters.  Touched by the magnificent hands of our Genius Forefathers and Foremothers we work to eliminate the permanent impediment of mental bondage.  We share information and experience as a testimonial for all to consume.

Here Ye, Here Ye, All Rise for the Bruthaz of Awakening Spirits!!!

Nowadays the plight of Bruthaz clarifying their intentions in regards to uplifting the Family has caused some Sistaz to look at us crossed-eyed when the relationship fails.  They remember a fatherless childhood that Bruthaz must contend with from the onset.  So many dreadful decades of fatherless Families is the reason Bruthaz make a conscious effort to work extremely hard to raise – Our Seeds.  Too often weak sperm donors used a weaker excuse of not having a job as justification for leaving children in a fatherless mental disturbance.  Nonetheless Really Real Bruthaz presence in the traditional and nontraditional Family has risen.

Family, Strong-minded Sistaz are Awakening, Too!!!

We see that Sistaz realize more than we give them credit for as they work on plans to elevate and inspire the Family.  Sistaz will forgive our negative stupidity, but forgiveness doesn’t erase years of personal dismay.  Nor should Bruthaz expect them to forget.  Moving forward together we will shed the permanent impediment of mental bondage by erecting our Families to Great altitudes.  Reactivating the Village is upon us as we use a strong foundation to build a sunnier forthcoming about past and present reliability.

No longer shall a scourge of the past fuel hate towards one another.  Our words and actions will balance a scourge that begs for attention.  All Interconnected Souls linked from umbilical cords to umbilical cords – Bearing an uncanny resemblance to their genetic predecessor’s manifestation.  Father and Mothers bring about the next generations of Fathers and Mothers.

We pledge to trounce over the footsteps of self-hate by following the footprints of our Great Ancestors.

Poverty is knocking on our doors as we back door poverty with creative financial maneuvers; Racial hate rides with racial profiling as we remain relentless in slapping the $H!T out of hateful faces that put on masks; and the straps of Corruption “system” dehumanizes Bruthaz as we grab it by the shoulders and shakes the unholy crap out of their corrupt “system” till her systematic breast pop out of a wired unfitted bra.

To All Womb-men please forgive if the latter comparison offends your Spirit; on the other hand know that My CR8TIVITY IS KICKING MY AZZ!!!

Bruthaz Gonna Work It Out is our Mandate of Motives to Maintaining Family Unity.


One Love,

~Brutha Fleat~

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