Oh!  No!  Screaming expletives!

Hard concentrations on domestic tasks are lacking since meditations interruptions ward off many, but Really Real Bruthaz flow naturally by cultivating our cerebral intricate CR8TIVE juices.  RRB’s overloaded brainpowers are flooded with parallel mystifying wisdom.  Idealistic spirits possess us and own us as extra fluids secreting out our cerebral cortex leave an ingenious flow of energy from domes of Phire into a glass of afresh revelations.

Artistic psychosis breeds a world of CR8TIVITY charged with insanity let loose byway of redirecting our gifts into comprehending the incomprehensible.  Screaming more expletives!

Why is R CR8TIVITY Kicking R Azz?  Because when you write, draw, paint, or play a musical instrument the brain is working from back to front and the impossible is manifested in our thoughts.  We sit down, stand up, fall to the ground, fidget, pace the floor, head butt the wall, and laugh in an empty room just to craft what is eating our inners by developing and throwing out frequent concepts into the atmosphere in order to compose more revolutionary creations.  Worst thing about constructing new concepts is starting, but then again the most rewarding thing in developing your craft is seeing your originality and imaginings have a life of its own.  Now it sound simple but there is a cost, which is your sanity.


Bruthaz and Sistaz who tap into their imaginative worlds have a tendency to lose themselves inside their envision domain.  If you are not what you want to be then CR8TIVITY grants your every wish.

CR8TIVE Bruthaz and Sistaz who infuse imagination, ingenuity, inventiveness and inspiration into their vision will never be truly settled or appreciate, but will experience the crucial walk from pain to JOY.  Grandstanding aside, using our talents as a platform open to all who want to join in our CR8TIVE struggle is pleasurable and rewarding.

When you reach the point in life that your inner organs melody thumps in rhythm with the celestial heartbeat then you have ventured beyond worldly influences.  As we write more in JOY we become proponents of sharing thoughts.  Thought sharing is fundamental.  Since the sharing of thoughts is fundamental to educational success, we observe that this is a crucial key to uplifting Soulful Beings.

Our thoughts keep flowing so fast we can’t jot them down fast enough so they get filed in our Mental Rolodex.

Let All CR8TIVE juices flow freely so that every generations see your vision!!!


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~

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