Sheqer shepherd(s) are gainful pulpit pimp(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor orders women to strip and let him kiss their butts so they can get married!!!!!!!!!!!!


Graphically Explicit


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Now, let’s examine what you are saying when you address the Sheqer shepherds / pulpit’s pimps as reverend.  The word for Hebrew is Ibriy.  In Ibriy, Sheqer means fake and fraudulent. The word reverend in Ibriy (Hebrew) means to fear, to revere, to cause to frighten- affright, to be made afraid, to bow (self) down, to fall down flat, worship, or reverence.  To call any person reverend is to place them as your Creator Lord and Master.  Slave mentality is not based on the color of our skin–it’s all about power and control.

Pastor Timothy Ngwu, who also doubles as the Leader and General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, was recently arrested and is currently remanded in Enugu prison for allegedly impregnating over 20 female members of his church.

“The pastor claims to be obeying prophetic and spiritual injunction to do the will of God, which is to impregnate any one chosen and revealed by the Holy Spirit, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not,” police spokesperson said.

Bruthaz and Sistaz, Pulpit pimps preach against and for the all mighty dollar that is a part of the globally hidden fact that we have a one world system.  Gaining the congregations confidence in who they are as a prophet of God is the first step in manipulating the flock into believing a lie.  After worldwide exposure of the asinine pulpit pimp who coerced females at his church to believe that his semen was holy milk as they performed oral sex on this Sheqer shepherd should’ve stop all females from listening to these persuasive orators.  Well, Family I was wrong.

We are engaged in an everlasting battle and platform of moral versus immoral fiends.  I LOVE to battle because it keeps Really Real Bruthaz blood circulating naturally as our hearts begins pumping faster, but for my Sistaz realize that emotions of passion shall intensify by persuasive speeches.  Persuasive orators or the lure of money must not affect our sensibilities of detecting and denouncing bullshit!  Caress this!

Pulpit pimps charm the masses using mirror tricks that dazzle us with illusions of grander things for the future, when we are quietly herded as hopeful slaves.   Sheqer shepherds are despicable individual’s that must be exposed.  Really Real Leaders uplift the people for the sake of righteousness, who seek truth and work with the armor of moral discernment as a tool for protecting the innocent.  The Righteous Leader is a person who is fair, honest, and equitable in the principle of balance and counterbalance by knowing that all that’s done in the shadiness will form into smoothness.  Solicitors’ of camouflage deceit will be used by the global powers of the world to make our people weak, but we must not fold.  We will not let our Spirit bubble steadily into the obscurity.  We will kick every pulpit pimp’s Azz to the curb one block at a time so our Children will not partake in such heinous acts.


~Brutha Fleat~

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