Black People who hate themselves dive head first into embracing another culture they deem has a bigger upside in their feeble little minds.  Let’s expose why: Hollywood images of blonde hair and blue eyes has plague-ridden the thinking of undeveloped vulnerable minds who grow into the poster child of obliviousness who say or do detached dumb $H!T.   This ‘Mo Fo’  hates her skin color, hair texture plus color, and if not for color contacts would scratch her eyes out.  Sadly, as it goes down in the DM, Bruthaz and Sistaz throughout American mutually agree that sick Azz Stacey I’ll do whatever for cash is playing a dangerous game of lobbying – in addition too, being pleased to spread hate against BET and Black History Month as if integration is universal.  Big banks use higher interest rates based on skin color, we have discrimination in jobs, housing, taxation, and various essential issues that all politicians refuse to address– sick Azz Stacey I’ll sell my soul for cash has badly behaved since deep-rooted self-hatred took control of her mentality.  She didn’t get enough hugs when she was a child.

Clueless for the sake of being clueless, whatever fox news is paying, know that they’re sitting in back room meetings full of laughs and giggles saying, “can’t believe stupid Azz humiliated herself and people who look like her for a dollar menu meal.”  One perceptive Sista on the radio said can we trade her in for Adele.  Sounds good to me!!!  Believe this, “Fox & Friends” is employing you banking on the fact that your circus antics helps validate the fake polls generated to label Black People as boobs; since they always target a toothless Gerri curl former gangbanger to describe a neighborhood tragic event.  You’re their very conservative baboonish contact wearing clown!!!

Bruthaz and Sistaz need to come down harder on the fake sick Azz Stacey take my dignity for cash, and we all must shake her until her contacts pop out.  But the Really Real is, the disgust that we hold for classless Stacey cash brings pleasure to people of fox as it allows them to present a belief system that they will sell to the masses as if what they air via media outlets is a realistic representative of our culture.  She has put us in a ”lose-lose” situation.  So, F U fox and every wanna be like, wanna sound like, or wanna look like phony Azz Stacey bend over and take it up the cash entertainers.  Nonetheless, hating on Black History Month is like saying F the Ancestors who endure hardships that your feeble mind will never comprehend.  I hope they use your image for promoting abstinence.

The fact that you, Ms. Kiss corporate America’s Azz for cash, are one of those people who ought to realize that you are a tool whose antagonistic role ensures that fox and the hidden puppet master bring about harmful rhetoric concerning Bruthaz and Sistaz based on your crazy tactics.  RRB knew you were clueless, but let’s be direct, you’re dumber than a box of rocks!!!

In our Inner Circle, we don’t watch the award shows because they rarely represent our sentiments.  We noticed that the Oscars maintain predominantly white demographics and for the Bruthaz this disparity is a Really Real exacerbation besides the fact that qualified actors are not afforded top roles praiseworthy of winning.  For that reason the influences of Black people in Hollywood is minimum and their artistic contributions undeniably go unrecognized by the world.  Sense the obstruction of rewarding the truly gifted based on color.  Enter: BET Awards and Image Awards, which gives an opportunity to ascend as stars in the sky.

Using fox as a platform to deliver the GOP outlook is a personal choice, but fantasizing that we’re all treated equally is pure lunacy.  Black heritage and Love for our Ancestor’s is the first step in Loving Self and stopping centuries of hating the color of skin, hair texture and eye colors.  Bruthaz and Sistaz in general have a forgiving Nature and when you’re all alone in an empty room of emptiness, who will you run to when the fox world implodes on top of your fake dreams!!!

Don’t be forever clueless!!!



~Brutha Fleat~


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