Black on Black Love has been manipulated by commercialism which betrays the purity of Love by bending to one side more than the other.  In fact, Sistaz use their feminine prowess to drive most Bruthaz crazy while expecting more than they received in the prior moments.  Our Mother’s clearly spelled out why Black Men should Admire, Protect, Respect and Naturally Love Black Women, rather than hate our Sistaz, but Young Sistaz are not preached to in the same manner.

Well, RRB has formed several compelling reasons why Sistaz (Black Women) should show more Love to Bruthaz (Black Men), since we are the Father’s of many Nations who seeds spread throughout our Universe.  On the Real, My CR8TIVITY is Kicking My Azz, so order of importance is not important.

Realistically when it comes to relating to Black Men, Black Women should Regard, Reverence, Respect and Thank Bruthaz, if his displays of devotion is genuine.  Honor this opinion of the top RRB reasons Sistaz should show more Love to Really Real Bruthaz:

    1. Bruthaz implanted their seeds so that Life will continue. If Bruthaz used triple condoms while copulating, then the next generation of Born Days will cease to exist?
    2. Bruthaz have supported Sistaz for countless eras, and Really Real Bruthaz enjoy as we continue to – although some Sistaz belittle us for years of hating the facts that our Forefathers didn’t prevent the slave masters from committing rape and all heinous acts against our Foremothers.
    3. Bruthaz are logical with patience, since some Sistaz are emotionally irrational terrors exploiting their feminine prowess using crocodile tears to get Bruthaz to comply. Why?  Because feeling good overrides all logic, and as a collection, Sistaz feelings tend to disregard reason.  And yet, Bruthaz are the cause of all the world woes!!!
    4. Really Real Bruthaz, even when they’re not the biological Father take charge by providing for, sharing Wisdom, and assisting in raising “YOUR” children, because when it comes to Family “OURS” is all that we know. So KEEP “YOUR $H!T to your erroneous self and STOP using “YOUR” to jab a dagger into a Bruthaz heart!!!  Division of the Mind, Body, and Soul brings about stress and blame.
    5. Bruthaz are Handsome, Majestic, Brilliant, Extremely Gifted, Charming, Smooth, and CR8TIVE mates. Bruthaz are the most sought after preference of MOST women all over the world in the dating scene.
    6. Bruthaz are Spirited, Strong-willed, Superhuman in crisis situations and GR8 Lovers. On no account do we profess to corner the market on being GR8 Lovers, but as a male species we are most neglected, belittled, undervalue, under-loved, and ridiculed by Sistaz who claim to want to relate to us as friends and more.  And still we “Man Up” while stomaching unnecessary abuse as we stay the course.  So, don’t get mad if an interesting Black Man elects to sample another one or two of the tasty 31 flavors of the world.  Daring to defy protocol, Bruthaz openly express that the rules on a campaign of Love shall setback Love, as some Black Men will accept the demonize manner in which Sistaz inside and outside of their Family will vilify their choice for seeking Peace and Love.   Disclaimer: Really Real Bruthaz Loves our Sistaz!!!
    7. Bruthaz are willing listeners who attempt to clear up Sistaz emotional confusion, but when it’s our turn to vent to a sympathetic ear from the woman we Love – The same courtesy that we extend is chopped off before a complete sentence is formed. Sistaz that listens assertively is GR8NESS personified.  While there are many Praiseworthy Black Women around, there are a horde of Sistaz who refuse to Love a Bruthaz without dragging along prehistoric baggage; who care less about being physically pleasing to the eye, who are miserable as they parade distantly foul attitudes; who cheat to hurt then end up hurting more so; who uses a bump in Love to violate the sanctity of a relationship by sharing intimate secrets with the world.  From time to time we express in our Inner Circle that  Sistaz don’t earn the Love of Really Real Bruthaz, however to keep it real, accountability lies with both parties communicating and growing into a partnership akin to a business – Meaning a Business of Really Real Love.
    8. Love is about relating which will empower Lovers to use affectionate words and actions when presenting said relationship to the world. Unquestionably, life is not easy, indeed, Love is not forever absolute, but the fight for Really Real Love is what RRB requests.  Certainty, Bruthaz are unemotional at times, but we feel, hurt, and deal with pain in a different manner than Sistaz.  If you find a Bruthaz that shares his inner most feelings with you, please don’t dismiss it as being soft or any other derogatory comments.  Sistaz should show Bruthaz more Love!!!
    9. Black Men are worthy of more Love from our Black Woman. Sistaz, we know Mothers carry a child for 9 months and many biological sperm donors run and hide, but the sins of one Brutha should not pass on to the next one.  We are the dissimilar in how we deal with each Sista, so Love free by leaving deep-rooted baggage in the past and enjoy feeling Joy, for if you lose confidence in Bruthaz then Bruthaz may lose confidence in your ability to Love without mental obstructions.

Reminisce on Lost Love, Love Not Ventured, Love with Little or No Conditions, since the next generation needs Bruthaz and Sistaz to co-exist together in Kind to reproduce Mankind!!!  Black Love Staples Bruthaz and Sistaz together from umbilical cord to umbilical cord!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~

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