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Coexist is word that we use loosely, but refuse to integrate coexisting into our mental make-up as an obtainable goal.  Besides living with the division of race, culture, skin color, and skin color within the same ethnicity; we have reached new heights of division in politics and classism’s.  So with all of man-made self-inflicted division, the one choice that influences us the most by shaping our perception of the world is generational religion.  Religion is full of one-up-man-ship disguised as Spirituality.coex-rb

We are groomed to protect our religion as we become oversensitive, especially if an adverse perspective invades our holy environment safe place and the understanding of truth as we know it to be is challenged.  History forecasts that countries war over religion; therefore, we as imperfect people fight for our religion and defend its mantra since it is true to our sense of well-being.  On that fact we must be right.

But what if we knew that the Higher Power that we Love was all things to every group of people, could we coexist in the most realist form of appreciating everyone’s Spirituality???

Over the years the Bruthaz have embarked on a Crusade for Clarification on the truth about the name Jesus.   RRB Members feel compel to share constructive information that resonates with our Spirit so that all who enjoy our Cipher may share in the process.  The J wasn’t given or received until approximately 1535.  The first official record that we could find written as “JESUS” was June 1632 in a court document in England.

The Name of the Messiah was delivered in Hebrew / Aramaic as:  YHW’shua or Yah’shua
YOD HEY WAW (VAV) SHIN AYIN = Yehoshua the ‘e’ replaced ‘a’ for some strange reason.
Occasionally Written as: YOD HEY WAW(VAV) SHIN WAW(VAV) AYIN = Yehoshua
If we convert the Hebrew Y to a J the equivalent is Joshua these days in English.

The meaning of the Name of the Messiah: YHW’ or YAH Salvation.

1) YHW’shua or YHV’shua was transliterated into the Greek: Iesous.
2) then transliterated into the Latin: Iesus or Isus.
3) then transliterated into the English: Jesus.  Even though, the name Joshua is more accurate.


We found several stories that parallel the Bible and we suggest that anyone on a Crusade for Clarification seek them out:


The Book of the Dead which we know as The Book of Coming Forth by Day and By Night.

The Enuma Elis or Elish.

The Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Instructions of Amenemope.

The Gathas of Zarathushtra Yasna.

The Teachings of Buddha.

Now there is a Trinity that predates the Abrahamic one that is Universally accepted nowadays.

In Kemet, which is Egypt today, there was a famous Father, Mother, and Son God’s that we shall attempt to break down without becoming too technical:

Kemet:  Ausar, Aset, and Heru.

Egypt with Greek Influence: Osirius, Isis, and Horus.

Bible: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit/ Mary.


We will use Kemet in order to keep it simple in a complex world.  Many Christian scholars debunk the similarities, so we compel everyone to find the truth that falls in line with your Harmony.  Heru was 3200 BCE versus Jesus 1 ACE.

Heru is the only begotten of his Father, who is the God Ausar.  His Goddess Mother was a virgin because Ausar brother Set killed him and cut him into 14 parts, and Aset found 13 of his missing body, but Set threw his Phallus into the Nile River where it was consumed by a fish.  Aset formed a golden Phallus and impregnated herself with magic.  Heru foster Father was named Seb.  His born day was accompanied by 3 solar deities who follow the morning star of Sirius bearing gifts as angels announced his conception.  Horus was said to be God of the Sky and is called the Morning Star.  Horus is represented by the falcon as the Holy Spirit is a dove.  Herut attempted to murder Heru.  Heru was told by Aset to protect the people for Set.  He was baptized at the age of 30 by Anup.  Some say he had 12 followers and some state that there were 4.  Heru performed miracles and raised Ausar from the grave.  Heru was beheaded and resurrect from the afterlife after three days.

Now there are several different stories of Heru that says he walked on water.  He is called the first hero and is the reason we use the word horizon.  But religion existed before 1 ACE.  We know that the arrogance of kings whose militia won world wars had scribes change the stars.  This power of kings, influenced the belief systems of the masses nowadays.

Question:  If the English name of the Messiah is Joshua, why is/how did Jesus become so well known.  It is believe that the Greeks who combine their ancient Gods into the God of the bible to live on for centuries.  We are the delivers of maintaining the good name of Jesus.  So would the world change if they knew Jesus meant Hail Zues since it came from the word Iesous.  In Greek, names ending in sus, seus, and sous  give reverence that the deity, Zues.  Wrong worshiping kills the Spirit so forget all that you’ve read.

But words mean nothing, perhaps?





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