K Hart Friendzone


Hue-man’s constantly ensure self-indulgent disputes relating to the opposite sex based on young’un fairytale stories that ineffectively cause adults to LEARN to believe a lie.  Soulmates are illogical since no two persons can occupy the same space at the same time.  Your Soul belongs to you and once we began to expose these childhood fallacy, those who are thinking individuals will be more likely to process “THE REAL.”

In context it’s rather simple, Bruthaz want to copulate on the physical as Sistaz tend to copulated mentally, spiritually and physically instantaneous.  From the moment that two eyes meet and a chemical reaction is released, Sistaz know instantaneously if copulation is a viable option.  So what can a Brutha do if you’re categorized as “not doable?”

When a Really Good Bruthaz gets placed in the friend zone they must learn from their failures with Sistaz. Recognize that many Sistaz usually vibe with the energy of a confident Bruthaz.  Now that doesn’t mean that you act like an arrogant prick either.  Find out who your true Self is and share that energy with the world so that you never have to act and wait for approval based on hedonistic values.  Accept rejection and resist becoming upset.  Let your body language and words match by saying, “Thank you for your time and have a bless day.”  Don’t worship her or disrespect her, but leave her with an image of a Charismatic Brutha.  Sistaz get proposals on a daily basis and if they remember you – you’ve won!

Bruthaz, if you are set on a particular Sista that only sees you as a friend, know that all Sistaz have a moment of weakness and if you are the break-in-case-of emergency guy time will reward patience.  Level headed Bruthaz will overcome the fact that you’re not her type.  This is not a loss.  Be confidently humorous to get pass her defenses and try not to violate her personal space.  Personal space differs from person-to-person so trial and error will reveal truth.

On occasion profess your deepest desires, but cease if she becomes uneasy or changes the subject.  Nice guys needn’t finish last if they study the Sistaz emotional pattern; know her deepest desires; recognize her passion; respect her person; continue to make her laugh so she forgets to cry; and be willing to accept, receive and give Love no matter what outcome occurs.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~


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