terence-crutcherHere we go again; another unarmed Brutha is mindlessly killed by a white female officer who claimed on court records that she feared for her Lying Azz life.  Betty Jo Shelby is the epitome of a worthless walking fabricator of really real facts.  She is a murderer!!!

cop-kill-terrence-crutcherTerence Crutcher, 40, who ignore the perpetrators’ commands, in addition, while walking away from her with his hands pointed toward the heavens as she fired a WEAPON WITH LETHAL INTENT, resulting in another weaponless Brutha breathing no more!!!  Who was supposed to kill whom?  Prosecutors decided after the national spotlight hit Tulsa County, that the criminal in an officer’s uniform will be charged in committing manslaughter “in the heat of passion.”

Oklahoma law:  Passion is defined as a strong emotion, such as fear or anger that exists to such a degree in a defendant that it affects “the ability to reason and render the mind incapable of cool reflection.” Those found guilty of first-degree manslaughter face a sentence of no fewer than four years in prison.

Sounds like justice for all to most people of the world who are not privy to the day-to-day operations of Bruthaz and Sistaz in Our neighborhoods.  Our daily interactions with law enforcement officers who live in areas outside of the district in which they patrol remain highly frustrating at best.  Persuasive lawyers will select a jury of her peers that more than likely shall not find her guilty.

However, if we legally exercise Our 2nd Amendments Rights and avow that we fear for OUR lives and fire a weapon in self-defense, the word righteousness is far from the language most prosecutors orate to paint a description of law abiding Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Justice appears to fade without ample capital to maneuver thru the grey areas of the legal/judicial system.

A murderer should not be allowed to hide under the umbrella of manslaughter.  Manslaughter is unpremeditated killing and based on the video this murder was premeditated like someone lying in wait to bring bodily harm against an innocent victim.

We will not condemn all law enforcement officers for the crimes of a few, but we DEMAND justice for all to include Bruthaz and Sistaz rather than excluding countless Souls from the Universal Justice that All Hue-man’s warrant!!!



~Brutha Fleat~

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