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Passing judgment on Usher in regards to this particular woman or women that he has infected is beginning now; moreover, he has known about his STD since 2009.  Sexually transmitted diseases talks are not diligently discussed in our Black Communities, however, Usher’s blatant disregard for Hue-Woman life is the root of evil practices.  Self hate is an option to consider when we see frustrated individuals who constantly throw their genitals on the crap table, and refuse to engage in a healthy dialogue with every future sexual partner.  Cowardly people appear to wish their problems away instead of facing them by being forthright and upright.

I must state, “I am not a religious bible thumper or the good boy next door, but I walk the earth battling Real Shit and this is as Real as it gets!”  Family, we talk about down-low brothers; brothers who go to jail and say that they’re only gay for the stay, but we refuse to address to Moral Crime of intentionally altering the life of another for revenge, self-hate, or self-pity.  $1.1 Millions is pennies when you consider the health risk this woman will endure for the rest of her life.  In ancient times, if you had sexual relations with a woman you became obligated to take care of her as if she was your wife.  Usher’s demonization campaign should never end.  Usher should be responsible for paying her health care cost!!!

Sistaz beware, because Usher is just another poster child as many locals without notoriety lurk around to spread a STD in your direction.  My Bruthaz, heed my words, there are many unscrupulous women who are Moral Criminals, too!  Unfortunately transparency is important to say in politics and mere words are used to pacify the masses, and Our public is entitled to truth, but truth operates in the grey area today!

Really, we must analyze Usher’s decision to willfully hurt someone, yet his actions will not stop victims of their lower level self from engaging in unprotected sexual acts, nor shall this article bring about shame to those who deliberately infect a sexual partner.  No mater how we feel about this incident, a Life has been changed for the worse.

Disclaimer: We are not aware that she contracted herpes from Usher, Family we are only commenting after seeing and hearing several news reports.  RRB is using the information as a teaching tool!!!


~Brutha Fleat~

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