rahmsittindMayor Rahm Emanuel used a stealthy political maneuver to capitalize on his friendship with the remaining popularity of Barack Obama’s presidency, in order to seize the office of Mayor in Chicago. Since his fleecing of the Black Community, he gained support without lifting a finger to earn said support. His biggest achievement is dismissing the increase in violence and the mass EXODUS of Chicago residence moving their Families to communities void of mass shootings. Politics as normal shall gain seats, but will not slow the slew dead bodies from painting the paved streets of a city dark red. He sits on his throne of bureaucracy refusing to address the victims of foul play with basic reforms or a firm corrective action plan.Blacksandcpdcrowd

Sworn in with the promise of hope, he has displayed a lack of a Uncolored virtue that more savvy politicians trick the masses into believing. Bruthaz and Sistaz, we must save ourselves by bringing about united movements to reform people we elect to represent ALL Communities and influence police officers training procedures to utilize a mantra that states, “to serve and protect by maintaining the health and welfare of All Humans!!!” Bruthaz and Sistaz of Black and Hispanic Chicagoan’s view the police force as a threat to their personal safety, although we have a need for Just law enforcement assistance in times of tragic events.

So what’s the solution?

Chicago Mayor had to sit down and grit his teeth in 2017, when Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued the city of Chicago for resisting to correct accused police departments caught up in systemic unjust / unlawful conduct. A federal consent decree was issued, whereas, the feds could oversee issues, but the police union pushed back and here we are today. And as President Trump took office, leading government official sit on their ass to protect their elected seats!!!

RRB knows that any remedy to an illness can cause side effects, but this is one plan that would be an extraordinary improvement to Our bad situation. Invoke a law that requires communities to have representation by politicians and police officers that reside in the areas of their daily operations. If you can work in one environment and run to the safety of another environment to raise your kids, that means you are only invested in the latter. If we reinvest in Our Communities, then this shall be the start of a Really Real Reinvestment Plan.


~Brutha Fleat~

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