CG This is America

Childish Gambino A.K.A. Donald Glover favored by the Ancestor’s ability to disseminate GR8NESS in the form of artistic genius. His depiction of “This is America” states that Hip Hop must side step the diversion kingdom in order to share ‘Our Truth’ with the world as the celebration of money and entertainment cloakes America’s cover-ups.

Childish Gambino wants Black People to Quantify our worth. He wants Bruthaz and Sistaz to know that “he is us and we are him.” Oscar Wilde, who declare in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” which is “Art Imitates Life.” We are given permission to see the world as he sees it as “This is America” video is a catalyst for universal conversation.

Bruthaz Breakdown of the Symbols:

Scene begins in a warehouse. Warehouse (n.) Compare Dutch warenhuis, German warenhaus. Meaning “large impersonal institution” is American English colloquial, first attested 1970. Warehouse (v.) 1799, “deposit or secure in a warehouse,” from warehouse(n.). In the colloquial sense, especially of mentally disabled persons, from 1972. Related: Warehoused; warehousing; jail.

Intro: Tribal music plays as a Brutha who resembles Trayvon Martin’s dad sits down in a maroon chair and begins playing a guitar.

The camera pans to Childish Gambino facing in the opposite direction with no shirt, appearing to wear Civil War pants and a double gold chain around his neck performing exaggerated Tribal dance moves. The Egyptians created jewelry with highly-evolved religious symbolism and spiritualism that carried them from life to death. In slavery chains represent status of bondage.

CG Jim Crow PoseNext, he dances behind the Brutha in the maroon chair who is wearing what appears to be an osnaburg bag over his head. Osnaburg, linen and cotton material was used to clothed slaves in America. Racist white comedian Thomas Dartmouth, performed a song and dance as a blackface character named Jumping Jim Crow that routine was devoted to mocking slaves involuntary servitude. Childish Gambino poses references this caricature of a shabbily dressed Jim Crow as he pulls out a conceal weapon from behind his back and shoots the Brutha in the back of the head with no warning.

In the same scene he carefully places the heater (gun) in the hand of a Young Brutha who wraps the murder weapon in a red cloth and flees the scene. Initially, I pass judgment that this was aimed at the NRA republican 2nd Amendment advocates who cradle the right to bear arms like a baby and the red cloth wiped the fingerprints clean, but there’s an additional hidden meaning, too. Ancient civilization considered red to be a symbol of love; courage in life or death situations; sacrifice; and blood of a people. Bruthaz in Sistaz blood spills onto the ground throughout America’s history and our courageous children are sacrificed by those who hate Black Love.

Following the prior heinous act he dances off again as two Young Bruthaz drags the innocent Brutha dead body away as if his life means nothing and we should move on because it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of concrete jungles.

Now the children imitates his dance moves as chaos ensues in the background scenery. It appears that the state of America encourages our society to direct passion or redirect emotions into mind-numbing entertainment as opposed to being caring and loving Hue-man beings.

CG Church ShotMoving on to the most controversial and disturbing scene at first sight, in which, Childish Gambino peeks into the room where the choir is singing, he dances in front of them as someone off screen tosses him an automatic rifle as he turns, fires and kills the 10 church members. Flashback to the day when the COLD-BLOODED Dylann Roof murdered 9 Bruthaz and Sistaz at a Charleston church in South Carolina. Roof stated, “he felt the massacre was worth it because of what he perceived as the wrongs of the Black Community.” “I would like to make it crystal clear, I do not regret what I did,” Roof wrote. “I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.” And for further insult to our injuries, the arresting police took him to buy a burger.

Notice that the room has a maroon stripe at the bottom and the choir wore black robes with maroon stoles. Oh, please refer back to the maroon chair for this breakdown. Maroon is a type of dark red that is symbolic to blood and loyalty, as well as, blood oaths. Also, the African slaves who fled for freedom were called Maroons which means “escaped slaves.” The Maroons would go to plantations to free Family and Friends.

It amazing how the kids up above refuse to get involved other than recording heinous acts on their “celly” which is short for cell phone and cell block inside the warehouse where America loves warehousing Bruthaz and Sistaz for private corporations.

Car is on fire because of the riots; the police car lights are flashing but not moving; someone dressed in black rides through the scene on a white horse; as Childish Gambino and the kids imitating him dances without a care in the world. We can relate this scene to the bibles end of days in the book of Revelations because in the Apocalypse the rider of the white/pale horse is death and earth will be destroyed by fire and brimstone. Furthermore, I know Donald Glover is well read and if anyone has read William Milton Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse,” he explains the role of the he Illuminati’s declaration of war upon the people of America. Bruthaz and Sistaz, population control starts in Africa and mirrors America!!! We must know what’s happening around the world for proper planning which will stop Our Bruthaz and Sistaz from being destroyed!!!

Kids dancing around Childish Gambino as he aims his hands similar to shooting a gun, children run away and everyone in the background scenery disappears. The music stops, you hear running footsteps and a slamming door as he smoothly pulls out a joint and fires it up. Fact: He did not have a gun, but our people will run if one person runs and we’ll ask questions later. Fact: He’s caught in a mind-numbing outcome because of the everyday task of ingesting chaos without any foreseeable break in the action to bring about a temporary calmness.

Happier scene as it appears that the Brutha sitting in the maroon chair with an osnaburg bag over his head is resurrected from the dead as he strums the guitar. Childish Gambino walks onto the top of a maroon car and dances again (homage to the King of Pop) as a Sista sits on the hood of a silver car. Silver is symbolic of industrial, wealth, glamorous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. Each car appears to be one to two decades old and in Donald Glover’s lifetime he’s seen heinous act committed against Bruthaz and Sistaz which is motivation for this video.

CG EndingThe final scene fades to black and as the camera pans upward we see Childish Gambino hauling AZZ. Immediately, my thought process retrieve the fact that he performed the song “RedBone” for the “Get Out” soundtrack. So with that in mind it connected to psychiatrist using a spoon and cup clanking to trap the main character mind in the “sunken place,” in which cotton saved the day from mental imprisonment. Although our Foremothers and Forefather were force to pick cotton or suffer torture until they submitted to the plantations policies. Likewise, he appear to be a runaway slave with the lynch-men chasing him down. Fear of death will lessen any chance of freedom and liberty!!!

Family, I know his CR8TIVITY was KICKING HIS AZZ because he played the role of Black Society, white oppressor, Black victims of violence, Innocent bystanders, white privileged murders, Black entertainment, white government and their system. He knows we are the most imitated culture and they love diminishing our shine!!!

We must work together to Quantify Our Worth so that Melanin Sufficient People Lives will be recognized as VALUABLE!!!



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