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REALLY REAL BRUTHAZ Bam and Fleat chronicle their life experience of progressing from religious followers to Spiritual Revolutionaries who study ALL aspects of God with insight submissions through The God Abstract platform. Additionally to stimulate Ethnically, Cultural, and Interpersonal change, we live to engage with Family, Friend, and All Interconnected Soulz to invigorate a renewed Spirit of Discernment.

The Bruthaz are also amply positive that the universe will benefit from Truth walking with Facts as Elders and Newcomers experience a day in The God Abstract.

Welcome, All Interconnected Soulz longing to connect to that which is GREATER than Self. We are compelled to challenge half truth while opposing forces of debasement, corruption, hatred, and Spiritual annihilation act as succubus feeding on Our Inner Light to destroy JOY!!!

GREATNESS immense responsibility is to share absolute positive power within the Universe unmasking many unclean souls hiding in plain site nowadays. Teachings of indoctrination by governing traditional religious, political, educational and social systems communicate messages that slowly kill Our SPIRITS, but the energy in Truth is a power which shall not perish; moreover, Our PHIRE moves from one place to another without restriction.

Evil and immoral distractions are preying on the fear of Hue-mans as we watch Morality fall into the “Sunking Place” without a cotton-picking way to get out. Hate battles LOVE inside each individual’s innermost thoughts, but mainly, since the ‘invisible hand’ puppet-masters empower their mortal succubus to combat positive energies, we must arm each other with Spiritual Armor rather than religious rhetoric.

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