The God Abstract

The God Abstract First Submission

On a summer day in 1985, as the heated rays from the sun beamed down on three young Bruthaz from Chicago, absorb in a cipher. Standing on Dee’s porch debating religious scriptures and the concept of God. Brutha Fleat who was a student at a Catholic Seminary High School was informing them that he was suspended for telling the priests that they were teaching incorrectly. Brutha Bam who was a Baptist, believe that the bible was all Truth and all fact. They agreed to disagree!

Five years later, Brutha Bam was a student at Moody Bible Institute eventually started performing on CANTV as a religious preacher-in-training. Brutha Fleat was informed by his grandmother of Brutha Bam’s excellent delivery, although they never discussed his accomplishments.

Brutha Fleat and Brutha Bam routinely played Spiritual LeapFrog, in which one would learn and share; meanwhile, the other would research and return with additional information as they jumped forward over each other looking toward Spiritual Completion. Thirsting for sound answers they embodied the quote:

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17 King Solomon

Facts and the hunt for Truth brings forth a painful mental sensation since working inside and out of religious rhetoric with a driven PHIRE, the Bruthaz recognize that lies begat lies. Our emotions invited rage because the unveiling of falsehood charges an almost distrustful perspective of God because of unsanctioned men playing as gods. Both Bruthaz were furious and began to crush the hypocritical men within the religious hierarchy of every nation.

Further research leading them toward books that predate the bible consisting of a series of answers which appeared to soothe their inquisitive Soulz, but to no real avail. Nonetheless, they filter through inconsistencies, although their reference book (bible) intent was their first/kindergarten-like instructional platform. Who is qualified to be an investigator of who God is or whether God is real? RRB? Churches across the seas manipulate the masses’ reality, twisting our decision-making ability with corrupted ideals and values, whereas we are left with obscure words. Persuasive orators full of self-interest love to sell God on Sunday by way of a silver platter issued by servants.

Religious leader’s opinions and persuasion rituals leap more or less from falsehood to sad contradiction. They induce sleeping over researching their words. Moreover, Really Real Bruthaz LeapFrog away from the custom of cads who perpetrate the fraud. Our knowledgeable aptitude combats the faithful believers in this world–knowing women and men whose PHIRE faints in monetary offerings while being conditioned too reasonable. Agonizing religious victims no longer. This obligates us to expose workers of manmade gods’ persistence on deceiving the masses. RRB Spiritual Heart, which the CREATOR OF ALL CREATIONS affords a protective covering for All Interconnected Soulz, who arise from the dung of men and women babbling with forked silver tongues.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~





Inside of OUR Inner Circle, Really Real Bruthaz flipped the negative connation of the word Black promoted in the dictionary to reflect a word of positivity rather than negativity.  Black is used to symbolize Strength and Love to those outside of our world, but we call one another Bruthaz since learning that Black and white are legal terms of status rather than ethnicity.

People need to over-stand that Bruthaz struggle with managing OUR anger with women walking across the street or clutching their purse whenever we walk in their vicinity; we struggle with the police profiling and conducting unauthorized searches of OUR persons, properties and vehicles based on sufficient melanin skin tones; we struggle with OUR women and children looking toward television, movies and music celebrities as role models; we struggle with politicians that make laws like “The Crime Bill,’ which incarcerates OUR Families with longer jail sentences than most in order to line the pockets of private investors who control the prison systems revenue; we struggle with the fact that we have no heritage other than 400 years of slavery; we struggle with the fact that OUR Passion for expressing truth in a frustrated tone labels us as ‘Angry Black Men.’

Really Real Bruthaz are not mad at the ‘white men,’ nor are we using OUR frustration to hurt or injure people, but if OUR Family is in imminent danger we shall willingly lay down OUR Lives to protect the innocent.  We uphold RESPECT for OUR Elders and encourage the youth to study and absorb lessons outside of the forced educational system meanwhile explaining that we must constantly battle principalities.  Even people who are melanin sufficient are afraid of Real Bruthaz uniting because we would upset the status quo and interfere with house-slave mentality that infects us because institutional schooling trains Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to willingly enjoy involuntary servitude!!!

OUR fight with each other heightens OUR frustration over anything the ‘white man’ could ever whip us with as we march on and carry the cross for those who struggle with identity of Self and hate their mirror image.  WE must unite as a Universal Inner Circle in order to bring about change in OUR poverty infested neighborhoods.  We are Warriors by Nature and passionate aggression oozes through OUR pores.  The change of the stars is in the clouds is coming and OUR struggle is universally known but not respected as of yet, but anon.

Our Hue-manity comprehends the psychological chains of imperialism that builds hate even though we all share similar blood types, nonetheless we over-stand the fact that it’s suicidal to keep a blind eye to the circumstance that skin tone separate, segregates and isolates Really Real Bruthaz from the rest of the Hue-man Families.



~Brutha Fleat~



Black on Black Love has been manipulated by commercialism which betrays the purity of Love by bending to one side more than the other.  In fact, Sistaz use their feminine prowess to drive most Bruthaz crazy while expecting more than they received in the prior moments.  Our Mother’s clearly spelled out why Black Men should Admire, Protect, Respect and Naturally Love Black Women, rather than hate our Sistaz, but Young Sistaz are not preached to in the same manner.

Well, RRB has formed several compelling reasons why Sistaz (Black Women) should show more Love to Bruthaz (Black Men), since we are the Father’s of many Nations who seeds spread throughout our Universe.  On the Real, My CR8TIVITY is Kicking My Azz, so order of importance is not important.

Realistically when it comes to relating to Black Men, Black Women should Regard, Reverence, Respect and Thank Bruthaz, if his displays of devotion is genuine.  Honor this opinion of the top RRB reasons Sistaz should show more Love to Really Real Bruthaz:

    1. Bruthaz implanted their seeds so that Life will continue. If Bruthaz used triple condoms while copulating, then the next generation of Born Days will cease to exist?
    2. Bruthaz have supported Sistaz for countless eras, and Really Real Bruthaz enjoy as we continue to – although some Sistaz belittle us for years of hating the facts that our Forefathers didn’t prevent the slave masters from committing rape and all heinous acts against our Foremothers.
    3. Bruthaz are logical with patience, since some Sistaz are emotionally irrational terrors exploiting their feminine prowess using crocodile tears to get Bruthaz to comply. Why?  Because feeling good overrides all logic, and as a collection, Sistaz feelings tend to disregard reason.  And yet, Bruthaz are the cause of all the world woes!!!
    4. Really Real Bruthaz, even when they’re not the biological Father take charge by providing for, sharing Wisdom, and assisting in raising “YOUR” children, because when it comes to Family “OURS” is all that we know. So KEEP “YOUR $H!T to your erroneous self and STOP using “YOUR” to jab a dagger into a Bruthaz heart!!!  Division of the Mind, Body, and Soul brings about stress and blame.
    5. Bruthaz are Handsome, Majestic, Brilliant, Extremely Gifted, Charming, Smooth, and CR8TIVE mates. Bruthaz are the most sought after preference of MOST women all over the world in the dating scene.
    6. Bruthaz are Spirited, Strong-willed, Superhuman in crisis situations and GR8 Lovers. On no account do we profess to corner the market on being GR8 Lovers, but as a male species we are most neglected, belittled, undervalue, under-loved, and ridiculed by Sistaz who claim to want to relate to us as friends and more.  And still we “Man Up” while stomaching unnecessary abuse as we stay the course.  So, don’t get mad if an interesting Black Man elects to sample another one or two of the tasty 31 flavors of the world.  Daring to defy protocol, Bruthaz openly express that the rules on a campaign of Love shall setback Love, as some Black Men will accept the demonize manner in which Sistaz inside and outside of their Family will vilify their choice for seeking Peace and Love.   Disclaimer: Really Real Bruthaz Loves our Sistaz!!!
    7. Bruthaz are willing listeners who attempt to clear up Sistaz emotional confusion, but when it’s our turn to vent to a sympathetic ear from the woman we Love – The same courtesy that we extend is chopped off before a complete sentence is formed. Sistaz that listens assertively is GR8NESS personified.  While there are many Praiseworthy Black Women around, there are a horde of Sistaz who refuse to Love a Bruthaz without dragging along prehistoric baggage; who care less about being physically pleasing to the eye, who are miserable as they parade distantly foul attitudes; who cheat to hurt then end up hurting more so; who uses a bump in Love to violate the sanctity of a relationship by sharing intimate secrets with the world.  From time to time we express in our Inner Circle that  Sistaz don’t earn the Love of Really Real Bruthaz, however to keep it real, accountability lies with both parties communicating and growing into a partnership akin to a business – Meaning a Business of Really Real Love.
    8. Love is about relating which will empower Lovers to use affectionate words and actions when presenting said relationship to the world. Unquestionably, life is not easy, indeed, Love is not forever absolute, but the fight for Really Real Love is what RRB requests.  Certainty, Bruthaz are unemotional at times, but we feel, hurt, and deal with pain in a different manner than Sistaz.  If you find a Bruthaz that shares his inner most feelings with you, please don’t dismiss it as being soft or any other derogatory comments.  Sistaz should show Bruthaz more Love!!!
    9. Black Men are worthy of more Love from our Black Woman. Sistaz, we know Mothers carry a child for 9 months and many biological sperm donors run and hide, but the sins of one Brutha should not pass on to the next one.  We are the dissimilar in how we deal with each Sista, so Love free by leaving deep-rooted baggage in the past and enjoy feeling Joy, for if you lose confidence in Bruthaz then Bruthaz may lose confidence in your ability to Love without mental obstructions.

Reminisce on Lost Love, Love Not Ventured, Love with Little or No Conditions, since the next generation needs Bruthaz and Sistaz to co-exist together in Kind to reproduce Mankind!!!  Black Love Staples Bruthaz and Sistaz together from umbilical cord to umbilical cord!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~



Mayhem rises as the sun befalls to the downpour of melee on our communities as a tsunami; Bruthaz of all ages fall victims of foul play daily.  We reminisce about simpler times to escape pain, but reminiscing at times encourages accepting a global stupor.  We shall arise from years of perpetual slumber.

This is the Age of the Awakening!!!

Negative stupidity uses misery to standardize our mental, although Positivity heals while kicking misery in the AZZ!  We shall ascend.  In countless numbers, man-made statistic spit out governmental facts as we live with the real.  Bruthaz fight to live righteously; we struggle to stand upright; we desire to eat organically on limited budgets; we battle the demons inside our heads; we fight the traps of the streets; we do what is necessary to provide for our Families; we obtain the best shelter according to our means; as we grab on to the last positive representative – Our Children.

Bruthaz work it out successfully in lieu starting off behind in all aspects of surviving a capitalistic system not geared toward the heritage of “cotton-pickers.”  We hold our heads high to remember the sacrifices of the past as we walk in the footsteps of the Ancestors.  Corruption controls the ebbs and flow of the “Almighty dollar,” but Bruthaz nature is opposed to scamming others.  And if we welcome greed into our spirits we become a danger to All Breathing Souls!!!

Daily, society pushes Bruthaz down and pushes us aside as 5th class citizen because we tend to detest following social norms.  So, if we push back, other than using peaceful nonviolent “gentle-man” movements — society declares that a price of freedom must be paid.  Society watches Bruthaz so intensely that they study us and keep our mummified body in Museums that is the Ultimate Disrespect.  We resist the daily urge to submit to society’s sorcery.

The Eternal Awakening Lives in Minds of Interconnected Bruthaz!!!

Beneath the cosmos we are alive – Warring the Great War to shed the mental shackles puppeteer by diabolical puppet masters.  Touched by the magnificent hands of our Genius Forefathers and Foremothers we work to eliminate the permanent impediment of mental bondage.  We share information and experience as a testimonial for all to consume.

Here Ye, Here Ye, All Rise for the Bruthaz of Awakening Spirits!!!

Nowadays the plight of Bruthaz clarifying their intentions in regards to uplifting the Family has caused some Sistaz to look at us crossed-eyed when the relationship fails.  They remember a fatherless childhood that Bruthaz must contend with from the onset.  So many dreadful decades of fatherless Families is the reason Bruthaz make a conscious effort to work extremely hard to raise – Our Seeds.  Too often weak sperm donors used a weaker excuse of not having a job as justification for leaving children in a fatherless mental disturbance.  Nonetheless Really Real Bruthaz presence in the traditional and nontraditional Family has risen.

Family, Strong-minded Sistaz are Awakening, Too!!!

We see that Sistaz realize more than we give them credit for as they work on plans to elevate and inspire the Family.  Sistaz will forgive our negative stupidity, but forgiveness doesn’t erase years of personal dismay.  Nor should Bruthaz expect them to forget.  Moving forward together we will shed the permanent impediment of mental bondage by erecting our Families to Great altitudes.  Reactivating the Village is upon us as we use a strong foundation to build a sunnier forthcoming about past and present reliability.

No longer shall a scourge of the past fuel hate towards one another.  Our words and actions will balance a scourge that begs for attention.  All Interconnected Souls linked from umbilical cords to umbilical cords – Bearing an uncanny resemblance to their genetic predecessor’s manifestation.  Father and Mothers bring about the next generations of Fathers and Mothers.

We pledge to trounce over the footsteps of self-hate by following the footprints of our Great Ancestors.

Poverty is knocking on our doors as we back door poverty with creative financial maneuvers; Racial hate rides with racial profiling as we remain relentless in slapping the $H!T out of hateful faces that put on masks; and the straps of Corruption “system” dehumanizes Bruthaz as we grab it by the shoulders and shakes the unholy crap out of their corrupt “system” till her systematic breast pop out of a wired unfitted bra.

To All Womb-men please forgive if the latter comparison offends your Spirit; on the other hand know that My CR8TIVITY IS KICKING MY AZZ!!!

Bruthaz Gonna Work It Out is our Mandate of Motives to Maintaining Family Unity.


One Love,

~Brutha Fleat~

GET UP STAND UP YOUNG BRUTHAZ!!! Black Mizzou players say they’ll strike until president Tim Wolfe resigns


Missou Black Players

Civil Rights Movements and Civil Rights Legislation, was presume to lessen the unfathomable racist behavior in American societies.  Decades later, the movement and legislation fail to stop the ongoing crisis of racial hate and racist activities.  Progress gives the illusion of progression, as learnt hatred reality kicks hopefulness of Equal Rights or Hue-man Rights advancement in the head!!!

America’s ideal perception on race seems to focus on a discreet, politically responsive farce that racial tension of today is a non-crisis issue – as submitted by the bias 4th branch of government – which downplays the devastation of Hue-man losses, lifeless self-confidence in authorities, a dwindling optimism in “All Men are Created Equal,” and the delusion of a nonviolent/nontoxic environment to live safely and raise our seeds without worry.  The intense worrying of surviving the street worsens as we send our unprepared children into a merciless world of higher learning as we pray they survive college life.  Our unprepared progenies believe that society is different today and when an act of hate sneaks into their world it overwhelms their spirit.

Salute to an assembly of Strong Young Bruthaz who used their platform as Division I football players to affect change at a University of Racial Divide.  When I heard of the tragic event that occurred on a campus of higher learning, I felt a certain kind of way that words are incapable of expressing properly.

The declaration that Black Players on Mizzou football team will stop participating in all football activities until insensitive university president Tim Wolfe resigns provides optimism that our kids will not sit back and coast through life.

Via Twitter on Saturday night in a post by Missouri’s Legion of Black Collegians, 32 Young Bruthaz shared their opinions in regards to a number of current racial incidents that went unsettled on Missouri’s campus as leadership fumble under the direction of insensitive Wolfe who viewed said incidents as non-crisis issues.

On hearing of their courageous feat to rid the camps of racial injustice and putting their scholarships on the line, a Bob Marley’s song popped into my head.  “Get up stand up stand up for your rights! Get up stand up don’t give up the fight!”

If you’re white and you’re wrong, then you’re wrong; if you’re black and you’re wrong, you’re wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green – God make no rules about color; only society make rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now.

Bob Marley   Bob_Marley-150x150


It’s alarming that Mizzou’s campus in Columbia is located approximately 2 hours west of Ferguson, the St. Louis suburb where racial tensions exploded behind the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.  Young Brutha Brown, who was Black, was unarmed when he was shot by a white police officer during a conflict in August 2014.  Forces unknown has me wondering are we headed toward a race war in America, but with so many interracial children in the world that impulse appears illogical.

We must keep our emotions in tact since what was old is new again and staging marches or sit-in will not resonate with the people of this war mentality era.  As thrilled as I am about the Young Bruthaz taking a stance using mental fortitude and tenacity in excess of real issues at the University of Racial Divide, nonetheless I know that their fight has created an opening for racial transformation that may possibly give way to an opening for adversity!!!  Life is unpredictable and every achievement has a retort.

Therefore prepare for all scenarios while bringing about change on a Righteous Fight for Hue-man Rights via creating an energetic PHIRE to gain ground against the perpetrators of racism; realize discrimination is a learnt behavior that has built over generations; face those who defend racist activity or become satisfied in inactivity, protect your fellow man from all versions of overt hate issues and War the Great War by acknowledging and accepting all cultures to overcome universal unfairness.

FAM, it is through a weighty reflection of American white supremacy history coupled with a Really Real Dialogue with all voices that we can tackle issues on smaller scale to overcome this universal subject matter on a global scale.  We must face greatness by not allowing hidden powers to Heisman us into little kid mode which has happened in the past.  We must use this opportunity to transform public opinion instead of inciting further racial divide by executing a thought-provoking lively relentless renegotiation of our plight to exhale free of racist activities because of our GR8 hereditary uniqueness.



~Brutha Fleat~



Mad Black Sream 2





 Engaged in a civil conversation with an Irish co-worker in which he frames his question as such:  “Why are Black People so angry and why so much hate for cops who they call and depend on for help?”Coke Jim Crow sign

REALLY REAL:  FAM, I walked smoothly into a Really Real Zone for this intricate and controversial topic because I am not only a Backer of Blackness but I’m a Black Partaker, too!  The daily ANGST of Bruthaz and Sistaz stems from racial harassment of (BWB) Breathing While Black!  But I am not in a position to talk for all Bruthaz and Sistaz, so I shall interject why I stay persistently mad over the maddening acts committed daily as we live and breathe.

Being born in the ‘Land of the Ain’t Gotz,’ is the established perpetrator of causing my madness shadowed with defensive numbness.  So let’s get historical!  At this instant I choose to pass by constitutional backed Jim Crow laws and Black Codes; trailed by numerous governmental restrictive enforced policies that infringe upon basic Hue-man Rights.  Every time I reach a point where I attempt to forgive short of forgetting a country where I was born and bred, issues of this world smacks me with voluntary servitude images that kindles my boiling bad blood PHIRE!

Information that I read clarified that U.S.A. government sign into law federal programs calculated to divide Black Families.  The cunning aftermath of handing a “free” check to innocent Womb-men requiring them to follow the legal guidelines of keeping Men out of the house.   If there’s an absence of the masculine it forces the feminine to satisfy that role meanwhile government acknowledges her as the sole provider and the children see their Mom as a Father substitute.  Most Moms are constantly first-rate, but receiving Father’s Day cards and gifts is a travesty!  Observing the systematic hand fostering more babies to live without a Father sickens most Bruthaz.  Minus the Father’s contribution in the Family Structure at little fault to each Mother I know that a lack of discipline leads to criminal attractiveness, mental sluggishness, animosity against all men, and hatred for self!

REALLY REAL:  Reading about the scheming FDR using his position to coerce the citizen to give up their gold and silver and under the tutelage of the world banker’s, president for damming resolution took the bankers IOU notes and certified them as legal tender.  Besides enacting this unlawful act he made it illegal to pay off any debts with gold or silver which is the real current-see/currency.

Here comes the enforcement of birth certificates on legal bonded paper. Not ready to go in deep on this lunacy, but the Mother gives the government legal authority over her child and the red number can be traced to the stock market where commodity trades are place based on a child’s life predictions.  Natural Hue-mans must be born and ships and corporation will be berth.  This is the reason government agencies can take you seeds.

Now I’ll tackle the abuse of authority cops and why I stay persistently mad over the maddening acts committed daily as we live and breathe.  Cops, police, and all acronym government agents are policy enforcers for the government.  Reading for self-knowledge sheds light into the hangings, burning to burn us, rapes, and other heinous act triggered by white men toting jurisdiction badges to show their allegiance to an administration that commissions them to do as they please.  Elders told us as children that KKK and others of the same ilk are walking around unmasked as a politician, judge, lawyer, or police officer.  I was taught that the FBI use upward mobile blacks to infiltrate and exterminate Bruthaz and Sistaz who were leaders while stomping on the heads of potential leaders.  These upward mobile black agents put drugs into popular impressionable individual hands in order to contaminate the neighborhood with zombies.  Neatly the people who brought the drugs in found pleasure in arresting poverty inflicted people for distribution of drugs given to them by the government.  Drug manipulation gave the government the ability to use further asinine regulations to infringe on Hue-man Rights of Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Racial profiling was implemented to add value to overcrowded jailhouses.  As per organizational planning, the success of incarcerating Blacks by several agencies helped populate the prison corporation’s capital gains development.  Prisons are big business doing business with all municipalities.  FAM, I would love to believe that this world has changed, Oh I just got pulled over for (DWB) Driving While Black plus stopped again and questioned for fitting the description.  Yes, I have much love for all Bruthaz, but we truly are not all lookalikes!

REALLY REAL:  I am very much bothered over the strong-arming mis-education system that invokes Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to be attracted to averageness!  My livid hatred causes me to shriek internally since the system of education is a joke!  I knew that my mind and body was filled with an eternal energy able to build and destroy ideas constantly.  Being Blessed with PHIRE, I had to balance that energy by centering myself and gradating to a discipline soul.  I shunned stagnate teaching methods which prolonged my boredom with too much echoing rhetoric.  As a Yong Bruthaz I fail to comprehend why we had old books when white school received new textbooks each year.  Instead, politically protect their personal interest politicians sold us on their platform to help, but rich districts that pay more taxes deserve to have better schools, parks, textbooks, computers, safer neighborhoods and a healthier life.  Our reality survives throughout underprivileged poverty breeding life-threatening poverty.

REALLY REAL:  For as long as we breathe, we will remain public enemy #1.  Customarily, we reluctantly partake in the central sin of being Melanin Sufficient – The daily burden of Black Families heightens, as our unwilling ability to openly communicate and teach every single Young Bruthaz and Sistaz in their formative years shall afflict future generations.

The infiltrating deceitful parliamentary truth’s about who we are places us in endless jeopardy; consequently our madness has succumbed to cowering for most of our Families dodging truth.Mad Black Manimages

Rage occurs as we witness drug infested streets that should be clean, but the government makes deal after deal under-the-table flying in more addictive drugs while using public sentiment to sell “guarding the borders” jokes.

Rage occurs after watching Family, Friends, and associates imprisoned at a young age thrown into the belly of the beast with jailhouse predators who bid on asses like slave auctions in the square.  Besides being ripped from freedom they receive the reward of getting their manhood taken as any hope of common decency fades to white.

Rage occurs when we realize we’re in the ‘Land of the Ain’t Gotz’ meaning we can’t own anything.  If we pay off our death grip mortgage and get behind on the taxes law must seize our home; If we buy a car and forget to purchase state, county, or city tags law must tow the vehicle plus charge a storage fee and if you’re unable to pay they auction off your car; If you have child and discipline that seed whom is perceived to reside under your authority and the child has a birth certificate and a SSN# realize that those issuance on bonded paper with parental signatures allow the USA corporation to place said child in the system “fo’ life.”

Rage occurs when the 4th branch of government (media) shares the fact that people of color will be charge higher interest rates regardless of credit scores.

Over the years white tyrants have committed heinous acts while labeling it war to justify its blood thirsty agenda by pillaging, raping, castrating, and burning possible threats to their tyranny.  Bruthaz and Sistaz are speechless over the unyielding madness so RRB will speak on behalf of the speechless.  We hate the hateful actions of white tyrant without hating white people.  We are a Born into living life as forgiving Souls, but Bruthaz and Sistaz are not foolish enough to forget. Deprived of a remedy we will NEVER EVER FORGET!!!White boy hate sign





Mad One,

~Brutha Fleat~


Str8 Outta MS Pic


For Real though, we manifest ourselves in Really Real Brilliance – Born with Hue-man fleshly palpitations, in front of earthly regret and countless heartache – We walk Spiritually in tune with the Ancestor’s.  Our DNA confirms this truth!

Questions upon questions give way to insufficient truth that we all crave to know our purpose or designed for existing.  So let’s get cracking!  We sanction one and all to take a figurative seat as an afresh RRB rant bombards the mental of all interconnected Inner Circles!!!

Real:  America needs Bruthaz and Sistaz for our collective energies as they pledge allegiance to surreptitious social order to maintain decisiveness by segregating Blacks from Blackness while removing our urbane crucial contribution based on a flawless skin tone.

Real:  Africa identifies with our Blackness, but we are deceived into believing that they hate all Akata. In the movie “Sugar Hill,” this was a derogatory name for cotton picking slaves or shiftless Niggers.  Akata means wild nondomestic cat that does not live at home.  Because of TV some Africans dislike the fact that Bruthaz and Sistaz only recognize the European cultures.   Negative perceptions run deep on all corners of the world.  Some Africans want the “Lost Tribes” of America to get our minds right so they can stop laughing at Bruthaz and Sistaz complicit in devoted indoctrinated submission.

Real:  Families of earth mock and shun us for handed-down reason that each new generation swears to uphold on the names of their forefathers.

Real:  So what’s the answer?  Let’s re-style difficulties by filling up our thinking tanks using auxiliary consumable fuel so that vast amount of Bruthaz and Sistaz with different level of knowledge may recover truth.  Realize the uncountable contradictions and misdirection of this world.  Obtaining worldly possessions is cool, but the deceitful methods required to maintain those possessions block the expansion of our Spirit.  Bruthaz and Sistaz are less informed about being culturally and philosophically in mental bondage or servitude.  We are the “Lost Souls!”

Real:  What we need is teach Young Bruthaz and Sistaz an Ascension Plan.  Initially, we must drill into their Hue-man impressionable minds that our origin is divine as our tenacity is divine, whether we know it or not!  Family is our home even though we are a displace people.  Family is everywhere the soul, mind, and nature breathe together in tune with the vibrations of the sun.

Real:  We must teach them to examine the etymology of words.  Words arise to be erased or lose meaning over time as new words replace the old, but continue to reference the elder for validity.  Communicate to them how to structure their words spiritually.  The spirit behind the words we say hold more impact than the word itself.  So, if we call you Bruthaz or Sistaz then we anticipate you to be welcoming.  Know that when we utter those words a spiritual concert reverberates from our soul to join you in a harmonious purpose.

Real:  We must instill Honor and Respect in conjunction with economic inventiveness and creative phire.  It is our responsibility to awaken idle minds so that they can encounter the Radiance of Resilient Sistaz and the Power of Strong Bruthaz.  We must train ourselves to defend against our indoctrinated selves before we attempt to combat outside influences…  Sadly, our first enemy is a reflected image starring us down to induce fear of knowing self.  We must let our true representative shine thru all resources rendered.  Confident messages must motivate and guide our Bruthaz and Sistaz away from inaction because indecisiveness is death unless it’s related with a spiritual evolution as oppose to loving and defending a misdirecting religious belief system.

Real:  So let’s erect a new Black Wall Street or bring back the Policy Kings mentality of controlling our neighborhoods by governing politics, guiding Family Businesses, calculating Real Estate investments, and allowing the dollar to circulate with the Bruthaz and Sistaz several times over before slipping out of our realm. Moreover, we must prepare to protect and defend our GR8NESS thru all resources rendered.

Real:  What if the Bruthaz and Sistaz who become multimillionaire’s were taught to return back to the neighborhood in which they were raised to use tax write-off charity money to improve said neighborhood?  How many “Hoods” would flourish?  How would the economic outlook of Gary Indiana change if the Jackson family was taught the same lessons as Hakeem Olajuwon and Dikembe Mutombo?  Perhaps this is not our responsibility?  Well, the truth is it should be if we have a chance at progressing beyond the slavery characterization.

Real Conclusion:  We want liberty, integrity, and objectivity thru All Resources Rendered!!!  With all tenacity we will bring forth PHIRE to clarify and inspire Bruthaz and Sistaz to change conditions universally with a far-reaching redirection movement to bring about Real Freedom of Families thru All Resources Rendered!!!

One Love,

9Brutha Bam9


Bam Portals Pic


Hey, what’s up everybody?  I am instinctively obliged to express solely the viewpoints rolling around my Crown in a real heart-to-heart about creating and entering portals.

As we live our daily life it seems that we CR8 and open portals by our sheer thoughts and actions.  It’s funny how our beliefs and activities craft portals of success or failure, pleasure or pain, then gladness or regret.  Sometimes, I wonder what type of person I would have become had I altered my set preferences and movements.  So many Bruthaz cross key portals just before sinking into thresholds of death or prison life and wonder how the fuck they got there; many enter worlds of limitation and waste precious time refusing to discern our problems and situations instead of stopping to realize that the most powerful tools we have is our thoughts and actions.  Since portals are gates / gateways to diverse realms, our life choices initiate potential addictions to drugs, sex, and alcohol.

How do we react when life kicks?  Imagine how bizarre life twist when we indulge in unprotected sex and feel panic waiting for a pregnancy test results; a rainy night at 3:00 a.m. a friend calls for a ride and later the news report shows said friend was pronounce dead after rebelling in gun fire with state police; a corporate executive (a passive man), allowed a senseless boss to verbally abuse him daily and he contemplated suicide, but over time grew a pair electing to report the incidents to an outside agency and unbeknownst to him he is now the boss.

Blindly, we walk into betters portals that contribute in a voyage of discovery to worthwhile new friendships; new relationships; new lifestyles; new skills that cultivates our thoughts; new mindsets which shape our fork in the road decisions by navigating our whereabouts to snatch us forward without asking if were ready or not to receive unlimited Geenus.  We must foster rest and relaxation of the mind in order to CR8 harmony portals that venture our lives past the world of the mundane in our Rites of Passage to prominence.  Accomplishing GR8NESS begins with our initial thoughts and actions.  If you love living life beyond existing at low portals of mundane arrangements then let the PHIRE within your universe link you with other interconnected minds!  Holla, back if you hear me!


9Brutha Bam9




Friendship methodology proceeds quickly in the order of approval and acceptance, but in troubling times the cooperation element falters because stressful situations relay an unbalance formula: Past + Present accounts = Fair Weather Intervals or Fair Weather Friends.  Brutha-hood is born from a thrilling selfless experience or comparable trials and tribulations.  Friendship has levels/degrees ranging from best-to-good; good-to-so-so; associate-to-acquaintance.  Bruthaz of distinctions are forever link which originates after innumerable dealings of conflicts in friendship that matures into a bond that controversy fails to sever.  Time sanctions Bruthaz to launch a firm groundwork of reliance, however miscellaneous variables of friendship pushes people to form a quasi-alliance:  lower level nature Friends are more likely to use an opportunity to perform acts of ‘me’, whereas, Bruthaz probability of executing selfless acts of ‘we’ is foreseeable.

Friendship at times gives way to requests or demands.  If individuals use an opportunistic approach in conducting a businesslike mentality in regards to maintaining friendship as opposed to building a real rapport between a potential support system then anarchy will arise.  Bruthaz standup together yet if they fall, one will boost, encourage, or kick his Bruthaz ass to uplift an interconnected soul of their Inner Circle.  But misery calls to him who has friendemy or is without help when he falls and has spit on another who could have lift him up from the abyss!  Again, if Bruthaz plans are well thought-out, they shall hang onto honor by preserving the culture of closeness.   Although real strength is in the mind, be aware that achievement needs the consciousness of supportive souls which is contrary to one who stands alone.  If a group of individuals thrust into chaos ascend into Brutha-hood they will War the Great War together and best friendship desolation—a band of Really Real Bruthaz is not hastily severed.

Bruthaz, recognize that you are chosen warriors, among a noble assembly, people of an interconnected souls, a people who own the fact that we are our Bruthaz keeper; that you may assert the distinctions of unified crowned minds baptized in pureness jumping out of isolated obscurity into an awe-inspiring support systems.  And those who build with their Bruthaz are eternally judicious, astute, vibrant, conscious minds of today and tomorrow; however, those who turn on friends will search for way to resist emptiness but will roll in turmoil endlessly until they comprehend the fact that we are all interconnected.

We have heard that some former friends have gone out from us and disturbed our peace by putting pointless verbal confrontations in the air, as we dismiss all disconcerting minds who are drama-like needing to feed upon happy souls in order to steal joy to temporarily fill their emptiness, even though we gave them much instructions on how to remain in Real Honor and Spirit.

Really Real Bruthaz Ascensions strives to stay above pettiness as we discern a person’s real nature.  So, trickery will not succeed in the long run!  Behold, how joyful and fruitful it is when Bruthaz dwell in U-N-I-T-Y!  A Bruthaz GR8NESS is like a carbon base Pineal  gland inside the head, flowing toward the Ether, up into the Cosmic plane that drops down on Our universal spine! Most friendships are calcified.  GR8NESS forms like the handshake of wisdom, which ascends upon living CR8TIVITY of BLACKNESS since Living Life has commanded us to share our mental fortunes with our Bruthaz, forevermore.

Let Really Real Brutha United Inner Circle withstands all earth ages.


~Brutha Fleat~

Bruthaz in Cipher