11 people were shoot and killed and approximately

71 were wounded over the weekend in Chicago.

Chicago’s Mayor appearing to be emotional at a press conference as he lectures about accountability for gun assailants after approximately 11 people were shot and killed and approximately 71 were wounded over the weekend in Chicago. Remember the word accountability as we shall revisit it later in this Blog.

The audacity of this self-righteous Mayor who plays political positioning for the upcoming election by appearing distressed.  The increasing number of violence that his administration spent years in office neglecting is so much worse than most could imagine. He is passing the blame on Black People who refuse to come forward with information on every killer living within the South and West Side of the city.

So I am compelled to attack with FACTS:

Facts: The city of Chicago has police cameras on the corner of every high crime area and if they choose can see the crime as it takes place.

Facts: Police officers in each district have an idea or have heard of who committed crimes and they remain unsolved.

Facts: Chicago solves approximately 18% of known crimes whereas New York City is able to solve approximately 80% of known crimes.

Facts: If the mayor concentrated on solving crimes with the same zeal as negotiating new corporate businesses deals with the Chinese investors then and only then would his emotional rant move Bruthaz and Sistaz.

Facts: If Black People are afraid to come forward it is because the mayor can live comfortably in his upscale neighborhood, but criminals in Chicago are released each summer which increases crime and friends of friends will visit and intimidate or kill Families!!!

Facts: The mayor knowingly closes schools and force different gang members from four different gangs to walk into the same area when they at least had a neighborhood school with all the same gang members together.

Facts: They allow drug dealing to go on until the quota period and then make piddling arrests. They elected to jail all of the gang leaders who regulated activities while leaving young gang members to form renegade alliances for protection and riches so chaos will continue.

Facts: He said it was the same individuals committing these crimes so in my opinion his police department is clueless.

Facts: The mayor would like to push a gun violence law that does nothing for preventing killings, but if a murder  happened downtown the police force would up patrols and beat cops since presence is the first deterrent.

Facts: If he brought advance training programs that lead to jobs or after school programs so that children would have a safe environment to attend this will lead to kids becoming more productive in their communities. Many of the youth options are limited and easy money is a real so we must present sound options.

The mayor conveniently omits his responsibility of working for the entire city rather than the elite component that can generate revenue or increase his political power. He speaks of accountability but he answers to no one. He is without Real answers!!!

Perhaps, State Representative Ford on the West Side idea of inviting Trump into our city which is declared a No-Trump-Zone is an appropriate act to combat years of a nonactive administration on gun violence. If Trump uses federal funding and resources to oversee the mayor’s blind ambition and Real solutions are gained then its more than good and would stop the asinine blame game!!!

Hopefully, Bruthaz and Sistaz fall back on the sellout cries and witness that we our dying in the streets without a remedy.



Hopefulness & Hopelessness as a Brutha Living In Chicago

chicago immersion urban


As a child born on the Southside of Chicago, I remember close Family members living in the vicinity of a four block radius, we were surrounded by Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Bruthaz, Sistaz and numerous Cousins where the Realness of Love was nurtured and cultivated.  If one Family was hurting financially Our culture compelled us to chip in and aide and assist.

Many hard-working members in the community owned and operated small businesses, however after the Reagan administration all of the Melanin Sufficient business owners cease to exist.  Drugs infected our culture as Family members with means moved to the suburbs.  Logic of self-perseverance kicked household fondness Family and Friendship to the curb as the Realness of Love was severed.

Hopelessness feeds on people with an absence of hopefulness.  Crime is inevitable in any neighborhood when street pharmaceutical pushers targets everyone searching for repeat customers.  Pushers push more people to leave as more buildings are left abandon.  Gun shots echoes in the background and after years of ‘the same ole shit,’ whereas, we have urbanized a desensitize mechanism to cope with too much senseless violence.

But through all of the pain and suffering I perceive the Hope in those who withstand trauma over the years.  I sense Hope in unlikely neighbors being neighborly; I discern Hope in knowing Children R-E-S-P-E-C-Ting their Elders and others; I reverence Hope in seeing 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year Anniversaries; I recognize Hope when we shake off police profiling; I buildup Hope when we are shot by those who we grew up with and may share the same bloodline, but refuse to return fire or stoop to submitting to our lower nature.

Windy City bliss is healthier when we expose the concealed iniquities in our hearts as we examine apparent flaws or terrible judgments.  Chicago is dangerous, but then again delightful as the sun rises above the skyline, jubilant as children play without a care in parks, sensational as we feel the summer breeze spirals on the lakefront, and tremendously electrified as adults dance to “Step in the Name of Love.”

I Love the city of Chicago for better or for worse. I Love My Family.  And through all of the chaotic madness Really Real Bruthaz are forever full of Hopefulness!!!


Hope is the Backbone to Life!!!


~Brutha Fleat~