Family, I feel a certain type of way today. Expletive! Expletive! Expletive! We tread above water long enough to survive until were fitted for cement blocks by privilege scoundrels hidden agendas implemented to eradicate Black People mental capacity of considering hope.

Have we entered into a modern day Black Wall Street? Bruthaz and Sistaz must reinvent themselves constantly as our unsavory counterpart manipulates the Matrix with moneymaking schemes unyielding to fairness or common decency.

Black Slaves begat Freed Slave which begat Black Sharecroppers which begat Black Farmers who are the last of a dying breed. Defeating Black Farmers economy is the beginning, as the grandness of history shall predict a revolving outcome, since the Black Troubled Farmer is fast becoming another statistic kindred to Bruthaz and Sistaz jail statistics in America.

Black Sharecroppers rented small plots of land from (master) a landowner in return for a portion of their crop, to be given to the (master) landowner at the end of each year. In the rural South, the government Bamboozled OUR Ancestors with the “forty acres and a mule” BULL to redistribute land and serve as restitution for the pain and suffering former slaves endured. But the hidden agenda need to bailout the privilege families led to massaging the southern economy that sucked because privilege families were uneducated in farming the land that they owned. Disarray ensued after the abolition of slavery and the ruin of the Civil War, whereas federal backsliding used the Reconstruction era between southern (master) landowners crying foul because they needed aid to reestablish a labor force and regain control over Freed Blacks seeking Really Real economic freedom and liberty.

Black Farmers from Louisiana and the Mid-South, allege that Stine Seed Company businesslike tactic to financially hinder their economical freedom Bamboozled Black Farmers with non-germinated products at the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show in March 2017.

The Black Farmers said the distributor working for Stine Seed Company used labeled certified seed backs tampering with factory sewn seals, in order to remove the certified seeds. The distributor would then sell the fake certified seeds to black farmers at a high price.

The farmers bought more than $100,000 in soybean seeds from the distributor, plus an additional $100,000 purchase in chemicals according to WMC Action News 5.

Privilege life is good and striving when puppet-masters swimmingly issue agreements of paying privilege farmers not to grow crops and labeling it as a part of the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) premeditated to aid agricultural prices by reducing surpluses. The grateful American Government purchase livestock for slaughter and paid farmers subsidies not to plant part of their land. This is not technically “pay-to-play,” or an formal bribery tactic but it smells like horse Sh!t.

Privilege bleached agricultural price support programs configured to guarantee that farmers could always sell their crops for profit. The price support program meant that privilege farmers had to incur the expense of plowing their fields, fertilizing, irrigating, spraying, and harvesting them, and then selling their crops to the government.

Question: What are the odds of the Black Farmers recouping stolen monies?

Answer: Slim to none or a heavenly intervention based on today standards.

Question: Will Stine Seed Company get a sympathetic jury of their peers?

Answer: Absolutely, because long money best short money.

Question: What will happen to the Black Farmers?

Answer: A drawn-out and agonizing methodical waving the white flag surrender legal instrument proposal unless the public outcry is strong.

Unfortunately, Family the outcome is unpredictable but rotten. There will be several legal attacks orchestrated against the Black Farmer until they are in financial distress or force to relinquish their properties to the corporations of America.

Hopefully we can have a repeat of 2013 where the Black Farmers were awarded a nice settlement:

After years of protests and lawsuits, Black Farmers in the south will begin receiving payments this week as a result of a $1.2 billion settlement in their discrimination case against federal agriculture officials. About 18,000 farmers in total are expected to receive checks over the next few days, according to reports from The Clarion-Ledger in Jackson, Mississippi.

Nonetheless, like minds can stand with the Undying Black Farmers as they refuse to submit to the dying breed syndrome as they fight until the privilege betray one another!!!


~Brutha Fleat~





Inside of OUR Inner Circle, Really Real Bruthaz flipped the negative connation of the word Black promoted in the dictionary to reflect a word of positivity rather than negativity.  Black is used to symbolize Strength and Love to those outside of our world, but we call one another Bruthaz since learning that Black and white are legal terms of status rather than ethnicity.

People need to over-stand that Bruthaz struggle with managing OUR anger with women walking across the street or clutching their purse whenever we walk in their vicinity; we struggle with the police profiling and conducting unauthorized searches of OUR persons, properties and vehicles based on sufficient melanin skin tones; we struggle with OUR women and children looking toward television, movies and music celebrities as role models; we struggle with politicians that make laws like “The Crime Bill,’ which incarcerates OUR Families with longer jail sentences than most in order to line the pockets of private investors who control the prison systems revenue; we struggle with the fact that we have no heritage other than 400 years of slavery; we struggle with the fact that OUR Passion for expressing truth in a frustrated tone labels us as ‘Angry Black Men.’

Really Real Bruthaz are not mad at the ‘white men,’ nor are we using OUR frustration to hurt or injure people, but if OUR Family is in imminent danger we shall willingly lay down OUR Lives to protect the innocent.  We uphold RESPECT for OUR Elders and encourage the youth to study and absorb lessons outside of the forced educational system meanwhile explaining that we must constantly battle principalities.  Even people who are melanin sufficient are afraid of Real Bruthaz uniting because we would upset the status quo and interfere with house-slave mentality that infects us because institutional schooling trains Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to willingly enjoy involuntary servitude!!!

OUR fight with each other heightens OUR frustration over anything the ‘white man’ could ever whip us with as we march on and carry the cross for those who struggle with identity of Self and hate their mirror image.  WE must unite as a Universal Inner Circle in order to bring about change in OUR poverty infested neighborhoods.  We are Warriors by Nature and passionate aggression oozes through OUR pores.  The change of the stars is in the clouds is coming and OUR struggle is universally known but not respected as of yet, but anon.

Our Hue-manity comprehends the psychological chains of imperialism that builds hate even though we all share similar blood types, nonetheless we over-stand the fact that it’s suicidal to keep a blind eye to the circumstance that skin tone separate, segregates and isolates Really Real Bruthaz from the rest of the Hue-man Families.



~Brutha Fleat~


Hopefulness & Hopelessness as a Brutha Living In Chicago

chicago immersion urban


As a child born on the Southside of Chicago, I remember close Family members living in the vicinity of a four block radius, we were surrounded by Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Bruthaz, Sistaz and numerous Cousins where the Realness of Love was nurtured and cultivated.  If one Family was hurting financially Our culture compelled us to chip in and aide and assist.

Many hard-working members in the community owned and operated small businesses, however after the Reagan administration all of the Melanin Sufficient business owners cease to exist.  Drugs infected our culture as Family members with means moved to the suburbs.  Logic of self-perseverance kicked household fondness Family and Friendship to the curb as the Realness of Love was severed.

Hopelessness feeds on people with an absence of hopefulness.  Crime is inevitable in any neighborhood when street pharmaceutical pushers targets everyone searching for repeat customers.  Pushers push more people to leave as more buildings are left abandon.  Gun shots echoes in the background and after years of ‘the same ole shit,’ whereas, we have urbanized a desensitize mechanism to cope with too much senseless violence.

But through all of the pain and suffering I perceive the Hope in those who withstand trauma over the years.  I sense Hope in unlikely neighbors being neighborly; I discern Hope in knowing Children R-E-S-P-E-C-Ting their Elders and others; I reverence Hope in seeing 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year Anniversaries; I recognize Hope when we shake off police profiling; I buildup Hope when we are shot by those who we grew up with and may share the same bloodline, but refuse to return fire or stoop to submitting to our lower nature.

Windy City bliss is healthier when we expose the concealed iniquities in our hearts as we examine apparent flaws or terrible judgments.  Chicago is dangerous, but then again delightful as the sun rises above the skyline, jubilant as children play without a care in parks, sensational as we feel the summer breeze spirals on the lakefront, and tremendously electrified as adults dance to “Step in the Name of Love.”

I Love the city of Chicago for better or for worse. I Love My Family.  And through all of the chaotic madness Really Real Bruthaz are forever full of Hopefulness!!!


Hope is the Backbone to Life!!!


~Brutha Fleat~




Black on Black Love has been manipulated by commercialism which betrays the purity of Love by bending to one side more than the other.  In fact, Sistaz use their feminine prowess to drive most Bruthaz crazy while expecting more than they received in the prior moments.  Our Mother’s clearly spelled out why Black Men should Admire, Protect, Respect and Naturally Love Black Women, rather than hate our Sistaz, but Young Sistaz are not preached to in the same manner.

Well, RRB has formed several compelling reasons why Sistaz (Black Women) should show more Love to Bruthaz (Black Men), since we are the Father’s of many Nations who seeds spread throughout our Universe.  On the Real, My CR8TIVITY is Kicking My Azz, so order of importance is not important.

Realistically when it comes to relating to Black Men, Black Women should Regard, Reverence, Respect and Thank Bruthaz, if his displays of devotion is genuine.  Honor this opinion of the top RRB reasons Sistaz should show more Love to Really Real Bruthaz:

    1. Bruthaz implanted their seeds so that Life will continue. If Bruthaz used triple condoms while copulating, then the next generation of Born Days will cease to exist?
    2. Bruthaz have supported Sistaz for countless eras, and Really Real Bruthaz enjoy as we continue to – although some Sistaz belittle us for years of hating the facts that our Forefathers didn’t prevent the slave masters from committing rape and all heinous acts against our Foremothers.
    3. Bruthaz are logical with patience, since some Sistaz are emotionally irrational terrors exploiting their feminine prowess using crocodile tears to get Bruthaz to comply. Why?  Because feeling good overrides all logic, and as a collection, Sistaz feelings tend to disregard reason.  And yet, Bruthaz are the cause of all the world woes!!!
    4. Really Real Bruthaz, even when they’re not the biological Father take charge by providing for, sharing Wisdom, and assisting in raising “YOUR” children, because when it comes to Family “OURS” is all that we know. So KEEP “YOUR $H!T to your erroneous self and STOP using “YOUR” to jab a dagger into a Bruthaz heart!!!  Division of the Mind, Body, and Soul brings about stress and blame.
    5. Bruthaz are Handsome, Majestic, Brilliant, Extremely Gifted, Charming, Smooth, and CR8TIVE mates. Bruthaz are the most sought after preference of MOST women all over the world in the dating scene.
    6. Bruthaz are Spirited, Strong-willed, Superhuman in crisis situations and GR8 Lovers. On no account do we profess to corner the market on being GR8 Lovers, but as a male species we are most neglected, belittled, undervalue, under-loved, and ridiculed by Sistaz who claim to want to relate to us as friends and more.  And still we “Man Up” while stomaching unnecessary abuse as we stay the course.  So, don’t get mad if an interesting Black Man elects to sample another one or two of the tasty 31 flavors of the world.  Daring to defy protocol, Bruthaz openly express that the rules on a campaign of Love shall setback Love, as some Black Men will accept the demonize manner in which Sistaz inside and outside of their Family will vilify their choice for seeking Peace and Love.   Disclaimer: Really Real Bruthaz Loves our Sistaz!!!
    7. Bruthaz are willing listeners who attempt to clear up Sistaz emotional confusion, but when it’s our turn to vent to a sympathetic ear from the woman we Love – The same courtesy that we extend is chopped off before a complete sentence is formed. Sistaz that listens assertively is GR8NESS personified.  While there are many Praiseworthy Black Women around, there are a horde of Sistaz who refuse to Love a Bruthaz without dragging along prehistoric baggage; who care less about being physically pleasing to the eye, who are miserable as they parade distantly foul attitudes; who cheat to hurt then end up hurting more so; who uses a bump in Love to violate the sanctity of a relationship by sharing intimate secrets with the world.  From time to time we express in our Inner Circle that  Sistaz don’t earn the Love of Really Real Bruthaz, however to keep it real, accountability lies with both parties communicating and growing into a partnership akin to a business – Meaning a Business of Really Real Love.
    8. Love is about relating which will empower Lovers to use affectionate words and actions when presenting said relationship to the world. Unquestionably, life is not easy, indeed, Love is not forever absolute, but the fight for Really Real Love is what RRB requests.  Certainty, Bruthaz are unemotional at times, but we feel, hurt, and deal with pain in a different manner than Sistaz.  If you find a Bruthaz that shares his inner most feelings with you, please don’t dismiss it as being soft or any other derogatory comments.  Sistaz should show Bruthaz more Love!!!
    9. Black Men are worthy of more Love from our Black Woman. Sistaz, we know Mothers carry a child for 9 months and many biological sperm donors run and hide, but the sins of one Brutha should not pass on to the next one.  We are the dissimilar in how we deal with each Sista, so Love free by leaving deep-rooted baggage in the past and enjoy feeling Joy, for if you lose confidence in Bruthaz then Bruthaz may lose confidence in your ability to Love without mental obstructions.

Reminisce on Lost Love, Love Not Ventured, Love with Little or No Conditions, since the next generation needs Bruthaz and Sistaz to co-exist together in Kind to reproduce Mankind!!!  Black Love Staples Bruthaz and Sistaz together from umbilical cord to umbilical cord!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~



Mad Black Sream 2





 Engaged in a civil conversation with an Irish co-worker in which he frames his question as such:  “Why are Black People so angry and why so much hate for cops who they call and depend on for help?”Coke Jim Crow sign

REALLY REAL:  FAM, I walked smoothly into a Really Real Zone for this intricate and controversial topic because I am not only a Backer of Blackness but I’m a Black Partaker, too!  The daily ANGST of Bruthaz and Sistaz stems from racial harassment of (BWB) Breathing While Black!  But I am not in a position to talk for all Bruthaz and Sistaz, so I shall interject why I stay persistently mad over the maddening acts committed daily as we live and breathe.

Being born in the ‘Land of the Ain’t Gotz,’ is the established perpetrator of causing my madness shadowed with defensive numbness.  So let’s get historical!  At this instant I choose to pass by constitutional backed Jim Crow laws and Black Codes; trailed by numerous governmental restrictive enforced policies that infringe upon basic Hue-man Rights.  Every time I reach a point where I attempt to forgive short of forgetting a country where I was born and bred, issues of this world smacks me with voluntary servitude images that kindles my boiling bad blood PHIRE!

Information that I read clarified that U.S.A. government sign into law federal programs calculated to divide Black Families.  The cunning aftermath of handing a “free” check to innocent Womb-men requiring them to follow the legal guidelines of keeping Men out of the house.   If there’s an absence of the masculine it forces the feminine to satisfy that role meanwhile government acknowledges her as the sole provider and the children see their Mom as a Father substitute.  Most Moms are constantly first-rate, but receiving Father’s Day cards and gifts is a travesty!  Observing the systematic hand fostering more babies to live without a Father sickens most Bruthaz.  Minus the Father’s contribution in the Family Structure at little fault to each Mother I know that a lack of discipline leads to criminal attractiveness, mental sluggishness, animosity against all men, and hatred for self!

REALLY REAL:  Reading about the scheming FDR using his position to coerce the citizen to give up their gold and silver and under the tutelage of the world banker’s, president for damming resolution took the bankers IOU notes and certified them as legal tender.  Besides enacting this unlawful act he made it illegal to pay off any debts with gold or silver which is the real current-see/currency.

Here comes the enforcement of birth certificates on legal bonded paper. Not ready to go in deep on this lunacy, but the Mother gives the government legal authority over her child and the red number can be traced to the stock market where commodity trades are place based on a child’s life predictions.  Natural Hue-mans must be born and ships and corporation will be berth.  This is the reason government agencies can take you seeds.

Now I’ll tackle the abuse of authority cops and why I stay persistently mad over the maddening acts committed daily as we live and breathe.  Cops, police, and all acronym government agents are policy enforcers for the government.  Reading for self-knowledge sheds light into the hangings, burning to burn us, rapes, and other heinous act triggered by white men toting jurisdiction badges to show their allegiance to an administration that commissions them to do as they please.  Elders told us as children that KKK and others of the same ilk are walking around unmasked as a politician, judge, lawyer, or police officer.  I was taught that the FBI use upward mobile blacks to infiltrate and exterminate Bruthaz and Sistaz who were leaders while stomping on the heads of potential leaders.  These upward mobile black agents put drugs into popular impressionable individual hands in order to contaminate the neighborhood with zombies.  Neatly the people who brought the drugs in found pleasure in arresting poverty inflicted people for distribution of drugs given to them by the government.  Drug manipulation gave the government the ability to use further asinine regulations to infringe on Hue-man Rights of Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Racial profiling was implemented to add value to overcrowded jailhouses.  As per organizational planning, the success of incarcerating Blacks by several agencies helped populate the prison corporation’s capital gains development.  Prisons are big business doing business with all municipalities.  FAM, I would love to believe that this world has changed, Oh I just got pulled over for (DWB) Driving While Black plus stopped again and questioned for fitting the description.  Yes, I have much love for all Bruthaz, but we truly are not all lookalikes!

REALLY REAL:  I am very much bothered over the strong-arming mis-education system that invokes Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to be attracted to averageness!  My livid hatred causes me to shriek internally since the system of education is a joke!  I knew that my mind and body was filled with an eternal energy able to build and destroy ideas constantly.  Being Blessed with PHIRE, I had to balance that energy by centering myself and gradating to a discipline soul.  I shunned stagnate teaching methods which prolonged my boredom with too much echoing rhetoric.  As a Yong Bruthaz I fail to comprehend why we had old books when white school received new textbooks each year.  Instead, politically protect their personal interest politicians sold us on their platform to help, but rich districts that pay more taxes deserve to have better schools, parks, textbooks, computers, safer neighborhoods and a healthier life.  Our reality survives throughout underprivileged poverty breeding life-threatening poverty.

REALLY REAL:  For as long as we breathe, we will remain public enemy #1.  Customarily, we reluctantly partake in the central sin of being Melanin Sufficient – The daily burden of Black Families heightens, as our unwilling ability to openly communicate and teach every single Young Bruthaz and Sistaz in their formative years shall afflict future generations.

The infiltrating deceitful parliamentary truth’s about who we are places us in endless jeopardy; consequently our madness has succumbed to cowering for most of our Families dodging truth.Mad Black Manimages

Rage occurs as we witness drug infested streets that should be clean, but the government makes deal after deal under-the-table flying in more addictive drugs while using public sentiment to sell “guarding the borders” jokes.

Rage occurs after watching Family, Friends, and associates imprisoned at a young age thrown into the belly of the beast with jailhouse predators who bid on asses like slave auctions in the square.  Besides being ripped from freedom they receive the reward of getting their manhood taken as any hope of common decency fades to white.

Rage occurs when we realize we’re in the ‘Land of the Ain’t Gotz’ meaning we can’t own anything.  If we pay off our death grip mortgage and get behind on the taxes law must seize our home; If we buy a car and forget to purchase state, county, or city tags law must tow the vehicle plus charge a storage fee and if you’re unable to pay they auction off your car; If you have child and discipline that seed whom is perceived to reside under your authority and the child has a birth certificate and a SSN# realize that those issuance on bonded paper with parental signatures allow the USA corporation to place said child in the system “fo’ life.”

Rage occurs when the 4th branch of government (media) shares the fact that people of color will be charge higher interest rates regardless of credit scores.

Over the years white tyrants have committed heinous acts while labeling it war to justify its blood thirsty agenda by pillaging, raping, castrating, and burning possible threats to their tyranny.  Bruthaz and Sistaz are speechless over the unyielding madness so RRB will speak on behalf of the speechless.  We hate the hateful actions of white tyrant without hating white people.  We are a Born into living life as forgiving Souls, but Bruthaz and Sistaz are not foolish enough to forget. Deprived of a remedy we will NEVER EVER FORGET!!!White boy hate sign





Mad One,

~Brutha Fleat~

Alarming Video of School Resource Cop Body Slamming and Dragging a Young Sista

SC Cop Ben Fields



The Justice Department is steering a civil rights investigation that could lead to criminal charges against Deputy Fields, who was assigned to Spring Valley as a school resource officer.

A Caucasian sheriff’s deputy in South Carolina was fired Wednesday after county officials felt the universal pressure to act, even though they believe his actions were justified in their heart-of-hearts.  The GR8NESS of our blog is the ability to call it as we see it from the Bruthaz perspective.  Yes, former officer Fields executed improper technique when arresting a student over a cell phone and refusing to leave the classroom.  In the videotaped battle, he dragged and then threw a Young Sista across a high school classroom using maximum (not deadly) force.

The Deputy, Ben Fields, was finally dismissed after the video went viral at Spring Valley H.S., where student’s used their cell phones to hijack social media as a vehicle to alarm the masses.  The treatment of Melanin Sufficient Hue-man’s by cop’s who are sworn in to ‘protect and serve,’ appear to have self-inflicted agendas.

He pick up the Young Sista, attempted to use mechanize holds as he threw the student across the room.  Now we have multiple levels of stupidity we must discuss, but we will never know the level or mindset of this irrational officer behavior.

So who’s to blame?

Initially, we must blame the Young Sista for not complying with several requests from the teacher, administrator, and the officer.  We know the she had a death in her family and grief could be the culprit of her stubbornness.  But after the second request she should be smarter than the serpent.

Secondly, the daft teacher who escalated the situation.  He is of equal blame as Fields in the incident.  This “so called” educator lacks the people skill and mental aptitude to deescalate a classroom issue so he needed to call in the big guns.

Thirdly, the administrator who was incapable of assessing the situation because if a student is unreasonably stubborn and has not been a problem student then someone of authority should inquire as to the root of the problem.  Is there not one faculty member in the school with a little common sense.

Finally, the officer had the right to attempt to get her out of the classroom, but treating her like a violent criminal makes him the poster child for the abuse of authority movement.

Family, we conclude that all parties are to blame.  And what wrong with her classmates?  We can’t believe that they were so afraid of officer friendly that they would sit idly by and watch this mistreatment of a peer/friend and exercise their 5th Amendment Right in the wrong setting.  We see failure all around the board.

We’re mad at the Young Sista for putting her life in danger and going to jail unnecessarily; we’re mad at the school faculty for being educated fools; and we’re especially mad at the law enforcement system for breeding a culture of disregarding anybody who is not white approach.

We know that this is just another injustice illustration of why Bruthaz and Sistaz got shafted by the civil rights movement.  We gain the right to integrate at the expense of having little or no strong Families, having no influence over our communities, and no means of exercising policies and practices for our District’s by our rich emergent culture!!!

Where’s the Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~


Here’s the link to one of the video’s.  Watch and feel our RAGE!!!“>School Cop Body Slam, Drags Black Female Student, Spring Valley Officer Throws Black Girl



Upset young woman shouting at a man --- Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis
Upset young woman shouting at a man — Image by © Moment/cultura/Corbis

REAL THOUGHT:  Our forthcoming Blog will tackle 13 Things Bruthaz Hate About Sistaz.  The one thing that most people are afraid to say is that the root of all criminalities is the urge to impress, woo, and obtain womb-men.  The way we think, dress, smell, and curtail our manly nature is because of the gamble to enter the womb-men Matrix.  As the Bruthaz from UGK said, “Pussy got me dizzy!”

Now back to our Sistaz whom we LOVE dearly, but they are lacking in knowing what Historic Astute Foremother’s passed down in prior ages.  The ability to run a household and rear a Family is far away from the reality of countless Sistaz in these present-days.  We hear Sistaz disrespecting Bruthaz constantly when the truth is where have all the GREAT Sistaz departed?

Family let’s get in on what’s REAL!!!    The Christian church is killing the Family Life because over 80% of Sistaz claim to be Christians and fall under the rule of Pastor’s who impersonates their father, husband, counselor, sage, and god!!!  Thus they give out an ultimatum to Bruthaz: “Either join THE church and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior or leave me alone.”  Besides, does anyone want to know what types of Bruthaz join most churches?  The elderly who may have a checkered past; the shark who know that if you play the role you can get more church pussy than the lord allows; the I don’t have any friends type who gets a boner from all the innocent church hugs; the pastors in waiting who are being groom to work their magic next; and lastly the sexually unsure or sexually feminine portrayers who use the church as a networking opportunity.

Sistaz (Black Womb-men) are the only group that is way behind their male counterparts in the dating world.  People all over the world fall in line to date Bruthaz (Black Men) and the complexities of relating to Sistaz has diminished over the years.  We don’t want to leave but we refuse to exist in this world alone.  Most Bruthaz exercise logic and logic dictates that if you do X your Harmony remains strong, but if you do Y you shall endure excruciating mental pain.  So X it shall be until our Sistaz wake up and recognize their blunders.

Most Bruthaz will maintain until our Sistaz come around but time stops for no man.  So we call out to our Sistaz come back into the fold so the Young Bruthaz and Sistaz can experience The Real Family Life!!!



*Brutha Van*


Rocks with Values


Let’s get it in with RRB Simplicity:  USA way of life is offensive and disrespectful to our Ancestors Intimate Insight because reaching the capitalistic standard of living is the nastiest nemesis to all Bruthaz and Sistaz struggling to cultivate a Nation!!!  Deep rooted views of the American dream manipulates the masses into believing that success comes from excelling at school, landing a good job, running away from your parents rules to be your own chief as your debt-to-income ratio skyrockets as we are coerce into buying an extravagance house, luxury cars and indulging into every worldly pleasure.  This learnt methodology psychologically and financially drains any harmony left in your perception.  We believe a prerequisite to becoming a “real man” or an “independent woman” is ranked based upon attaining things.  This fallacy is a counterproductive suggestion that leads to a world of angst in addition to soundless impatience.

Story-time:  I was engaged in a conversation with a Filipino Mother and Father as they discussed their situation about the daughter wanting to move out of the house at the early age of 27.  Unthinkingly, I indicated that 27 are women enough to make any decisions.  The Father swiftly responded, “That’s the difference between our culture and Americans since you are taught to fight extra hard for independence as you eventually come running back home for money, food, shelter, or moral support.”  They know that beginning a Family is too hard, so if you remain in your parents’ house countless trivial disputes will dissipate, but sacrifices of individual thinking is required.  Individuals are eager to allow strangers to raise their persuasive children as they work mad hours to afford childcare, taxes, food, recreation, car notes, plus mortgage/rent.  In other cultures a Great Family supports their Family Tree and help’s nurture said Family in all aspects.

Putting My RRB Cipher In The Air:  Family, I’ll interject my inner thoughts based on real life experiences. I accepted a job 242 miles away from my very supportive Family and Friends.  Every weekend, weather permitting I drove using cherished time to make-up the moments of being an absentee Father, Common Law Husband, Son, Grandson, Nephew, etc…  I felt that the loss of my presence disunites a bond that we worked hard to build.  I lived through a number of lonely nights living in a town in which I had no ties.  Yes, I met people and developed several friendships, but I can’t say that I truly knew them, but I was cool with their avatar representative.  [FORESHADOW] On a dark and extremely cold winter icy night I was driving south to work traveling behind a vehicle for approximately 26 miles.  At this point I contemplated passing ahead but something compelled me to stay in my lane.  Immediately a double trailer truck driving north slid into our lane colliding with the other vehicle. I maneuvered around the back trailer swinging toward me by putting my car in the ditch on the opposite side.  The lady inside the vehicle died.  I recalled saying, “If I passed her I would be dead or at the least brain dead.”

Inner Thoughts:  How long would it take for them to notify my Family?  Was taking a job for money worth lessening our Family bond?  Was I selfish of selfless?  Who will guide my son on his journey toward manhood?   The next month I returned home securing a convenient lower paying job to ensure our FAMILIES bond and HARMONY!!!  This was a decision of GR8NESS and Long-lasting Sustenance!!!

Reminiscing:  Tragic moment brings perspective into play; I remembered the fact that my Grandmother had most of our Family living within a 3 block radius.  She would look after and take care of all the neighbor children from infants until that were old enough for school.  Nowadays we have no idea which Family members are Blood Relatives.  She made Sunday dinners once a month and huge feasts for every major holiday.  Not that we all got along but everyone had someone to go to for a variety of support, brutal honesty and LOVE.  I miss the Really Real Family Establishment!!!

RRB Culmination:  Many Bruthaz and Sistaz believe that we have out lived the long reaching “Willie Lynch Letters,” but this is an orchestrated ongoing nightmare!  We are programmed into abandoning a sustenance structure based on an idealistic hope system that may work out for some but most children will suffer.  Family, we are twisted in believing in a white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog delusion.  Bruthaz and Sistaz heed these words:  We are setup to fail as highly intellectuals because the “American dream” value of this generation eradicates our Families with a quick impersonal death!!!  Until we realize that the corporate capitalistic/materialistic choice throws death blows to our BLACKNESS by exposing us to a worldly lifestyle in opposition to nurturing our FAMILIES and cultivating a NATION- then and only then shall we save and RESURRECT our dying FAMILY TREE!!!

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~