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Blah Blah Blah years ago, our colonizers brought forth on the Aboriginal Native of this continent, a worsened nation of inequality, conceived in whitewashed liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all melanin insufficient men are created equal. Laws were implemented to control and end the freedom of Melanin Sufficient people to guarantee their availability as a lower class citizens and dirt cheap labor servants.

All men are created equal is a beautiful sentiment, but the experience of the past to present day education reveals the fact that inequality is our reality. Wealth breeds power and power breeds puppet-master that used said powers to influence nations and control the behavior of the masses to achieve whatever mission their hearts desire. The Housing Marketing, School Systems, Tax Codes, Voters District Realignment, Employment / Salary Differences, Immigration, and the Criminal Justice System are examples of direct and indirect inequality.

In the age of a social media society, we can share information or opinions with like-mind individual’s, as well as, being countered by anyone who disagrees with every thought. It’s a good way to connect with people from different continents and its a great tool for marketing a business around the world. But, oh yes there’s a but, people who are groomed to display and communicate racial superiority are breed to protect a way of life that will restore order to their coerced mental state by religiously abusing this source sharing entity.

How amazing it must be to exist in the world of the privileged? People who believe that they are true Americans boast about their patriotic upbringing so that those who look dissimilar to these so-called patriots can bow-down and revel in the purest form of God’s creation. They want Africans, Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, and other Melanin Sufficient People to go home. So chew on this:

AMER’ICANnoun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Webster’s Dictionary, 1828.

Now we must exam history’s ugly truth because some fraudulent Native Americans purchased the rights to be reclassified as Indians. Approximately, 125 years ago, Europeans were allowed to pay $5.00 for the right to claim Indigenous Aboriginal Status declaring that they were Natives to this Land which was recorded (falsified) documentation on Dawes Rolls.

Instantly, these five-dollar Indians could claim / steal land legally and leave an inheritance to the generations yet to come. The government and the hidden powers promoted this as a way of controlling the narrative. Presently, the True Tribes are without recourse and must stomach every distasteful exploits of men who selfish agendas ties their hands. Perhaps the state of being equal refers to graciously accepting the boot-licking mentality so that preferred colonizers can stand on our backs with their chest-sticking-out preaching the principles of fair, just and equality for all.


~Brutha Fleat~



This will be a simple but not so sweet post. Politics target the masses subconscious to buy votes for career politicians. And politician in and out of government love to sway people to do as they will.  So I say impose your ‘WILL!’

Since being told as a child that television is an idiot box, no one could have predicted a reality show of supreme idiocy, in which, begat a childish Hillary Clinton and temper tantrum toddler Donald Trump waging war with words in these disheartening Presidential Debates. The stage was redundant but lively; each point made was curiously bizarre; most answers remained outright silly; the fact checking reference was extremely comical; and almost every word uttered pierced my ears while offending my intellect.

This is the year of ‘NO’ candidates as I’ll state my case to influence undecided voters to stay undecided. Considering all of the unappetizing candidates that All-Parties-Against-We the People chose to parade before the public, I say stand firm and:



I AM WELL AWARE of the deficiency in refusing cast a vote at all, so in the spirit of Richard Pryor’s Brewster Millions movie follow his lead.


~Brutha Fleat~





Inside of OUR Inner Circle, Really Real Bruthaz flipped the negative connation of the word Black promoted in the dictionary to reflect a word of positivity rather than negativity.  Black is used to symbolize Strength and Love to those outside of our world, but we call one another Bruthaz since learning that Black and white are legal terms of status rather than ethnicity.

People need to over-stand that Bruthaz struggle with managing OUR anger with women walking across the street or clutching their purse whenever we walk in their vicinity; we struggle with the police profiling and conducting unauthorized searches of OUR persons, properties and vehicles based on sufficient melanin skin tones; we struggle with OUR women and children looking toward television, movies and music celebrities as role models; we struggle with politicians that make laws like “The Crime Bill,’ which incarcerates OUR Families with longer jail sentences than most in order to line the pockets of private investors who control the prison systems revenue; we struggle with the fact that we have no heritage other than 400 years of slavery; we struggle with the fact that OUR Passion for expressing truth in a frustrated tone labels us as ‘Angry Black Men.’

Really Real Bruthaz are not mad at the ‘white men,’ nor are we using OUR frustration to hurt or injure people, but if OUR Family is in imminent danger we shall willingly lay down OUR Lives to protect the innocent.  We uphold RESPECT for OUR Elders and encourage the youth to study and absorb lessons outside of the forced educational system meanwhile explaining that we must constantly battle principalities.  Even people who are melanin sufficient are afraid of Real Bruthaz uniting because we would upset the status quo and interfere with house-slave mentality that infects us because institutional schooling trains Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to willingly enjoy involuntary servitude!!!

OUR fight with each other heightens OUR frustration over anything the ‘white man’ could ever whip us with as we march on and carry the cross for those who struggle with identity of Self and hate their mirror image.  WE must unite as a Universal Inner Circle in order to bring about change in OUR poverty infested neighborhoods.  We are Warriors by Nature and passionate aggression oozes through OUR pores.  The change of the stars is in the clouds is coming and OUR struggle is universally known but not respected as of yet, but anon.

Our Hue-manity comprehends the psychological chains of imperialism that builds hate even though we all share similar blood types, nonetheless we over-stand the fact that it’s suicidal to keep a blind eye to the circumstance that skin tone separate, segregates and isolates Really Real Bruthaz from the rest of the Hue-man Families.



~Brutha Fleat~



Man Holding Laqan Pic

Welcome to the Land of Fuk Youth.  The battle for souls has paradoxically oozed red liquid into the streets (Murder) as Womb-men clear liquid pours down their Matrix canal splashing upon the same streets (New Life).  Chicago’s dilemma on the surface appears to be status quo since its history upholds a gangster mentality to outsiders trying to justify bloodbaths as puppet-masters on both sides of the track order underlings “shoot to kill!”

Partaking in an exploitive capitalistic social system marks an excruciating blood thirsty sickness plus life-threatening inequalities which kills the hope of our Youth who die believing less in the morality of their fellow man.  Bruthaz and Sistaz are reaching a point of hopelessness— experiencing violent insurgence — is all over our neighborhoods and the inhabitants of my city behind closed doors talk more than ever about a Black Revolution.

Our Youth travel on eggshell watching out for their peers and the police who are potential threats to taking away their Breath of Life.  It’s a low-down dirty shame that our city heartbeat is full of mass suffering as the Angel of Death and the Funeral Home directors are the busiest in everyday murders covered up by government officials.

Recipes for destroying hope comes courtesy of CPD finest which are the foulest of modern times, stealing many Young Bruthaz Sunny disposition leaving them in a Casket of Obscurity, also optimistically starved Bruthaz and Sistaz will accept the tradeoff of hopelessness revealing we’re dying on two fronts.  Silent assessment:  Uprightness is battling wicked deeds and this dynamic will happen again and again throughout the Land of Fuk Youth.

Laquan Pic

Laquan McDonald, was “ONLY” shot 16 times by CPD Officer Van Dyke as a another Young Brutha lays down in a bloody pool on an detestable autumn night.  Said officer used the “fear for his life” tactic to justify firing 16 times on a child possessing a three-inch pocket knife.  Finally, watching the video it is clear Laquan was not near Van Dyke!!!

When does Deadly force become Premeditated MURDER in the eyes of the law?

What happened to fire “ONLY” when fired upon?

We hear the sounds of stolen lives as the smell of gun powder flows through our nostrils.  We feel the pain of each burning bullet!  We feel offended by each foul condition leading to a Family’s loss!  We hate the abuse of authority that lead to Laquan living a short lifespan!  We will forever remember the symbolism of 16 shots!  BANG16!

We could not ease Laquan pain in that moment that the first bullet disturbed his innocent flesh.  We could not reassure him that his last breath would come years from now.  We could not hold his hand as he transitioned to the afterlife, but we can share his story so that his life and death may lead to a cleansing of all figures of wickedness that use the shield of law as a pass to do-as-they-please!

Rest in Peace Young Brutha.

Much Love,

~Brutha Fleat~




Trump Black Clergy Pic

Really Real Bruthaz has never put trust in the upsetting media contorting of playing culture against cultures.  On behalf of All Conscious Minds outside RRB’s Inner Circle who can see what we see and hear what we hear listen assertively.  If not, turn off your DNA bias and listen as best you can to reason.  You will see headline after headline shredding the fabric of Hue-manity by implanting sinful images of racial divide.

The media exposure has been prejudiced, poisonous and partial.  Nonetheless, when it comes to slanted reporting on Black issues versus all other demographics it is widely practiced in Chicago and universally, that circumventing being totally truthful is a capitalistic sin.  Sensationalism sells to impotent minds and sells are on an uptick.

Like Minded readers recognize the warning sign and on this day an awakening shall come.  And come it has.

REAL:  So what lessons have we learned?

First we had to shed the ritualized bogusness sentiment that Black Clergymen are predominantly the best remedy for Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Know that religious denominations treat their parishioners like fools who are deemed as a minor (child).  I am calling for ‘mind blowing’ interventions before mindlessly following them when they infuse church and state politics.  Politicians run to podiums using religious platforms to obtain the Black vote.  Opportunists like Donald Trump use money in addition to their persuasive influence to sell whatever promises you believe they will achieve.  Note, all politicians and religious heads sell economic and social debates to the media corporations who in turn use the public emotional state to sway judgments that benefit corporation Mongols who make more capital as they vote to build more prison while sending out executive orders to close more schools.  As if they honorably believed commoditizing would aide anything other than the richest pockets.  Whereas, corporate opportunist instantaneously pressure government official, smaller corporations, and media networks under their resourceful control to make their decisions the decisions of the masses.  And if you are unaware, all religious institutions are 501c3 corporations that will lose their non-profit status if they step-out-of-line.

Politician’s front line clergy defense teams are going to work out well during the upcoming elections, perhaps?

Meanwhile, prewritten dusted off rhetoric of the care-nothing-about the people individuals, or exposed opportunist, make many absorb promises worthy of chorus repetition – silently confessing behind closed doors and turned off mics or camera’s that it isn’t realistic to truly stand by them.  Guard against Donald Trump shady mockery bogusness to the fact that he attempts to pocket religious leaders which taxed their parishioners to work swiftly toward bowing down to proposed donations when these leaders went spiritually bankrupt a while back.  There was no ultimatum for any so-called leaders to provide Really Real service!

Therefore, at this moment RRB soundings are ongoing to expose fake influential leaders who we are christening as capitalistic pigs.  Our duty to provide emergency teachings and afresh philosophies are being planned as mandatory.  However, nothing’s going to be amended until we challenge each entitled disrespectful opportunist just before contributors to their elections or congregation address this mess and take punishing maneuvers to try and get us out of manipulation with empty promises.

Unknown entities evidently outline our support as major even though we are deemed as minors.  We are absolutely overlooked whenever we ask for remedies to our neighborhood plights and other than accepting the unknown as a response to the poverty and mis-education crisis, leaders on all sides remain selfish fortune hunters.

 As a substitute of taking it up the rear again, we at RRB as uniting Bruthaz demand in our Crusade for Clarification to change the conditions that triggered this mess of political and religious madness, as we compel our ‘black leaders’ (so-called as they may appear) to listen to what the people feel and want as oppose to sharing the message of the opportunist.

The crucial issue is not money per se but economic growth and development.

Covertly having inherited property and having someone teach you step-by-step how to maintain and grow a business is crucial to earning economic growth.  This is the needed information that can/will unite the most pessimistic Bruthaz and Sistaz unexposed to true success – both know they know absolutely nil about wealth building as we buy lottery tickets or  beg banks for loans.  But regular people without a named legacy to bypass their lack of money with an established credit limit is a luxury most are not afforded.

The media darling candidates use us by flooding Bruthaz and Sistaz with way too much unimportant BULLSHIT!!!   But Bullshit only befits words when its messages are not applicable.  The unrighteous reality that so much money is generating for obtaining a political title is pure lunacy.  We need an appropriate amount of money, time and energy used on real solutions to the poverty mind state as opposed to buying votes.  Vote buying is an acknowledgement we’re not worthy of being taken serious in contributing to making a change in government!  Certain Black Clergy want to grow their flock and with the media following the Trump campaign pastor’s who attended the sit down at Trump Tower will bring in more profits.  The mockery of this path is that we have less of a chance to redirect opportunistic people of influence, so the BULL of today will lead to more Bullshit tomorrow!

If religious and political leaders refuse to lead righteously then it’s up to the Bruthaz and Sistaz to voice our opinion of displeasure.  Separately we are handled by the media and so-called leaders without a real remedy or strong substitute; a tensed up Black Public hates the business as usual sentiment that triggered this mess.  Don’t devalue our astute sense of detecting Bullshit!  We know what is what!

In Really Real words we’re sick of every single one of you fake tight suit uniform podium orators!  Do we really need the shit kicked out of us again before we mad enough to get rid of the madness?  Enough is enough!!!


Awaken Ones,





Ben Carson pic


FAM, my particular viewpoint on all politicians is that all candidates perform indistinguishable trendy races in addition to arranging back door dealings since the only apparatus that separates one fabricator from the next is how sound their highly paid team sells the public on a repackaging image.


Clueless Brutha Ben Carson uses Hip Hop to entice the Black Community with a less than desirable rap ad that has Bruthaz and Sistaz openly disrespecting him rather than hearing the message of Heal, Inspire, and Revive.   Yes, he is our Brutha, too.  Inside every Family we deal with those who are stubbornly clueless of how the Household Politicking works.

Rather than trying to trick Bruthaz and Sistaz into believing that Candidate Carson is in touch with the “little people,” he should employ an anti-political tactic of being ‘HORRIBLY HONEST.’  The Hip Hop Culture symbolizes an Urban Movement that moves from our nation to the next.  Music creates CR8TIVITY that conceivably embraces people of different hues and cultures, as we all join together in love with freedom of expression.  Bruthaz and Sistaz in conjunction with Hip Hop Heads will devotedly follow a contender in tune with self while favorably brandishing their voting cards instead of staying home.

If he really wants to connect with OUR Community RRB would advise Dr. Carson as such:

Warn the masses of the financial woes and loss of programs that will devastate the pockets of the people.

Notify the people that you plan on restructuring the Public Schools by having universal textbooks.

Inform the Communities that government refuses to help your district because the majority of our neighbors are inactive and silent for silence is the repercussion for government motionlessness.

Alert everyone to prepare for the unpleasant laws you must enact that will benefit the generations to come.

Attack yourself after a major F… up and provide society with a bad tasting medicine.

Modernize your campaign by meeting with Hip Hop Artist and sell you REAL SELF and they will put you in songs or videos outside of cheesy advertisements.

Enlighten the world with your personal message to your Family and treat the voters as if they live inside the Carson’s home.

Finally, you must donate to every mega-church that will accept your support to support you as president because church is big business.

Lastly, beg Condoleezza Rice to run as your Vice-President and many Sistaz will pass on riding along the Hillary’s use-my-husband’s Black popularity ship.


Offering my two cents, this bad meaning bad – not bad meaning good attempt at a rap ad is equivalent to the self-righteous Spike Lee’s movie or satire based on Chicago street violence.  It motivates no one and alienates many.  Footnote to my Bruthaz and Sistaz realize that Dr. Carson did not buy commercial airtime for his presidential rap debut in Chicago, New York, or Washington D.C.  At least he knew that this type of political BULLSHIT wouldn’t work in said cities; Dr. Carson and his uninformed team has Regressive faith in the stereotype that the backwoods Southern Blacks might fall for any type of rap?

Note to Ben, this is a sad, sad, ad and may Hip Hop have mercy on your cultural ineptitude!!!



~Brutha Fleat~