Watching the folly of the election process in Chicago, one revelation became transparent – the Democratic machine will continue to take Bruthaz and Sistaz devotion for feebleness. Our Families have been voting for the democrats since the early 1900s, but the motivational factor was a quid pro quo arrangement.
History Lesson: Our Families supported the party of Lincoln (Republicans) until said party underestimated the POWER of Bruthaz and Sistaz influence along political lines. Chicago was the home of the Policy Kings who were millionaires that live in the ‘Black Belt’ on the Southside. These Policy Kings used underground gambling to obtain wealth and provide avenues for Black Businesses and the Community to prosper together. If you needed a loan or a sponsor for a church, a politician, or a sports team you could ask a King and it would be granted. Please read:
The True Story of Chicago’s
Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers
An Informal History by
Nathan Thompson
Policy King would give financial backing to candidates that would look the other way so that they could conduct illicit business, eventually the government flipped their operations and renamed it the lottery. But the cocky republican’s officials sent police into the neighborhoods to harass and limit the revenue of every Policy King. Deceivers of the GOP counted on the Lincoln factor as a hold on the Black Community so they disrespected the people and disregarded their political POWER. Consequently, disrespect gave an opening for the democrats to strike a political deal, in which, they agreed not to pursue underground gambling on the Southside.
Policy Kings and their home grown political figures in the Black Community guaranteed votes for the Democratic Party in order to oust the republican influence out of the Black Community. Black Politicians picked up seats, too and at that moment of harnessing a newfound political aptitude to heal an underprivileged economic community; our Commissioners started hiring unemployed workers and awarding government contracts to Black Small Businesses, meanwhile the shift in political clout began afresh. Capitalizing and Expanding on this new coalition throughout the city empowered the democrats to win and takeover many republicans’ seats, as well as, the incumbent Mayor of Chicago.
Back in that time period, there were Policy Kings in every major city and as the word spread nationally, ALTOGETHER, Bruthaz and Sistaz followed suit with one essential agenda – wheel Black Voting POWER to get opportunities for the People who under no circumstances had a seat at the political tables. White politicians hated this fact, but every political outsider must negotiate with the Black POWERS in order to win an election.
However, when white politicians in the late 1980s realizes that there were no republican offices or organizations in the Black Communities and that Bruthaz and Sistaz had NO voting choice, they resume control and dishonored the previous agreement. Without negotiating authority with the party that they endorsed into office, filthy democrats were more than happy to undo offers of jobs or anything positive that would support the Black Community. Black People were F*cked for one main reason and that reason was because they lost knowledge of Self plus knowledge of their political history!!!
So F*ck the Democratic machine because this party elected to ignore the plight of the Black People who can change their stars. Political subjugation was cultivated by white con-men which lead to economic mistreatment as communal poverty was reinstated by the democrats. Bruthaz and Sistaz gave away their voting muscle without a fight!!!
RRB’s radical viewpoint on regaining Black Voting POWER means that ALL Bruthaz and Sistaz must control the policymaking officials and every “take-us-for-granted” candidate in OUR Community; as we enact a “Protest Vote” in order to regain our voting muscles. Bruthaz and Sistaz must be re-educated into the history of OUR politics so we can wheel influence like PAC’s and make demands as oppose to being counted on by partisan demi-gods to vote and support their unroyal scheme. We will make them believe were voting one way and do the opposite until they beg for OUR support and return everything that was negotiated in the days of the Policy Kings!!!
Nowadays, we will vote as democrats in the primary elections, but after the primary we will only elect candidates that fall in line with the Political Agenda of the Majority of Bruthaz and Sistaz. So F*ck the democratic because OUR Rejuvenated Black Voting POWER will shake the foundation of OUR Nation by controlling the narrative and issuing out BLACK IMPARTIALITY!!!


~Brutha Fleat~




American define

Blah Blah Blah years ago, our colonizers brought forth on the Aboriginal Native of this continent, a worsened nation of inequality, conceived in whitewashed liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all melanin insufficient men are created equal. Laws were implemented to control and end the freedom of Melanin Sufficient people to guarantee their availability as a lower class citizens and dirt cheap labor servants.

All men are created equal is a beautiful sentiment, but the experience of the past to present day education reveals the fact that inequality is our reality. Wealth breeds power and power breeds puppet-master that used said powers to influence nations and control the behavior of the masses to achieve whatever mission their hearts desire. The Housing Marketing, School Systems, Tax Codes, Voters District Realignment, Employment / Salary Differences, Immigration, and the Criminal Justice System are examples of direct and indirect inequality.

In the age of a social media society, we can share information or opinions with like-mind individual’s, as well as, being countered by anyone who disagrees with every thought. It’s a good way to connect with people from different continents and its a great tool for marketing a business around the world. But, oh yes there’s a but, people who are groomed to display and communicate racial superiority are breed to protect a way of life that will restore order to their coerced mental state by religiously abusing this source sharing entity.

How amazing it must be to exist in the world of the privileged? People who believe that they are true Americans boast about their patriotic upbringing so that those who look dissimilar to these so-called patriots can bow-down and revel in the purest form of God’s creation. They want Africans, Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, and other Melanin Sufficient People to go home. So chew on this:

AMER’ICANnoun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Webster’s Dictionary, 1828.

Now we must exam history’s ugly truth because some fraudulent Native Americans purchased the rights to be reclassified as Indians. Approximately, 125 years ago, Europeans were allowed to pay $5.00 for the right to claim Indigenous Aboriginal Status declaring that they were Natives to this Land which was recorded (falsified) documentation on Dawes Rolls.

Instantly, these five-dollar Indians could claim / steal land legally and leave an inheritance to the generations yet to come. The government and the hidden powers promoted this as a way of controlling the narrative. Presently, the True Tribes are without recourse and must stomach every distasteful exploits of men who selfish agendas ties their hands. Perhaps the state of being equal refers to graciously accepting the boot-licking mentality so that preferred colonizers can stand on our backs with their chest-sticking-out preaching the principles of fair, just and equality for all.


~Brutha Fleat~





terence-crutcherHere we go again; another unarmed Brutha is mindlessly killed by a white female officer who claimed on court records that she feared for her Lying Azz life.  Betty Jo Shelby is the epitome of a worthless walking fabricator of really real facts.  She is a murderer!!!

cop-kill-terrence-crutcherTerence Crutcher, 40, who ignore the perpetrators’ commands, in addition, while walking away from her with his hands pointed toward the heavens as she fired a WEAPON WITH LETHAL INTENT, resulting in another weaponless Brutha breathing no more!!!  Who was supposed to kill whom?  Prosecutors decided after the national spotlight hit Tulsa County, that the criminal in an officer’s uniform will be charged in committing manslaughter “in the heat of passion.”

Oklahoma law:  Passion is defined as a strong emotion, such as fear or anger that exists to such a degree in a defendant that it affects “the ability to reason and render the mind incapable of cool reflection.” Those found guilty of first-degree manslaughter face a sentence of no fewer than four years in prison.

Sounds like justice for all to most people of the world who are not privy to the day-to-day operations of Bruthaz and Sistaz in Our neighborhoods.  Our daily interactions with law enforcement officers who live in areas outside of the district in which they patrol remain highly frustrating at best.  Persuasive lawyers will select a jury of her peers that more than likely shall not find her guilty.

However, if we legally exercise Our 2nd Amendments Rights and avow that we fear for OUR lives and fire a weapon in self-defense, the word righteousness is far from the language most prosecutors orate to paint a description of law abiding Bruthaz and Sistaz.  Justice appears to fade without ample capital to maneuver thru the grey areas of the legal/judicial system.

A murderer should not be allowed to hide under the umbrella of manslaughter.  Manslaughter is unpremeditated killing and based on the video this murder was premeditated like someone lying in wait to bring bodily harm against an innocent victim.

We will not condemn all law enforcement officers for the crimes of a few, but we DEMAND justice for all to include Bruthaz and Sistaz rather than excluding countless Souls from the Universal Justice that All Hue-man’s warrant!!!



~Brutha Fleat~





Inside of OUR Inner Circle, Really Real Bruthaz flipped the negative connation of the word Black promoted in the dictionary to reflect a word of positivity rather than negativity.  Black is used to symbolize Strength and Love to those outside of our world, but we call one another Bruthaz since learning that Black and white are legal terms of status rather than ethnicity.

People need to over-stand that Bruthaz struggle with managing OUR anger with women walking across the street or clutching their purse whenever we walk in their vicinity; we struggle with the police profiling and conducting unauthorized searches of OUR persons, properties and vehicles based on sufficient melanin skin tones; we struggle with OUR women and children looking toward television, movies and music celebrities as role models; we struggle with politicians that make laws like “The Crime Bill,’ which incarcerates OUR Families with longer jail sentences than most in order to line the pockets of private investors who control the prison systems revenue; we struggle with the fact that we have no heritage other than 400 years of slavery; we struggle with the fact that OUR Passion for expressing truth in a frustrated tone labels us as ‘Angry Black Men.’

Really Real Bruthaz are not mad at the ‘white men,’ nor are we using OUR frustration to hurt or injure people, but if OUR Family is in imminent danger we shall willingly lay down OUR Lives to protect the innocent.  We uphold RESPECT for OUR Elders and encourage the youth to study and absorb lessons outside of the forced educational system meanwhile explaining that we must constantly battle principalities.  Even people who are melanin sufficient are afraid of Real Bruthaz uniting because we would upset the status quo and interfere with house-slave mentality that infects us because institutional schooling trains Young Bruthaz and Sistaz to willingly enjoy involuntary servitude!!!

OUR fight with each other heightens OUR frustration over anything the ‘white man’ could ever whip us with as we march on and carry the cross for those who struggle with identity of Self and hate their mirror image.  WE must unite as a Universal Inner Circle in order to bring about change in OUR poverty infested neighborhoods.  We are Warriors by Nature and passionate aggression oozes through OUR pores.  The change of the stars is in the clouds is coming and OUR struggle is universally known but not respected as of yet, but anon.

Our Hue-manity comprehends the psychological chains of imperialism that builds hate even though we all share similar blood types, nonetheless we over-stand the fact that it’s suicidal to keep a blind eye to the circumstance that skin tone separate, segregates and isolates Really Real Bruthaz from the rest of the Hue-man Families.



~Brutha Fleat~


Colin Kaepernick Brings Out the Land of Hypocrites


Colin Kaepernick Brings Out the Land of Hypocrites pic

Is this the land in which you have the right to remain silent?  Is this the land that boasts that ALL men are created equal?  Is this the land that claims freedom although history of this land contradicts these basic Hue-man Rights?

Believe this:  We are the born into the land of habitual hypocrites.  Colin Kaepernick peacefully protested the national anthem by sitting and a spirited football player has brought about a platform for discussing not just Civil Rights but unfair Hue-man Rights.

I understand the uproar from Americans that honor the military and the bloodshed of American Soldiers who have given their lives for the people to enjoy certain liberties, but I must interject my personal opinion.

I enlisted in the military and went through all of the rituals to graduate from basic training and do my duty to serve ‘My Country.’  As I endured rigorous drilling I realized that each drill was training us to be proficient killers.  Whenever we had target practice with firearms, live grenades or a L.A.W. (Light Anti-Armor Weapon) most silhouettes resemble a black inked man and this realization made me feel a certain kind of way.

After graduation I ponder the fact that if we are the land that printed “IN GOD WE TRUST” on our Federal Reserve notes and democratically agreed that we pledge allegiance to the flag stating, “ONE NATION UNDER GOD,” then we should consider the LAWS of GOD.  So why are we not protesting military persons as killers?  Because we are habitual hypocrites that justify military killings as JUST!!!

Paradoxically, Francis Scott Key the man who created “The Star-Spangled Banner,” our lifelong nationalistic song based of the War of 1812 unwaveringly opposed the war at its beginning. Key referred to the war as “abominable” and “a lump of wickedness.”

I support Colin Kaepernick’s right to feel opposite of main-stream Americans. I don’t believe he disrespected the military.  I know emotions supersede intellect to bring out anger but anger opposes peace.  Listen to his words and get out of your comfort zone!!!  What is overly disrespectful to military personnel is returning home and having to fight for healthcare and jobs!!! 

There are wars on the streets in the so-called Black Communities that we are losing every day.  We spend billions on wars in foreign lands and to enemies or former enemies that the public would be less patriotic if politic transparency was transparent.  I support anyone’s right to voice their opinion and we hypocrites have the exact same right to disagree, so be disagreeable without bringing out hypocritical hateful get-out-of-the-country sentiments because the same can be said to you if you are not Native to this Land stolen by senseless bloodshed after the Native’s trained the pilgrims to survive in their land.

Believe That!!!

~Brutha Fleat~


Hopefulness & Hopelessness as a Brutha Living In Chicago

chicago immersion urban


As a child born on the Southside of Chicago, I remember close Family members living in the vicinity of a four block radius, we were surrounded by Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Bruthaz, Sistaz and numerous Cousins where the Realness of Love was nurtured and cultivated.  If one Family was hurting financially Our culture compelled us to chip in and aide and assist.

Many hard-working members in the community owned and operated small businesses, however after the Reagan administration all of the Melanin Sufficient business owners cease to exist.  Drugs infected our culture as Family members with means moved to the suburbs.  Logic of self-perseverance kicked household fondness Family and Friendship to the curb as the Realness of Love was severed.

Hopelessness feeds on people with an absence of hopefulness.  Crime is inevitable in any neighborhood when street pharmaceutical pushers targets everyone searching for repeat customers.  Pushers push more people to leave as more buildings are left abandon.  Gun shots echoes in the background and after years of ‘the same ole shit,’ whereas, we have urbanized a desensitize mechanism to cope with too much senseless violence.

But through all of the pain and suffering I perceive the Hope in those who withstand trauma over the years.  I sense Hope in unlikely neighbors being neighborly; I discern Hope in knowing Children R-E-S-P-E-C-Ting their Elders and others; I reverence Hope in seeing 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 year Anniversaries; I recognize Hope when we shake off police profiling; I buildup Hope when we are shot by those who we grew up with and may share the same bloodline, but refuse to return fire or stoop to submitting to our lower nature.

Windy City bliss is healthier when we expose the concealed iniquities in our hearts as we examine apparent flaws or terrible judgments.  Chicago is dangerous, but then again delightful as the sun rises above the skyline, jubilant as children play without a care in parks, sensational as we feel the summer breeze spirals on the lakefront, and tremendously electrified as adults dance to “Step in the Name of Love.”

I Love the city of Chicago for better or for worse. I Love My Family.  And through all of the chaotic madness Really Real Bruthaz are forever full of Hopefulness!!!


Hope is the Backbone to Life!!!


~Brutha Fleat~




Black People who hate themselves dive head first into embracing another culture they deem has a bigger upside in their feeble little minds.  Let’s expose why: Hollywood images of blonde hair and blue eyes has plague-ridden the thinking of undeveloped vulnerable minds who grow into the poster child of obliviousness who say or do detached dumb $H!T.   This ‘Mo Fo’  hates her skin color, hair texture plus color, and if not for color contacts would scratch her eyes out.  Sadly, as it goes down in the DM, Bruthaz and Sistaz throughout American mutually agree that sick Azz Stacey I’ll do whatever for cash is playing a dangerous game of lobbying – in addition too, being pleased to spread hate against BET and Black History Month as if integration is universal.  Big banks use higher interest rates based on skin color, we have discrimination in jobs, housing, taxation, and various essential issues that all politicians refuse to address– sick Azz Stacey I’ll sell my soul for cash has badly behaved since deep-rooted self-hatred took control of her mentality.  She didn’t get enough hugs when she was a child.

Clueless for the sake of being clueless, whatever fox news is paying, know that they’re sitting in back room meetings full of laughs and giggles saying, “can’t believe stupid Azz humiliated herself and people who look like her for a dollar menu meal.”  One perceptive Sista on the radio said can we trade her in for Adele.  Sounds good to me!!!  Believe this, “Fox & Friends” is employing you banking on the fact that your circus antics helps validate the fake polls generated to label Black People as boobs; since they always target a toothless Gerri curl former gangbanger to describe a neighborhood tragic event.  You’re their very conservative baboonish contact wearing clown!!!

Bruthaz and Sistaz need to come down harder on the fake sick Azz Stacey take my dignity for cash, and we all must shake her until her contacts pop out.  But the Really Real is, the disgust that we hold for classless Stacey cash brings pleasure to people of fox as it allows them to present a belief system that they will sell to the masses as if what they air via media outlets is a realistic representative of our culture.  She has put us in a ”lose-lose” situation.  So, F U fox and every wanna be like, wanna sound like, or wanna look like phony Azz Stacey bend over and take it up the cash entertainers.  Nonetheless, hating on Black History Month is like saying F the Ancestors who endure hardships that your feeble mind will never comprehend.  I hope they use your image for promoting abstinence.

The fact that you, Ms. Kiss corporate America’s Azz for cash, are one of those people who ought to realize that you are a tool whose antagonistic role ensures that fox and the hidden puppet master bring about harmful rhetoric concerning Bruthaz and Sistaz based on your crazy tactics.  RRB knew you were clueless, but let’s be direct, you’re dumber than a box of rocks!!!

In our Inner Circle, we don’t watch the award shows because they rarely represent our sentiments.  We noticed that the Oscars maintain predominantly white demographics and for the Bruthaz this disparity is a Really Real exacerbation besides the fact that qualified actors are not afforded top roles praiseworthy of winning.  For that reason the influences of Black people in Hollywood is minimum and their artistic contributions undeniably go unrecognized by the world.  Sense the obstruction of rewarding the truly gifted based on color.  Enter: BET Awards and Image Awards, which gives an opportunity to ascend as stars in the sky.

Using fox as a platform to deliver the GOP outlook is a personal choice, but fantasizing that we’re all treated equally is pure lunacy.  Black heritage and Love for our Ancestor’s is the first step in Loving Self and stopping centuries of hating the color of skin, hair texture and eye colors.  Bruthaz and Sistaz in general have a forgiving Nature and when you’re all alone in an empty room of emptiness, who will you run to when the fox world implodes on top of your fake dreams!!!

Don’t be forever clueless!!!



~Brutha Fleat~