Recently, we were challenged to further elaborate on what is Spiritual LeapFrog? Brutha Bam and Brutha Fleat raised on the South-side of Chicago in an area where our Inner Circle tagged “Da Valley Boyz.” and the neighborhood designated “Da Valley.” We engaged in a cipher of deep conversations in our youth that advance our verbal battles into our Crusade for Clarification. We needed to find out whose will power bested the competition. Tongues of Phire blazed through the inferior elements with really real persuasion.

“Da Valley” was full of joy, happiness, tragedy, and despair. We tackle life and death situations with an abstract that God Highly favored us, and our veil of protection shall overcome the immoral acts of ungodly men. Regarded as youthful sinners goaded into fearing the wrath of God because the word made believers dread being burned like a piece of bacon if you do the devil’s work. Our Families put the Fear of God into our youthful psyche. The religious orators yelled at us that God, the Ruler of All, only loves loyal and faithful followers of Christ.

Now young Brutha Bam was an artistic genius and avid reader that possessed an intense curiosity in the examination of philosophy. He was a true believer in the bible as he was disciplined with a different religious mentality to inject Christlike viewpoints into any aspect of life. His recall ability lead to recognition from the church hierarchy because of his Christian approach to aiding people in reengaging in the “Word” for obtaining salvation.

Well, young Brutha Fleat, a sharp, fiery tongue creative communicator who harnessed an enormous amount of energy internally. Bequeathed with an internal bullshit detector that was subdued by his Elders impressing faith over facts, so as a result of respecting his Elders, he would wait to unleash his verbal venom inside the cipher realm. His faith certainty clashed with his rebellious mental attitude, which initiated the Spiritual LeapFrog.

One autumn day, we were sitting on Brutha Boz porch, and Brutha Bam was explaining Christianity in a cipher. about how we were enlightened with the Ancient wisdom of KMT (Kemet) that the Greeks sanction as Egypt and that many of the bible verse appeared plagiarized from the Ancient Pyramid walls and tombs. He went in on the Universal Laws, which states that our mind is powerful, “so above; as so below; so within; as so without.” We know that energy never dies as the universe promotes opposites for balance. We must let things flow organically because what we do today will affect our future Self. Plus, the universal needs male and female energy alike working in harmony to reach Spiritual Completion.

Our competitive nature and Crusade for Clarification lead us to study every aspect of the bible and to reference back to the original text. Eventually, we moved from the King James Bible to the Companion Bible: the Torah, the Apocrypha, and the Septuagint. The Koran; Enuma Elish; the Epic of Gilgamesh; the Book of Thoth; the wrongly titled Book of the Dead which is the Book of Coming Forth by Day and By Night; the Emerald Tablets and a host of other texts that propelled us from the kindergarten level of understanding that the bible provided.

When Brutha Fleat realized that the inconsistency of the priests and Christian pastor teaching points to Our People that were lacking, he was unsettled but chalked it up to a Rights of Passage life lesson, as he laughed at his former Self.

Meanwhile, Brutha Bam moved into a position with a small up-and-coming church that had the intimate feel of fellowship that he longed for to uplift his spirit. As he studied and preached during his Spiritual LeapFrog investigation, an epiphany connected into his Spirit. An enduring in-depth study is where he discovered too many fallacies and became enraged with every 501c 3 corporation that consistently lies to the masses. He wanted to expose everyone!!!

In conclusion, we love the friendly competition of Spiritual battles that lead to our ultimate goal of knowing that Facts walk with Truth. We strive to resist settling for faith base belief systems that do not or cannot resonate with our Interconnected Soulz. Our Spiritual LeapFrog Quest is devoid of ego and immature pettiness. As a Family, we fuss, fight verbally, push one another and “go in” with Love, Respect and Admiration. We shall continue to jump over one another infinitely.

RRB passion focuses our energy towards All Interconnected Soulz joining us in a Universal Spiritual LeapFrog Crusade for Clarification. The journey will be worth it for all parties involved.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~

The God Abstract

The God Abstract First Submission

On a summer day in 1985, as the heated rays from the sun beamed down on three young Bruthaz from Chicago, absorb in a cipher. Standing on Dee’s porch debating religious scriptures and the concept of God. Brutha Fleat who was a student at a Catholic Seminary High School was informing them that he was suspended for telling the priests that they were teaching incorrectly. Brutha Bam who was a Baptist, believe that the bible was all Truth and all fact. They agreed to disagree!

Five years later, Brutha Bam was a student at Moody Bible Institute eventually started performing on CANTV as a religious preacher-in-training. Brutha Fleat was informed by his grandmother of Brutha Bam’s excellent delivery, although they never discussed his accomplishments.

Brutha Fleat and Brutha Bam routinely played Spiritual LeapFrog, in which one would learn and share; meanwhile, the other would research and return with additional information as they jumped forward over each other looking toward Spiritual Completion. Thirsting for sound answers they embodied the quote:

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17 King Solomon

Facts and the hunt for Truth brings forth a painful mental sensation since working inside and out of religious rhetoric with a driven PHIRE, the Bruthaz recognize that lies begat lies. Our emotions invited rage because the unveiling of falsehood charges an almost distrustful perspective of God because of unsanctioned men playing as gods. Both Bruthaz were furious and began to crush the hypocritical men within the religious hierarchy of every nation.

Further research leading them toward books that predate the bible consisting of a series of answers which appeared to soothe their inquisitive Soulz, but to no real avail. Nonetheless, they filter through inconsistencies, although their reference book (bible) intent was their first/kindergarten-like instructional platform. Who is qualified to be an investigator of who God is or whether God is real? RRB? Churches across the seas manipulate the masses’ reality, twisting our decision-making ability with corrupted ideals and values, whereas we are left with obscure words. Persuasive orators full of self-interest love to sell God on Sunday by way of a silver platter issued by servants.

Religious leader’s opinions and persuasion rituals leap more or less from falsehood to sad contradiction. They induce sleeping over researching their words. Moreover, Really Real Bruthaz LeapFrog away from the custom of cads who perpetrate the fraud. Our knowledgeable aptitude combats the faithful believers in this world–knowing women and men whose PHIRE faints in monetary offerings while being conditioned too reasonable. Agonizing religious victims no longer. This obligates us to expose workers of manmade gods’ persistence on deceiving the masses. RRB Spiritual Heart, which the CREATOR OF ALL CREATIONS affords a protective covering for All Interconnected Soulz, who arise from the dung of men and women babbling with forked silver tongues.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~



Horus Jesus


Coexist is word that we use loosely, but refuse to integrate coexisting into our mental make-up as an obtainable goal.  Besides living with the division of race, culture, skin color, and skin color within the same ethnicity; we have reached new heights of division in politics and classism’s.  So with all of man-made self-inflicted division, the one choice that influences us the most by shaping our perception of the world is generational religion.  Religion is full of one-up-man-ship disguised as Spirituality.coex-rb

We are groomed to protect our religion as we become oversensitive, especially if an adverse perspective invades our holy environment safe place and the understanding of truth as we know it to be is challenged.  History forecasts that countries war over religion; therefore, we as imperfect people fight for our religion and defend its mantra since it is true to our sense of well-being.  On that fact we must be right.

But what if we knew that the Higher Power that we Love was all things to every group of people, could we coexist in the most realist form of appreciating everyone’s Spirituality???

Over the years the Bruthaz have embarked on a Crusade for Clarification on the truth about the name Jesus.   RRB Members feel compel to share constructive information that resonates with our Spirit so that all who enjoy our Cipher may share in the process.  The J wasn’t given or received until approximately 1535.  The first official record that we could find written as “JESUS” was June 1632 in a court document in England.

The Name of the Messiah was delivered in Hebrew / Aramaic as:  YHW’shua or Yah’shua
YOD HEY WAW (VAV) SHIN AYIN = Yehoshua the ‘e’ replaced ‘a’ for some strange reason.
Occasionally Written as: YOD HEY WAW(VAV) SHIN WAW(VAV) AYIN = Yehoshua
If we convert the Hebrew Y to a J the equivalent is Joshua these days in English.

The meaning of the Name of the Messiah: YHW’ or YAH Salvation.

1) YHW’shua or YHV’shua was transliterated into the Greek: Iesous.
2) then transliterated into the Latin: Iesus or Isus.
3) then transliterated into the English: Jesus.  Even though, the name Joshua is more accurate.


We found several stories that parallel the Bible and we suggest that anyone on a Crusade for Clarification seek them out:


The Book of the Dead which we know as The Book of Coming Forth by Day and By Night.

The Enuma Elis or Elish.

The Epic of Gilgamesh.

The Instructions of Amenemope.

The Gathas of Zarathushtra Yasna.

The Teachings of Buddha.

Now there is a Trinity that predates the Abrahamic one that is Universally accepted nowadays.

In Kemet, which is Egypt today, there was a famous Father, Mother, and Son God’s that we shall attempt to break down without becoming too technical:

Kemet:  Ausar, Aset, and Heru.

Egypt with Greek Influence: Osirius, Isis, and Horus.

Bible: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit/ Mary.


We will use Kemet in order to keep it simple in a complex world.  Many Christian scholars debunk the similarities, so we compel everyone to find the truth that falls in line with your Harmony.  Heru was 3200 BCE versus Jesus 1 ACE.

Heru is the only begotten of his Father, who is the God Ausar.  His Goddess Mother was a virgin because Ausar brother Set killed him and cut him into 14 parts, and Aset found 13 of his missing body, but Set threw his Phallus into the Nile River where it was consumed by a fish.  Aset formed a golden Phallus and impregnated herself with magic.  Heru foster Father was named Seb.  His born day was accompanied by 3 solar deities who follow the morning star of Sirius bearing gifts as angels announced his conception.  Horus was said to be God of the Sky and is called the Morning Star.  Horus is represented by the falcon as the Holy Spirit is a dove.  Herut attempted to murder Heru.  Heru was told by Aset to protect the people for Set.  He was baptized at the age of 30 by Anup.  Some say he had 12 followers and some state that there were 4.  Heru performed miracles and raised Ausar from the grave.  Heru was beheaded and resurrect from the afterlife after three days.

Now there are several different stories of Heru that says he walked on water.  He is called the first hero and is the reason we use the word horizon.  But religion existed before 1 ACE.  We know that the arrogance of kings whose militia won world wars had scribes change the stars.  This power of kings, influenced the belief systems of the masses nowadays.

Question:  If the English name of the Messiah is Joshua, why is/how did Jesus become so well known.  It is believe that the Greeks who combine their ancient Gods into the God of the bible to live on for centuries.  We are the delivers of maintaining the good name of Jesus.  So would the world change if they knew Jesus meant Hail Zues since it came from the word Iesous.  In Greek, names ending in sus, seus, and sous  give reverence that the deity, Zues.  Wrong worshiping kills the Spirit so forget all that you’ve read.

But words mean nothing, perhaps?







Wake Up Christians

Religion is ass/u/me to be faith and beliefs regarding the presence, nature, and reverence of a God(s), in addition to a heavenly connection in the creation of all things.  Sounds good, but the truth is religion means to read again.  Religion is a political system that was created for a vital reason, which is to lower the amount of chaos in the world by replacing “knowing” with the reassurance of hope.  Without hope people would commit so many heinous acts that the world would implode.

Quick hit microwave teachings separate those who seek truth versus those who accept the truth of others.  So here’s the truth!!!

Over the years I’ve learned that Christian’s remain unaware of the reasons why they grow into or stay Christians.  Many state that they’ve shadow the Family’s belief system because it’s what they were trained to follow as a child.  But countless followers have no clue of the words they use or understand the English transliteration of the bible.

What Does Heathen MeanTruth:  The word heathen is believed to be people who hate or refuse to acknowledge God.  A majority of preachers exploit this fallacy by using fear tactics to woo member as they harmonize intonation of avoiding eternal damnation in order to sell religion.  Family, the real word for heathen in the Old Testament is Gowy, which means a foreign nation or gentile.  The New Testament word for heathen is Ethnos, which means a race of people, a tribe, or a foreign one.

And the real meaning of pagan is a country dweller.  This information is based on the fact that if you live outside of Israel (the chosen city) of the 12 (chosen) tribes, then you are either a heathen or pagan– and in rare cases, both.

Sustenance for All Souls:  Not one of these words target the nonbeliever myth.  This Phire Truth is not for those who guard other people’s truth as Divine Law, because this reality is for all who see as we see and hear as we hear.

Next Blog:  Addressing the Jesus name.

Horus Jesus

One Love,

~Brutha Fleat~

Sheqer shepherd(s) are gainful pulpit pimp(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pastor orders women to strip and let him kiss their butts so they can get married!!!!!!!!!!!!


Graphically Explicit


Red Below Arrow



Now, let’s examine what you are saying when you address the Sheqer shepherds / pulpit’s pimps as reverend.  The word for Hebrew is Ibriy.  In Ibriy, Sheqer means fake and fraudulent. The word reverend in Ibriy (Hebrew) means to fear, to revere, to cause to frighten- affright, to be made afraid, to bow (self) down, to fall down flat, worship, or reverence.  To call any person reverend is to place them as your Creator Lord and Master.  Slave mentality is not based on the color of our skin–it’s all about power and control.

Pastor Timothy Ngwu, who also doubles as the Leader and General Overseer of Vineyard Ministry of the Holy Trinity, was recently arrested and is currently remanded in Enugu prison for allegedly impregnating over 20 female members of his church.

“The pastor claims to be obeying prophetic and spiritual injunction to do the will of God, which is to impregnate any one chosen and revealed by the Holy Spirit, irrespective of whether the woman is married or not,” police spokesperson said.

Bruthaz and Sistaz, Pulpit pimps preach against and for the all mighty dollar that is a part of the globally hidden fact that we have a one world system.  Gaining the congregations confidence in who they are as a prophet of God is the first step in manipulating the flock into believing a lie.  After worldwide exposure of the asinine pulpit pimp who coerced females at his church to believe that his semen was holy milk as they performed oral sex on this Sheqer shepherd should’ve stop all females from listening to these persuasive orators.  Well, Family I was wrong.

We are engaged in an everlasting battle and platform of moral versus immoral fiends.  I LOVE to battle because it keeps Really Real Bruthaz blood circulating naturally as our hearts begins pumping faster, but for my Sistaz realize that emotions of passion shall intensify by persuasive speeches.  Persuasive orators or the lure of money must not affect our sensibilities of detecting and denouncing bullshit!  Caress this!

Pulpit pimps charm the masses using mirror tricks that dazzle us with illusions of grander things for the future, when we are quietly herded as hopeful slaves.   Sheqer shepherds are despicable individual’s that must be exposed.  Really Real Leaders uplift the people for the sake of righteousness, who seek truth and work with the armor of moral discernment as a tool for protecting the innocent.  The Righteous Leader is a person who is fair, honest, and equitable in the principle of balance and counterbalance by knowing that all that’s done in the shadiness will form into smoothness.  Solicitors’ of camouflage deceit will be used by the global powers of the world to make our people weak, but we must not fold.  We will not let our Spirit bubble steadily into the obscurity.  We will kick every pulpit pimp’s Azz to the curb one block at a time so our Children will not partake in such heinous acts.


~Brutha Fleat~


Clown Religion Pic


Who’s an Uncle Tom?  We grew up hearing about the epithet of being an Uncle Tom, but our insight at that era of time was deficient in deciphering that which is hidden in plain sight.  Slavery was explained to us as Bruthaz and Sistaz captured from their homeland, shackle, whipped, and tormented by their white oppressors.  In slavery people take their slave masters name, philosophies, plus food scraps while accepting abuse as a love substitution.  Well, slavery transcends the physical aspect because the mental enslavement holds its value throughout time or rewritten history.  One of slavery mirror image is religion; both form of oppression displays similar upbringings which invoke naïve civilizations into loving and living a lie.

So-called free people with Melanin rehabilitated the term Black into strength of positivity, but then again appear to overlook the veiled message behind Uncle Tom’s character.  First, Tom becomes the savior of a little white girl or a version of the Christos.  Meanwhile, he converts to a victim of passivity which increases after the little white girl reads Uncle Tom the bible.  He accepts the religion of her family, even though he was not considered a man, but property to be brought or sold by said family.  He blindly accepted becoming a Christian which is the reason he choose remain loyal and obedient to his slave masters authority.  The original sacred text permitted the mastery of slavery as well as utilizing countless concubines.  Religion kept him as a slave and cultivated the slave mentality of nowadays.

Therefore, when Black Culture is appalled by the notion of Uncle Tom’s character, they simply forget that Christianity plus all Abrahamic religions was and is the culprit that enslaves our world now and then.  Throughout his-story these professed religious people committed heinous acts in the name of faith as we watch our Bamboozled Bruthaz and Sistaz remain content to blindly follow in the footsteps of Uncle Tom’s passivity.

Where is the outrage?  Why didn’t the recognized Black Leaders get on their platforms and shout about this travesty from the highest mountains?  Are we all duped?  Family, no disclaimer needed because it is our duty to get it in where many have failed to enlighten our people with raw truth.

Reflecting on our lives and our dominion mandate, we deal with truth and fallacy within our own indoctrinated minds.  We were force fed the same rhetoric and progressively broke our mental shackles of enslavement by learning who we are at this point in time.  RRB stands as a friendship of well-founded Bruthaz ethereally commissioned to share all that we are and all that we will become in the yet to arise future.  Wisdom of spiritual attentiveness interface with Hue-man existence corroborates the fact that we are revolving in an evolution cycle blessed to maintain forward-thinking energies.

Commencing from the time we shot up into consciousness, we stop functioning under lower vibrations (students) in order to ascend in higher vigorous watchful vibrations (teachers).  Once this transformation takes place a unifying expression is activated within our Inner Circle symbolizing the rites we seal in order to live life honorably.  What we bring about or speak into existence wires us to think freely outside mainstream indoctrinated souls.

So with that in mind, chew on this:

If you’re Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Moorish, Black Israelite, or any other member of a religious cult that is a branch of the Abrahamic covenant, are you not an Uncle Tom living embodiment, too?

Sustenance for the Soul my Bruthaz and Sistaz!!!

Much Love,

9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~