Anunnaki Creation Tablet

In the (KJV) book of Genesis, Cain slew Abel (4:8), then Cain went out from the presence of the Lord and dwelt in the land of Nod on the east of Eden (4:16). So who was in the area of Nod if Adam and Eve were the first humans in the world?

One solution is that they were the first in the Garden of Eden and not the entire world. Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created (5:2). In Hebrew, the word Adam is a person/man from the Earth, which would clarify the above verse as other Adam’s outside of Eden dwelt in Nod.

The Second Solution is within the Apocryphal (hidden) text writes about Adam’s first wife, Lilith, who was a thorn in Adam’s side even though God created them at the same time, and she was intelligent as she appeared to be too strong-willed for her husband. She refused to submit and departed from Adam in which God sent angels to retrieve her, but she conceived a child with the archangel of death named Samael. The cannon counsel chose to demonize Lilith and remove her from the Bible, perhaps her daughter Lilim was Cain’s wife.

My final solution is that the Bible mirrors several ancient texts that predate the Abrahamic religions. The intriguing Sumerian story of the Anunnaki explains the creation of Humans. (Genesis 1:27) states, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” The word God in the above verse is Elohim, which is the plural form of El.

The Anunnaki manipulate the DNA of the inhabitant of Earth to make slave labor to harvest minerals. These are the people who came from the heavens, beyond the clouds from the Pleiades and Orion’s Belt. The Anunnaki travel by technologically advanced vehicles to Earth approximately 450,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru – Beings inside our solar system whose extraordinary orbit reappears from the heavens once every 3,600 years.

One of the significant minerals they minded was gold, with which to protect their dwindling atmosphere. Since the lower gods were exhausted and ready to rebel against the higher gods, they insisted that help was needed in mining the gold, as Anunnaki chief scientist Enki suggested that they use their genetic knowledge to create the needed Primitive Workers. So after trial and error, Adam and Eve were created. They also added the worship gene to our DNA.

As a Spiritual person on a Crusade for Clarifications, I searched for this particular answer that Catholic priests and Christian preachers provided “runaround rhetoric” that frustrated me to no end! I hope this information can be used as a tool for further research for All Interconnected Soulz. Check experts on these solutions because Real Truth walks with Facts that require constant studies.


~Brutha Fleat~



Watching the folly of the election process in Chicago, one revelation became transparent – the Democratic machine will continue to take Bruthaz and Sistaz devotion for feebleness. Our Families have been voting for the democrats since the early 1900s, but the motivational factor was a quid pro quo arrangement.
History Lesson: Our Families supported the party of Lincoln (Republicans) until said party underestimated the POWER of Bruthaz and Sistaz influence along political lines. Chicago was the home of the Policy Kings who were millionaires that live in the ‘Black Belt’ on the Southside. These Policy Kings used underground gambling to obtain wealth and provide avenues for Black Businesses and the Community to prosper together. If you needed a loan or a sponsor for a church, a politician, or a sports team you could ask a King and it would be granted. Please read:
The True Story of Chicago’s
Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers
An Informal History by
Nathan Thompson
Policy King would give financial backing to candidates that would look the other way so that they could conduct illicit business, eventually the government flipped their operations and renamed it the lottery. But the cocky republican’s officials sent police into the neighborhoods to harass and limit the revenue of every Policy King. Deceivers of the GOP counted on the Lincoln factor as a hold on the Black Community so they disrespected the people and disregarded their political POWER. Consequently, disrespect gave an opening for the democrats to strike a political deal, in which, they agreed not to pursue underground gambling on the Southside.
Policy Kings and their home grown political figures in the Black Community guaranteed votes for the Democratic Party in order to oust the republican influence out of the Black Community. Black Politicians picked up seats, too and at that moment of harnessing a newfound political aptitude to heal an underprivileged economic community; our Commissioners started hiring unemployed workers and awarding government contracts to Black Small Businesses, meanwhile the shift in political clout began afresh. Capitalizing and Expanding on this new coalition throughout the city empowered the democrats to win and takeover many republicans’ seats, as well as, the incumbent Mayor of Chicago.
Back in that time period, there were Policy Kings in every major city and as the word spread nationally, ALTOGETHER, Bruthaz and Sistaz followed suit with one essential agenda – wheel Black Voting POWER to get opportunities for the People who under no circumstances had a seat at the political tables. White politicians hated this fact, but every political outsider must negotiate with the Black POWERS in order to win an election.
However, when white politicians in the late 1980s realizes that there were no republican offices or organizations in the Black Communities and that Bruthaz and Sistaz had NO voting choice, they resume control and dishonored the previous agreement. Without negotiating authority with the party that they endorsed into office, filthy democrats were more than happy to undo offers of jobs or anything positive that would support the Black Community. Black People were F*cked for one main reason and that reason was because they lost knowledge of Self plus knowledge of their political history!!!
So F*ck the Democratic machine because this party elected to ignore the plight of the Black People who can change their stars. Political subjugation was cultivated by white con-men which lead to economic mistreatment as communal poverty was reinstated by the democrats. Bruthaz and Sistaz gave away their voting muscle without a fight!!!
RRB’s radical viewpoint on regaining Black Voting POWER means that ALL Bruthaz and Sistaz must control the policymaking officials and every “take-us-for-granted” candidate in OUR Community; as we enact a “Protest Vote” in order to regain our voting muscles. Bruthaz and Sistaz must be re-educated into the history of OUR politics so we can wheel influence like PAC’s and make demands as oppose to being counted on by partisan demi-gods to vote and support their unroyal scheme. We will make them believe were voting one way and do the opposite until they beg for OUR support and return everything that was negotiated in the days of the Policy Kings!!!
Nowadays, we will vote as democrats in the primary elections, but after the primary we will only elect candidates that fall in line with the Political Agenda of the Majority of Bruthaz and Sistaz. So F*ck the democratic because OUR Rejuvenated Black Voting POWER will shake the foundation of OUR Nation by controlling the narrative and issuing out BLACK IMPARTIALITY!!!


~Brutha Fleat~



rahmsittindMayor Rahm Emanuel used a stealthy political maneuver to capitalize on his friendship with the remaining popularity of Barack Obama’s presidency, in order to seize the office of Mayor in Chicago. Since his fleecing of the Black Community, he gained support without lifting a finger to earn said support. His biggest achievement is dismissing the increase in violence and the mass EXODUS of Chicago residence moving their Families to communities void of mass shootings. Politics as normal shall gain seats, but will not slow the slew dead bodies from painting the paved streets of a city dark red. He sits on his throne of bureaucracy refusing to address the victims of foul play with basic reforms or a firm corrective action plan.Blacksandcpdcrowd

Sworn in with the promise of hope, he has displayed a lack of a Uncolored virtue that more savvy politicians trick the masses into believing. Bruthaz and Sistaz, we must save ourselves by bringing about united movements to reform people we elect to represent ALL Communities and influence police officers training procedures to utilize a mantra that states, “to serve and protect by maintaining the health and welfare of All Humans!!!” Bruthaz and Sistaz of Black and Hispanic Chicagoan’s view the police force as a threat to their personal safety, although we have a need for Just law enforcement assistance in times of tragic events.

So what’s the solution?

Chicago Mayor had to sit down and grit his teeth in 2017, when Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued the city of Chicago for resisting to correct accused police departments caught up in systemic unjust / unlawful conduct. A federal consent decree was issued, whereas, the feds could oversee issues, but the police union pushed back and here we are today. And as President Trump took office, leading government official sit on their ass to protect their elected seats!!!

RRB knows that any remedy to an illness can cause side effects, but this is one plan that would be an extraordinary improvement to Our bad situation. Invoke a law that requires communities to have representation by politicians and police officers that reside in the areas of their daily operations. If you can work in one environment and run to the safety of another environment to raise your kids, that means you are only invested in the latter. If we reinvest in Our Communities, then this shall be the start of a Really Real Reinvestment Plan.


~Brutha Fleat~


Usher pic

Passing judgment on Usher in regards to this particular woman or women that he has infected is beginning now; moreover, he has known about his STD since 2009.  Sexually transmitted diseases talks are not diligently discussed in our Black Communities, however, Usher’s blatant disregard for Hue-Woman life is the root of evil practices.  Self hate is an option to consider when we see frustrated individuals who constantly throw their genitals on the crap table, and refuse to engage in a healthy dialogue with every future sexual partner.  Cowardly people appear to wish their problems away instead of facing them by being forthright and upright.

I must state, “I am not a religious bible thumper or the good boy next door, but I walk the earth battling Real Shit and this is as Real as it gets!”  Family, we talk about down-low brothers; brothers who go to jail and say that they’re only gay for the stay, but we refuse to address to Moral Crime of intentionally altering the life of another for revenge, self-hate, or self-pity.  $1.1 Millions is pennies when you consider the health risk this woman will endure for the rest of her life.  In ancient times, if you had sexual relations with a woman you became obligated to take care of her as if she was your wife.  Usher’s demonization campaign should never end.  Usher should be responsible for paying her health care cost!!!

Sistaz beware, because Usher is just another poster child as many locals without notoriety lurk around to spread a STD in your direction.  My Bruthaz, heed my words, there are many unscrupulous women who are Moral Criminals, too!  Unfortunately transparency is important to say in politics and mere words are used to pacify the masses, and Our public is entitled to truth, but truth operates in the grey area today!

Really, we must analyze Usher’s decision to willfully hurt someone, yet his actions will not stop victims of their lower level self from engaging in unprotected sexual acts, nor shall this article bring about shame to those who deliberately infect a sexual partner.  No mater how we feel about this incident, a Life has been changed for the worse.

Disclaimer: We are not aware that she contracted herpes from Usher, Family we are only commenting after seeing and hearing several news reports.  RRB is using the information as a teaching tool!!!


~Brutha Fleat~



This will be a simple but not so sweet post. Politics target the masses subconscious to buy votes for career politicians. And politician in and out of government love to sway people to do as they will.  So I say impose your ‘WILL!’

Since being told as a child that television is an idiot box, no one could have predicted a reality show of supreme idiocy, in which, begat a childish Hillary Clinton and temper tantrum toddler Donald Trump waging war with words in these disheartening Presidential Debates. The stage was redundant but lively; each point made was curiously bizarre; most answers remained outright silly; the fact checking reference was extremely comical; and almost every word uttered pierced my ears while offending my intellect.

This is the year of ‘NO’ candidates as I’ll state my case to influence undecided voters to stay undecided. Considering all of the unappetizing candidates that All-Parties-Against-We the People chose to parade before the public, I say stand firm and:



I AM WELL AWARE of the deficiency in refusing cast a vote at all, so in the spirit of Richard Pryor’s Brewster Millions movie follow his lead.


~Brutha Fleat~



Nighttime beckons as my nocturnal propensity to feel alive during the course of darkness represents my noble magnificence.  Stuck in heavy traffic on the expressway my phone vibrates but I dare not answer due to the asinine government yearly night by night road construction.  Again and again the vibrations occur as the voicemail alert sounds notifying 3 messages.  I arrive at my destination and look at several missed calls while listening to said messages.

Bruthaz and Sistaz alike felt connected to the PHIRE emitted by Actress Viola Davis.  Since childhood I refused to watch most award shows unless company dictates giving way to the etiquettes Grandma instilled in our Family.  Each person bound me to watch her speech and build with them later.

In 2014, Viola began starring as Annalise Keating on the ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder, and in 2015 she became the first Black Womb-man to win the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series.

Not a fan of the show, however, I was drawn to the complexities of her character personal life choices, flaws, strength and perseverance.  After reviewing the speech I realized the simple complexities in her words through the trembling of her voice relating GENIUS from Harriet Tubman:   “In my mind, I see a line. And over that line, I see green fields and lovely flowers and beautiful, white women with their arms stretched out to me over that line, but I can’t seem to get there no how. I can’t seem to get over that line.”

Our Sista followed that powerful message with a personal message to Hollywood and their hierarchy:  Davis said that the only thing separating women of color from everyone else is “opportunity”—“you cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there,” Now what she interjected next goes against Hollywood etiquette, she gave Honor and Respect while accrediting several other Black Actresses who, resembling this powerful Melanin Sufficient Womb-man, leads the way for adding more diversity to the TV Networks and Silver Screen, as she praised Taraji P. Henson (who was also nominated in the same category), Gabrielle Union, and Kerry Washington.

On the worldwide scale she told the Universe that discrimination, prejudice, bigotry, and bias is alive in addition to all industries environment of whitewashed illuminist that lead the masses to “Believe” that we are all equal – which you and I know – will not be true in our lifetime.


~Brutha Fleat~