CG This is America

Childish Gambino A.K.A. Donald Glover favored by the Ancestor’s ability to disseminate GR8NESS in the form of artistic genius. His depiction of “This is America” states that Hip Hop must side step the diversion kingdom in order to share ‘Our Truth’ with the world as the celebration of money and entertainment cloakes America’s cover-ups.

Childish Gambino wants Black People to Quantify our worth. He wants Bruthaz and Sistaz to know that “he is us and we are him.” Oscar Wilde, who declare in his 1889 essay The Decay of Lying that, “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” which is “Art Imitates Life.” We are given permission to see the world as he sees it as “This is America” video is a catalyst for universal conversation.

Bruthaz Breakdown of the Symbols:

Scene begins in a warehouse. Warehouse (n.) Compare Dutch warenhuis, German warenhaus. Meaning “large impersonal institution” is American English colloquial, first attested 1970. Warehouse (v.) 1799, “deposit or secure in a warehouse,” from warehouse(n.). In the colloquial sense, especially of mentally disabled persons, from 1972. Related: Warehoused; warehousing; jail.

Intro: Tribal music plays as a Brutha who resembles Trayvon Martin’s dad sits down in a maroon chair and begins playing a guitar.

The camera pans to Childish Gambino facing in the opposite direction with no shirt, appearing to wear Civil War pants and a double gold chain around his neck performing exaggerated Tribal dance moves. The Egyptians created jewelry with highly-evolved religious symbolism and spiritualism that carried them from life to death. In slavery chains represent status of bondage.

CG Jim Crow PoseNext, he dances behind the Brutha in the maroon chair who is wearing what appears to be an osnaburg bag over his head. Osnaburg, linen and cotton material was used to clothed slaves in America. Racist white comedian Thomas Dartmouth, performed a song and dance as a blackface character named Jumping Jim Crow that routine was devoted to mocking slaves involuntary servitude. Childish Gambino poses references this caricature of a shabbily dressed Jim Crow as he pulls out a conceal weapon from behind his back and shoots the Brutha in the back of the head with no warning.

In the same scene he carefully places the heater (gun) in the hand of a Young Brutha who wraps the murder weapon in a red cloth and flees the scene. Initially, I pass judgment that this was aimed at the NRA republican 2nd Amendment advocates who cradle the right to bear arms like a baby and the red cloth wiped the fingerprints clean, but there’s an additional hidden meaning, too. Ancient civilization considered red to be a symbol of love; courage in life or death situations; sacrifice; and blood of a people. Bruthaz in Sistaz blood spills onto the ground throughout America’s history and our courageous children are sacrificed by those who hate Black Love.

Following the prior heinous act he dances off again as two Young Bruthaz drags the innocent Brutha dead body away as if his life means nothing and we should move on because it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of concrete jungles.

Now the children imitates his dance moves as chaos ensues in the background scenery. It appears that the state of America encourages our society to direct passion or redirect emotions into mind-numbing entertainment as opposed to being caring and loving Hue-man beings.

CG Church ShotMoving on to the most controversial and disturbing scene at first sight, in which, Childish Gambino peeks into the room where the choir is singing, he dances in front of them as someone off screen tosses him an automatic rifle as he turns, fires and kills the 10 church members. Flashback to the day when the COLD-BLOODED Dylann Roof murdered 9 Bruthaz and Sistaz at a Charleston church in South Carolina. Roof stated, “he felt the massacre was worth it because of what he perceived as the wrongs of the Black Community.” “I would like to make it crystal clear, I do not regret what I did,” Roof wrote. “I am not sorry. I have not shed a tear for the innocent people I killed.” And for further insult to our injuries, the arresting police took him to buy a burger.

Notice that the room has a maroon stripe at the bottom and the choir wore black robes with maroon stoles. Oh, please refer back to the maroon chair for this breakdown. Maroon is a type of dark red that is symbolic to blood and loyalty, as well as, blood oaths. Also, the African slaves who fled for freedom were called Maroons which means “escaped slaves.” The Maroons would go to plantations to free Family and Friends.

It amazing how the kids up above refuse to get involved other than recording heinous acts on their “celly” which is short for cell phone and cell block inside the warehouse where America loves warehousing Bruthaz and Sistaz for private corporations.

Car is on fire because of the riots; the police car lights are flashing but not moving; someone dressed in black rides through the scene on a white horse; as Childish Gambino and the kids imitating him dances without a care in the world. We can relate this scene to the bibles end of days in the book of Revelations because in the Apocalypse the rider of the white/pale horse is death and earth will be destroyed by fire and brimstone. Furthermore, I know Donald Glover is well read and if anyone has read William Milton Cooper’s book “Behold a Pale Horse,” he explains the role of the he Illuminati’s declaration of war upon the people of America. Bruthaz and Sistaz, population control starts in Africa and mirrors America!!! We must know what’s happening around the world for proper planning which will stop Our Bruthaz and Sistaz from being destroyed!!!

Kids dancing around Childish Gambino as he aims his hands similar to shooting a gun, children run away and everyone in the background scenery disappears. The music stops, you hear running footsteps and a slamming door as he smoothly pulls out a joint and fires it up. Fact: He did not have a gun, but our people will run if one person runs and we’ll ask questions later. Fact: He’s caught in a mind-numbing outcome because of the everyday task of ingesting chaos without any foreseeable break in the action to bring about a temporary calmness.

Happier scene as it appears that the Brutha sitting in the maroon chair with an osnaburg bag over his head is resurrected from the dead as he strums the guitar. Childish Gambino walks onto the top of a maroon car and dances again (homage to the King of Pop) as a Sista sits on the hood of a silver car. Silver is symbolic of industrial, wealth, glamorous, graceful, sophisticated, and elegant. Each car appears to be one to two decades old and in Donald Glover’s lifetime he’s seen heinous act committed against Bruthaz and Sistaz which is motivation for this video.

CG EndingThe final scene fades to black and as the camera pans upward we see Childish Gambino hauling AZZ. Immediately, my thought process retrieve the fact that he performed the song “RedBone” for the “Get Out” soundtrack. So with that in mind it connected to psychiatrist using a spoon and cup clanking to trap the main character mind in the “sunken place,” in which cotton saved the day from mental imprisonment. Although our Foremothers and Forefather were force to pick cotton or suffer torture until they submitted to the plantations policies. Likewise, he appear to be a runaway slave with the lynch-men chasing him down. Fear of death will lessen any chance of freedom and liberty!!!

Family, I know his CR8TIVITY was KICKING HIS AZZ because he played the role of Black Society, white oppressor, Black victims of violence, Innocent bystanders, white privileged murders, Black entertainment, white government and their system. He knows we are the most imitated culture and they love diminishing our shine!!!

We must work together to Quantify Our Worth so that Melanin Sufficient People Lives will be recognized as VALUABLE!!!




Kanye West, the “media villain” and Trump advocate, argument about 400 years of slavery was inaccurate based on the number of years, yet his proclamation of “choice” was real and accurate. The 4th branch of government cunningly manipulates the masses by targeting emotions over truth. So here’s the TRUTH:

A choice is the action of selecting to allow or not allow a human activity to come about whether mentally or physically. Slave owning was a choice and being a slave is a choice, too.

Why? The distinct characteristics of being human as oppose to being an animal or plant is the ability to use free-will. Free-will is the choice to act based on personal judgment or discretion.

Patrick Henry, “Give me Liberty or give me Death!”  speech was a proposal to organize volunteer fighters against British rule because his cognitive content informed people in colonial times that the choice to fight is the choice against slavery.

Before the Civil War, history conveniently omits the effectiveness of the Gullah Wars which I contend, lead to the end of chattel slavery in America. We were mis-educated in ‘white facts’ that slaves gained freedom and liberty traveling north which is an ugly untruth!!!

1739 – 1858, the Gullah Geechee (Former Black American Slaves) and the First Nation (Aboriginal Native Americans) joined together to form a self-liberation process that resulted in killing southern slave owners and burning their estates to the ground. Politicians signed the “Negro Act,” in South Carolina to limit the power and rights of slaves. The Gullah formed an alliance with the Spaniards who armed and trained them to defeat the southern militia and defend there own freed slave Black Towns. These Black Towns were their own land that many slave escape to for refuge and military training to fight against their white christian oppressors.

Now back to Kanye’s rant on “choice,” his methodological analysis was right because slaves had the choice of fight, flight or submitting to the tyrannical enslavement of mind, body and soul. I am not a Kanye apologist, nor am I a fan, nonetheless I am a truth seeker who is competent in knowing that slavery is involuntary servitude forged by fear of warring tyrants victimizing innocent bloodshed to capitalize on free labor.

Comments from an emotional Brutha on TMZ:

“While you are making music and being an artist and living the life that you’ve earned by being a genius, the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats to our lives,” Lathan said. “We have to deal with the marginalization that’s come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice.”

Lathan added, “Frankly, I’m disappointed, I’m appalled, and brother, I am unbelievably hurt by the fact that you have morphed into something to me, that’s not real.”

Orlando Jones Slave Ship from Sarah French on Vimeo.


Honestly, I hear Lathan’s emotional truth which was triggered by his institutionalized educational training that carried a signal to his limbic system located in the temporal lobe. We are conditioned to believe what we are taught to feel and/or act upon but we are not taught that the process of learning is to challenge and reflect. This is REAL TRUTH!!!

Hopefully, we can use our emotions efficiently combine with sound logic to resist placing Family against Family based on a disagreement from statements or opinions.





Illinois state senators are following the lead of California legislation to MANDATE High School and Elementary School teachers to add LGBTQ history lesson to their curriculum.

Now the public school system in the Chicagoland areas continue to struggle on a limited budget, but the economic power of the LGBTQ community is willing to invest in state senators while besting senators whose ancestor’s were classified as chattel property to advance this historical bill.

The bill would MANDATE a unit studying “the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this State.”

Amazingly, I only have Five questions:

  1. How is a person sexual orientation or sexual makeup historical?

  1. What Civil Rights violations have they encountered?

  2. What Civil Liberties have they been disenfranchising from living in freedom?

  3. What will they institutionally teach OUR Children?

  4. Will this MANDATE replace sex ed.?

Family, I feel a certain type of way!!! The prototypical disservice to Bruthaz and Sistaz was the Civil Rights Movement because it systematically stopped the BLACK Dollar from circulating in the Black Community. At that moment the opportunistic white women tied the Civil Rights Movement with Woman’s Suffrage until congress passed the 15th Amendment and angry white women who befriended the Black Community tapped into their ancestral DNA and slander Bruthaz and Sistaz by supporting those who are hanging, shooting and burning Black People alive.

Illinois Liberal Democrats or “demo-gods-full-of-crap” work deals of basic imbalance against us in expansion to rape OUR proposed benefits subtracting prime assets that should be appropriated to Black People in order to redistributed wealth programs to women, LGBT, and other eye-deceiving extremist that befriended us for self-interest schemes. Senators that share our DNA are designing bills for prototypical schools that ensure students would meet states LGBTQ standards, then calculated the costs of poorly funded underwater schools after pocketing enough capital to bypass their internal morality clause.

Illinois senate bill if passed, will let Bruthaz and Sistaz know that you have no choice in this ethical morality issues because you are without economical power. So who can we run to in times or moral and values conflict? Really? Here are a few facts which we must all consider as legislation creates a new minority faction:

Fact: They have annual parades and are afforded equal protection under the law.

Fact: They have not been denied the right to vote.

Fact: They have not been denied the right to a fair trial.

Fact: They have not been banned from public education with heterosexuals.

Fact: They have not been denied citizenship because of sexual orientation.

Fact: They appear to be exempt from ‘stop and frisk.’

Fact: They are not hung in public squares to deter disobedience.

Fact: Biological families are not force to separate.

Fact: They are not classified as chattel property.

Fact: They are not forced to breed on command in order to produce a strong kid.

Fact: They are not prohibited to eat, drink or sleep at establishments.

Fact: They’re condition of servitude is merely of a sexual nature.ALL GENDER

Family, policy-making reformist are set to address this issue like the Disability act. Eventually, public restrooms will no longer have men or women signs because we shall be one. Black issue will surely grab a seat on the back of the bus since the switch and bait strategy diverts attention for the next sinister ploy to emerge.

Last August, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law allowing transgender people to update the gender markers on their birth certificates. Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed the measure into law.

If I could bleach my skin; shave my nose to a point; press my hair; take the bounce and flow out of my walk; change my speech pattern and cadence; turn my eyes to baby blue – they’d still enforce the unwritten law of (DWB) Driving While Black!!! But unwritten modus operandi does apply to the LGBTQ community.




Image result for gun violence definition

BRUTHAZ SOLUTION TO LACK OF GUN CONTROL:  Family, the cognitive content of Gun control is an oxymoron; however, this Nationally televised issue remains more factious related to American social norms versus grass root politics. Nowadays we mourn victims of gun violence – characterized as a person using a firearm ranging from criminal violence to justifiable homicide – we see hostility evolve between the ‘far left’ and the ‘far right’ as everyone in the middle feels the flaming hot shells falling down the back of their necks.

Let,s examine the gun control controversy. The power of a gun is based on the person who aims, shoots and fires a weapon. F*ck the statistic, indiviuals utilizing a weapon must realize that there is a chance that they might play the part of a god and snuff out a human life instantaneously. We can belittle each other over infringement of the 2nd Amendments Rights or restrictive legal regulations, but people are erratic and in the event that an individual decides to do as they please will we continue to exhaust hot air protesting as a “BANG” hits another guiltless causality for the world to grieve?

Solution: We need Individuals Control Laws!!! A frame of individuals control comparative to operating a vehicle is what we need to explore. As badly arrange as the DMV is it has a few positive traits that we can apply to weapon control.

RRB’s Plan: Our intent is to be just, unwavering and in harmony throughout every state that heeds these words. We know that boundaries establishes a starting point for people to prepare and educate themselves before the states issues an official F.O.I.D Card.

Image result for gun range

Tactical Maneuver 1: Take a Firearm’s Education Course.

State will provide a handbook for a Firearm’s training course. It prepares a potential gun owner with practical knowledge needed in understanding use of a firearm, and establishes an age limit before enrolling in any course.

State may offer classroom or online Firearm’s Education to maintain convenience for Citizens.

All person must be legally require to have Permit on their person upon successfully completion of a course.

Tactical Maneuver 2: Enroll in Firearm’s Range Training.

Before any State allows a person to handle a Firearm legally they must take range with a Certified Range Master, and you must complete a minimum of 50 hours with and accuracy rate of 80%. I

Instructor will provide guidance to improve your skills and increase your ability to be better equipped to handle a firearm.

Tactical Maneuver 3: Acquire Your Firearm Learner’s Permit.

Once you’ve completed your Firearm’s course and Range, you can apply for a Firearm Learner’s permit.

All applicants must pass a knowledge and vision test. Study your handbook, because it contains pertinent information that will be on the written test concerning All Firearm Laws and consequence of your actions.

•    Bring the correct forms with you when you apply. You’ll need:

•    Birth certificate/proof of birth or legal presence.

•    Proof of U.S. Citizenship.

•    Proof of your full name.

•    Social Security Number.

•    Certificate of Completion from your Firearm’s Course.

•    Firearm’s Range completion form with a grade of 80%.


Step 4: Prefect Your Craft.

Once you’ve got your Firearm’s permit in hand, you can begin a practice session at the range of choice wherever they rent legal weapons.

•    There will be a set number of practice hours (at least 50 in each state) you need to log your hours and have an official at the range sign to get your Firearm’s license, please exceed this number to increase proficiency.

•    Pay attention to shot groupings on the targets and save all targets. Consider renting several different weapons until you find the right comfort and fit, even as you train remember that time and accuracy is valuable.


Step 5: Apply for Your F.O.I.D. Card!

This is the final step! In order to obtain your F.O.I.D. Card, you need to pass a Firearm’s test.

•    Have the right paperwork with you. Remember that you are not only taking your Firearm’s test, but applying for your F.O.I.D. Card, too. Enter the testing Facility with:

•    Proof of Firearm’s Education Course Training completion.

•    Your Firearm’s Learner’s permit, signed by Range Instructor(s).

•    Valid Firearm registration (from owner of weapon).

•    Proof of Firearm’s Insurance.

•    Proof of your birth date/legal presence.

•    Proof of your full name.

•    Your Social Security Number.

Once you’ve passed your test and turned in the proper forms, you will receive official documentation of your Firearm’s license! You will be issued a temporary F.O.I.D. Card before receiving your regular card in the mail. Congratulations, and remember All Life is Valuable!


Advocates of stricter gun regulations and advocates for Americans 2nd Amendments Rights can agree that this helps both factions. Now we are not clueless about the politics in this gun controversy, so we are willing to include the NRA in this SOLUTION. States can allow Citizens to take Range at NRA Facilities in order to include them in the process. This will also bring in revenue for both parties.


So let the country heal together on this resolution!!!







Watching the folly of the election process in Chicago, one revelation became transparent – the Democratic machine will continue to take Bruthaz and Sistaz devotion for feebleness. Our Families have been voting for the democrats since the early 1900s, but the motivational factor was a quid pro quo arrangement.
History Lesson: Our Families supported the party of Lincoln (Republicans) until said party underestimated the POWER of Bruthaz and Sistaz influence along political lines. Chicago was the home of the Policy Kings who were millionaires that live in the ‘Black Belt’ on the Southside. These Policy Kings used underground gambling to obtain wealth and provide avenues for Black Businesses and the Community to prosper together. If you needed a loan or a sponsor for a church, a politician, or a sports team you could ask a King and it would be granted. Please read:
The True Story of Chicago’s
Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers
An Informal History by
Nathan Thompson
Policy King would give financial backing to candidates that would look the other way so that they could conduct illicit business, eventually the government flipped their operations and renamed it the lottery. But the cocky republican’s officials sent police into the neighborhoods to harass and limit the revenue of every Policy King. Deceivers of the GOP counted on the Lincoln factor as a hold on the Black Community so they disrespected the people and disregarded their political POWER. Consequently, disrespect gave an opening for the democrats to strike a political deal, in which, they agreed not to pursue underground gambling on the Southside.
Policy Kings and their home grown political figures in the Black Community guaranteed votes for the Democratic Party in order to oust the republican influence out of the Black Community. Black Politicians picked up seats, too and at that moment of harnessing a newfound political aptitude to heal an underprivileged economic community; our Commissioners started hiring unemployed workers and awarding government contracts to Black Small Businesses, meanwhile the shift in political clout began afresh. Capitalizing and Expanding on this new coalition throughout the city empowered the democrats to win and takeover many republicans’ seats, as well as, the incumbent Mayor of Chicago.
Back in that time period, there were Policy Kings in every major city and as the word spread nationally, ALTOGETHER, Bruthaz and Sistaz followed suit with one essential agenda – wheel Black Voting POWER to get opportunities for the People who under no circumstances had a seat at the political tables. White politicians hated this fact, but every political outsider must negotiate with the Black POWERS in order to win an election.
However, when white politicians in the late 1980s realizes that there were no republican offices or organizations in the Black Communities and that Bruthaz and Sistaz had NO voting choice, they resume control and dishonored the previous agreement. Without negotiating authority with the party that they endorsed into office, filthy democrats were more than happy to undo offers of jobs or anything positive that would support the Black Community. Black People were F*cked for one main reason and that reason was because they lost knowledge of Self plus knowledge of their political history!!!
So F*ck the Democratic machine because this party elected to ignore the plight of the Black People who can change their stars. Political subjugation was cultivated by white con-men which lead to economic mistreatment as communal poverty was reinstated by the democrats. Bruthaz and Sistaz gave away their voting muscle without a fight!!!
RRB’s radical viewpoint on regaining Black Voting POWER means that ALL Bruthaz and Sistaz must control the policymaking officials and every “take-us-for-granted” candidate in OUR Community; as we enact a “Protest Vote” in order to regain our voting muscles. Bruthaz and Sistaz must be re-educated into the history of OUR politics so we can wheel influence like PAC’s and make demands as oppose to being counted on by partisan demi-gods to vote and support their unroyal scheme. We will make them believe were voting one way and do the opposite until they beg for OUR support and return everything that was negotiated in the days of the Policy Kings!!!
Nowadays, we will vote as democrats in the primary elections, but after the primary we will only elect candidates that fall in line with the Political Agenda of the Majority of Bruthaz and Sistaz. So F*ck the democratic because OUR Rejuvenated Black Voting POWER will shake the foundation of OUR Nation by controlling the narrative and issuing out BLACK IMPARTIALITY!!!


~Brutha Fleat~



Stephon Clark PosterGrief-stricken Salutation Bruthaz and Sistaz, it is my displeasure to address the ongoing habitual unnecessary use of deadly force committed by police officers in every Black Community across the United States of AMERIKKKA. Our Children are void of a defense against police injustice which means we have NO guarantees against ALL Bruthaz and Sistaz rights being violated.

Bunker Hill is the Battle which issued the quote: “Don’t fire till you see the white of their eyes!” This was an American Revolutionary War against the British, however, we flipped shoot over fire because the Amerikkkan Black Killanary State of War is overflowing seeing dead bodies in our living nightmare. Tribulations of an epic component permits color code Cops to pillage Black Neighborhoods without recourse as armed combative tactical forces stay in battle mode in order to pick-off Melanin Sufficient People.

In the aftermath of Sacramento’s Stephon Clark, 22, who was shot with 20 bullets in the span of 10 minutes, we analyzed the vicious cycle of justifying excessive fatal force. HE WAS UNARMED!!! Two police officers violated his 4th and 8th amendments right and delayed on calling for medical assistance because he was BLACK!!!

Elgin Illinois police shot a 34-year-old Sista Decynthia Clement getting out of her smoke filled car on Interstate 90 West. Reports of a knife in her hand as the vehicle was on fire. Either the responding police officers were lazy or scared, nonetheless Lt. Christian Jensen used unnecessary deadly force to end her life when they had tasers and pepper spray available to disarm the victim. Lt. Jensen violated her 8th amendments rights. Note, Elgin police called for an ambulance right away.

***WARNING:  Video contains graphic content ***

Three Chicago police officers lied and covered for white officer Jason Van Dyke, who killed 17-year-old Brutha Laquan McDonald in October 2014. Van Dyke unloaded his firearm 16 times. Pathetic officers claimed Brutha McDonald, was in possession of a knife, and attempted to lunge at said officers. These untruthful officers’ falsified documented reports that contradicts the police dash-cam video, in which Our Brutha rotates after he was shot and falls to the ground – appearing to be powerless – as the rogue Van Dyke proceeds to shoot 16 rounds into his helpless body. Finally, all three were indicted charged with felony counts of obstruction of justice, official misconduct and conspiracy. Three police officers violated his 4th and 8th amendments right and will be inmate in the criminal justice system!!!  

Bruthaz and Sistaz, if we make concise demands as a Unified Black Collation minus the television fame chaser that rise up to act as if they’re the face of every tragic event, then and only then can we demand real change. We can petition that ANY officer(s) who violate Human Rights must have a jury trial in the court in which the victim resides, PERIOD!!!

Really Real Bruthaz are not in the Business of condoning criminal activity, nor are we suggesting that Every Lawful Officer is guilty because of the actions of a few.  We must petition all Law Enforcement Agencies to work with Our Communities. We must have protest with an Exit Plan!!!  We need results minus public emotions that fade like a three-year-old attention span.  We must battle for Human Rights for All People. We shall request that ALL Law Enforcement Agencies follow these steps:






Much Love

~Brutha Fleat~



American define

Blah Blah Blah years ago, our colonizers brought forth on the Aboriginal Native of this continent, a worsened nation of inequality, conceived in whitewashed liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all melanin insufficient men are created equal. Laws were implemented to control and end the freedom of Melanin Sufficient people to guarantee their availability as a lower class citizens and dirt cheap labor servants.

All men are created equal is a beautiful sentiment, but the experience of the past to present day education reveals the fact that inequality is our reality. Wealth breeds power and power breeds puppet-master that used said powers to influence nations and control the behavior of the masses to achieve whatever mission their hearts desire. The Housing Marketing, School Systems, Tax Codes, Voters District Realignment, Employment / Salary Differences, Immigration, and the Criminal Justice System are examples of direct and indirect inequality.

In the age of a social media society, we can share information or opinions with like-mind individual’s, as well as, being countered by anyone who disagrees with every thought. It’s a good way to connect with people from different continents and its a great tool for marketing a business around the world. But, oh yes there’s a but, people who are groomed to display and communicate racial superiority are breed to protect a way of life that will restore order to their coerced mental state by religiously abusing this source sharing entity.

How amazing it must be to exist in the world of the privileged? People who believe that they are true Americans boast about their patriotic upbringing so that those who look dissimilar to these so-called patriots can bow-down and revel in the purest form of God’s creation. They want Africans, Mexicans, Haitians, Cubans, and other Melanin Sufficient People to go home. So chew on this:

AMER’ICANnoun A native of America; originally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored races, found here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born in America. Webster’s Dictionary, 1828.

Now we must exam history’s ugly truth because some fraudulent Native Americans purchased the rights to be reclassified as Indians. Approximately, 125 years ago, Europeans were allowed to pay $5.00 for the right to claim Indigenous Aboriginal Status declaring that they were Natives to this Land which was recorded (falsified) documentation on Dawes Rolls.

Instantly, these five-dollar Indians could claim / steal land legally and leave an inheritance to the generations yet to come. The government and the hidden powers promoted this as a way of controlling the narrative. Presently, the True Tribes are without recourse and must stomach every distasteful exploits of men who selfish agendas ties their hands. Perhaps the state of being equal refers to graciously accepting the boot-licking mentality so that preferred colonizers can stand on our backs with their chest-sticking-out preaching the principles of fair, just and equality for all.


~Brutha Fleat~