Recently, we were challenged to further elaborate on what is Spiritual Leap Frog? Brutha Bam and Brutha Fleat raised on the South-side of Chicago in an area our Inner Circle tagged “Da Valley.” We engaged in a cipher of difficult conversations in our youth that advance verbal battles to find out whose will power best the inferior element of persuasion.

“Da Valley” was full of joy, happiness, tragedy, and despair. We tackle life and death situations with an abstract that God Highly favored us and our veil of protection shall overcome the immoral acts of ungodly men. Deemed as youthful sinners goaded into fearing the wrath of God cause we might burn like a piece of bacon if you do the devil’s work put the Fear of God into our youthful psyche. The religious orators yell at us that God the Ruler of All only loves loyal and faithful followers of Christ.

Now young Brutha Bam was an artistic genius and avid reader that possessed a strong curiosity in the examination of philosophy. He was a true believer in the bible as he was disciplined with a diverse religious mentality to inject Christlike viewpoints into any aspect of life. His recall ability leads to recognition in the church hierarchy because of his Christian approach to aiding people in reengaging in the “Word” for obtaining salvation.

Well, young Brutha Fleat a sharp, fiery tongue creative communicator who harnessed enormous amount of energy with an internal bullshit detector that was subdued by his Elders impressing faith over facts so as a result of respecting his Elders he would wait to unleash his verbal venom inside the cipher realm. His faith certainty clashed with his rebellious mental attitude which initiated the Spiritual Leap Frog.

One autumn day we were sitting on Brutha Boz porch, and Brutha Bam was explaining Christianity in a cipher about how we were enlightened with the Ancient wisdom of KMT (Kemet) that the Greeks sanction as Egypt and that many of the bible verse appeared plagiarized from the Ancient Pyramid walls and tombs. He went in on the Universal Laws that our mind is powerful, “so above; as so below; so within; as so without.” We know that energy never dies as the universe promotes opposites as we must let things organically flow because what we do today will affect our future Self. And the universal needs male and female energy alike working in harmony to reach Spiritual Completion.

Our competitive nature and Crusade for clarification lead us to study every aspect of the bible and to reference back to the original text. Eventually, we moved from the King James Bible to the Companion Bible: the Torah; the Apocrypha; and the Septuagint. The Koran; Enuma Elish; the Epic of Gilgamesh; the Book of Thoth; the wrongly titled Book of the Dead which is the Book of Coming Forth by Day and by Night; the Emerald Tablets and a host of other texts that propelled us from the kindergarten level of understanding that the Bible provided.

When Brutha Fleat realized that the inconsistency of the priests and Christian pastor teaching were lacking, he was upset but chalked it up to a Rights of Passage life lesson, so he laughed at his former self.

Meanwhile, Brutha Bam moved into a position with a small up-and-coming church that had the intimate feel of fellowship that he longed for uplift his spirit. As he studied and preached during their Spiritual Leap Frog investigation, an epiphany hit his Spirit, Enduring in-depth study he discovery too many fallacies and became enraged with every 501 c 3 corporation that consistently lies to the masses. He wanted to expose everyone!!!

In conclusion, we love the friendly competition of Spiritual battles that lead to our ultimate goal of knowing that Facts walk with Truth and we strive to resist settling for faith and belief in that which does not or cannot resonate with our Soulz. Our Spiritual Leap Frog Quest is devoid of ego and immature pettiness. As Family, that fuss, fight verbally, push one another and “go in” with Love, Respect and Admiration we shall continue to jump over one another infinitely. RRB desire that All Interconnected Soulz join us in a Universal Spiritual Leap Frog Crusade for Clarification. The journey will be worth it for all parties involved.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~

The God Abstract

The God Abstract First Submission

On a summer day in 1985, as the heated rays from the sun beamed down on three young Bruthaz from Chicago, absorb in a cipher on Dee’s porch debating religious scriptures and the concept of God. Brutha Fleat who was a student at a Catholic Seminary High School was informing them that he was suspended for telling the priest that they were teaching incorrectly. Brutha Bam who was a Baptist, believe that the bible was all truth and all fact. They agreed to disagree!

Five years later, Brutha Bam was a student at Moody Bible Institute as he eventually began performing on CANTV as a religious preacher-in-training. Brutha Fleat was informed by his grandmother of Brutha Bam’s excellent delivery although they never discussed his accomplishment.

Brutha Fleat and Brutha Bam routinely played Spiritual Leapfrog, in which, one would learn and share meanwhile the other would research and return with additional information as they jumped forward over each other looking toward Spiritual Completion. Thirsting for sound answers they embodied the quote:

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Proverbs 27:17 King Solomon

Facts and the hunt for Truth brings forth a painful mental sensation, since working inside and out of religious rhetoric with a PHIRE that is driven, recognizes that lies begat lies, as our emotions invited rage because the unveiling of falsehood charges an almost distrustful perspective of God because of unsanctioned men playing as gods. Both Bruthaz were furious and began to crush the hypocritical men within the religious hierarchy of every nation. Further research leads them to books that predate the bible consisting of a series of answers which appeared to soothe their inquisitive Soulz, but to no real avail. Nonetheless, they filter through inconsistencies although their reference book (bible) intent was their first/kindergarten-like teachings to be an investigation of who God is or whether God is real? Churches across the seas manipulate the masses reality, our decision-making ability is corrupted, whereas all we are left with are words of persuasive orators full of self-interest to sell God on a Sunday silver platter. Religious leaders opinions and persuasion rituals leap more or less from falsehood to sad contradiction. And these Bruthaz leapfrog away from the custom of cads who perpetrate the fraud. For our knowledgeable aptitude, the faithful believers in this world–are women and men whose PHIRE has always been too reasonable, as agonizing religious victims; man insistence on deceiving the masses toughened our Spiritual Heart which the CREATOR of ALL CREATIONS provides a protective covering for All Interconnected Soulz.


9Brutha Bam9

~Brutha Fleat~